OK friends this post has nothing to do with technology. This “talk” which can be found on TED discusses leadership. This was passed onto me by a colleague at Chester County. Very entertaining and thoughtful discussion on what makes a good leader using some great historical references to prove his point. His comments on Tivo, which is one of my favorite products of all time is sadly very accurate.

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July Training Poll

I am looking for help in preparing our July Technology class. Please take a minute to vote for a topic you are interested in. Choice 4 would cover the new email service as well as touching on Sharepoint.

July Class Topic Poll (Vote Today)

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More Cloud Computing In The Borough’s Future?

Ok now that the Borough of West Chester is safely in Microsoft’s “cloud” for email services we can’t possibly stop there (can we). Next in line is Microsoft’s “Sharepoint” service which will allow employee’s to safely, securly and easily access their files from anywhere with an internet connection.

This new service could play a large part in retiring yet another server (Citrix). There are some challenges here because applications do not run through Sharepoint. However many of us only need access to our files (documents) so there is alot of advantages to this type of cloud service.

Another strong advantage to this type of cloud service is the storing and availability of HR (human resoource) documents and other shared files everyone needs access to. Even public files can be stored here for our residents!

Yet another intriguing advantage regarding Microsoft’s “Sharepoint” service is that not only does it allow users to access their files from anywhere but it also has the ability to intigrate the files within your Microsoft Outlook client!

During the next couple of months a few employees will be selected to help me beta test this service and evaluate it’s potential.

The Borough’s “Sharepoint” portal is already up and running so stand-by for more information. If you are interested in helping to beta test this new service please contact me at wmann@west-chester.com.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s “Sharepoint” go here to learn more.

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