Apple’s iOS Gets a Release Date

I have been writing about the upcoming iOS 11 for a month or so now and today we finally were given an official release date from Apple.

As expected it will be released in a week and a half, on September 19.

iPhone and iPad users will get a redesigned look with a new customizable control center, better Siri, Live Photo modes, a one-handed mode for the keyboard and much more.

The Apple iPad is getting much better with iOS 11. iPad Pro will finally receive true multitasking and much improved Split View app support. The new Files app allows real file sharing between apps. Drag and drop is also available – finally.

Also new on the iPad Pro tablets is the new dock, which acts and looks just like the dock on macOS and is available in any app and any screen.

I am especially excited about this news!

watchOS 4 will also debut on September 19 with some neat new health and fitness features. The Apple Watch will monitor your heart rate in what Apple calls Apple Heart Study and will signal for any irregularities. Apple hopes this feature will be able to help identify heart disease in the future.

Apple Music is completely redesigned for watchOS and in unison with Apple Watch Series 3can be streamed without an iPhone present.

Apple unveiled its new Apple TV 4K and along with it, tvOS 11 with a bunch of new features and a redesigned UI.

Apple has incorporated 4K content from major studios as well as 4K streaming content from the likes of Netflix and others. Sports fans will see upcoming games at the top of their list and tvOS will even show live scores so that you can see if a game is close and decide to tune in.

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Prepare for iOS 11

If you have a iPhone or iPad prepare for a really big iOS update in early to mid-September. If you want to get ready for a big change to your iOS device take a look at 13 things that you will love after you mobile device is updated.

Image result for ios 11

1. Live Photos will be much better.

Now you can make your live photos into GIFs, which you can make bounce back and forth. Also, you can finally choose which still frame of the Live Photo is the main image, making it easier to find the perfect moment to share on social media.

2. You’ll be able to store way more photos and videos on your phone.

Apple is changing the compression formats in iOS 11, which will allow you to store more photos and videos on your phone. Apple says you’ll be able to save twice as many photos and videos on your device than in iOS 10.

3. The App Store is getting a much-needed face-lift.


Apple is finally bringing the design language it established for newer apps like Music and News to the App Store itself.

Not only did Apple make the App Store look cleaner, with better, bolder text, it also changed its organization. Now everyone will have a personalized “Today” tab to highlight unique apps and games.

And speaking of games, Apple has finally dedicated a full tab of the App Store to games, making new or notable ones much easier to find.

4. The Messages app is getting cleaned up.

It felt like mayhem when Apple added the app drawer to its Messages app. Suddenly, you could add stickers and GIFs and all sorts of buttons and visuals to your messages, but all the new options weren’t easy to find and were somewhat overwhelming. Apple redesigned the app drawer in Messages for iOS 11, making it much easier to browse all the various stickers and emojis at your disposal.

5. Siri sounds more natural and can translate for you.


Apple says Siri is going to get much more advanced through machine learning and artificial intelligence — it’s unclear whether these changes would make Siri better to use, but at the very least, Apple has made Siri sound a bit less robotic and more natural, a bit like Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

And Apple is also testing a cool translation feature for Siri, where if you ask the assistant to say a certain phrase in a different language, like Chinese or Italian, it will speak on your behalf in the desired language.

6. The iPhone keyboard is getting smarter.

A signature feature of Google Now is finally coming to the iOS ecosystem: When you type in iOS 11, the keyboard will suggest words you may have recently viewed on your phone — from your Messages app, for example, or Safari. So when your friend texts you the name of a restaurant, it may be one of the first suggestions when you start searching for that restaurant on the web.

Also, you’ll be able to use the keyboard with one hand — just hold the emoji key and select one-handed typing to move all the keys closer to your thumb.

7. Apple is finally letting you manage your Control Center.

The Control Center was perhaps the most useful feature of iOS 7, released in 2013. By swiping up from the bottom of your screen, you could access a variety of shortcuts and buttons. Four years later, you’ll finally be able to choose what those shortcuts and buttons are.

8. Notifications are getting simplified.


In iOS 11, all your notifications — both recent and missed — are in one place, with no separate tabs. Just pull down from the top of the screen to see everything at once.

9. There’s a new feature that could actually save your life.

Distracted driving is a real, deadly problem. Apple has added a clever feature that triggers Do Not Disturb mode when the iPhone is in the car to hide notifications for texts, calls, and other apps while you’re driving. The feature can even notify people that you’re driving and will contact them soon.

10. Apple Maps are better, indoors and out.

Apple is adding indoor maps for hundreds of airports and shopping centers around the world, making it much easier to navigate your local mall.

And speaking of navigation, Apple has finally added lane guidance to Apple Maps for more precise turn-by-turn directions.

11. Setting up a new iPhone or iPad is much easier.

If you just bought a new iPhone or iPad, you can hold it close to an iOS device you already own to magically import all your settings, preferences and iCloud Keychain passwords. It helps you start using that brand-new device much more quickly than before.

12. The volume box is moving out of your way.

When you change the volume on your iPhone or iPad, a translucent box pops up in the middle of the screen. It’s a bit annoying, so Apple is redesigning the volume box in iOS 11. Here’s how it’ll look: Much better.


13. You can instantly share Wi-Fi passwords.

Soon, you’ll no longer need to save your Wi-Fi password on a wrinkled piece of paper in a drawer somewhere. In iOS 11, if you need a Wi-Fi password for a given network, just find someone who is already using it and hold your device near theirs to transfer the password instantly.

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Streaming Superbowl 51

It’s Superbowl Sunday and you are in a pickle. You either cancelled your cable (cord cutter) or you on the road. If you are in one of the situations… don’t panic. Their are options to catch the game. I do realize that my mighty Broncos are not in this year’s affair – and that’s OK because they can’t be in every year. I am sure the Broncos will be back in full force next season. This year we have the Patriots & the Falcons.

Here are some tips for catching the game if you don’t have cable or if you are on the road.


If you have a digital antenna, you can (probably) catch the game, in HD, over-the-air. The channel varies with your local area, but it’ll be broadcast on your local Fox affiliate in some 170 local viewing areas.

Web, Phone, and Tablet will host a free livestream of the event, complete with commercials. (Almost) any device with a web browser — smart TVs, laptops, and set-top boxes — can watch the game on the Fox Sports website with no need to log in, or to enter details about your cable package.

The one caveat here is that you can’t watch it on a smartphone, although who really wants to watch the game that way anyway? If you really want to tune in to the action on your smartphone, you’ll need to be a Verizon wireless subscriber. If that’s you, you can grab the app for either Android or iOS devices and stream via the NFL Mobile app.

If you’re on an iOS, Windows, or Android tablet (or Kindle), you can stream the game from the Fox Sports Go app for iOS, Windows, Android, or Amazon.

Set top boxes and video game consoles

SlingTV and PlayStation users are out due to licensing restrictions with the Fox network in Denver, but Xbox, AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, AndroidTV, and FireTV users are in luck. You’ll have to download the Fox Sports Go app on your respective device, but you’ll be able to see all the action from your device.

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New IPhone Prank Exposed

A new prank is going round that is wreaking havoc among iPhone users.

The prank involves convincing an unsuspecting iPhone user to click on a link to a website called, which does pretty much what it says.

The link generates an ever-increasing string of characters, which becomes harder and harder for the Safari browser to process, and it eventually overwhelms the device’s memory.

The iPhone heats up significantly as it tries to handle the code, and is then forced into a reboot.

The link has a similar effect on iPads, which also run the Safari browser, and Android devices running Chrome, which heat up and become sluggish.

Desktop and laptop computers are also affected to a lesser degree, depending on how much processing power they have.

The prank is reminiscent of last year’s “effective power” text message bug , which allowed pranksters to crash their friends’ iPhones by sending them a text message.

Although the link should be fairly easy to avoid, it has been reported that some people are using link shorteners like and to disguise the link.

One of these shortened links has already been clicked over 100,000 times.

If you fall victim to the prank don’t worry because it does not seem to have any lasting effects. Once the device has rebooted, it should behave as normal.

As I always suggest never – ever – ever, click on hyperlinks or attachments in email that you did not specifically request. 

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IOS 9 Gets Second Update

It seems like only yesterday that Apple released iOS 9, the latest version of its mobile device operating system. Actually, it was two weeks ago, but yesterday the Apple released an update (it’s second already) that addresses a number of discovered security flaws in iOS 9, including one that allows hackers to bypass a device’s lock screen to gain access to personal information stored on the phone.

Picture 6

To exploit the flaw, an attacker would have to have physical access to the device, enter an incorrect PIN number several times, and then activate the Siri personal voice assistant. The hacker would then be able to access any contacts or photos stored on the device.

The vulnerability, which affects iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch 5th generation and later, and iPad 2 and later, has been addressed in the iOS 9.0.2 update, available for download now. Apple also released fixes for problems with iCloud backups, iMessage activation issues, and a problem with cellular data settings.

If you have an iPhone or iPad be sure to update yours today.

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Apple Updates iOS 9 Less Then a Week After It’s Release

Less then a week after iOS9 has been released Apple releases an update due to numerous bugs.

Apple has already rolled out an update to its recently released mobile OS – iOS 9. The first update to Apple’s new operating system will fix a few reported glitches. The company has issued an instruction guide on its website for users looking to fix the bug. The update is available as an OTA download for all the devices that support iOS 9.

iOS 9.0.1 will fix a bug which was reported by many users wherein the device stuck on the ‘Slide to Upgrade’ screen after updating to iOS 9 or while restoring from a backup. The company also fixes the glitches, including inability to complete the setup assistant process after upgrading the device to iOS 9.

Additional improvements include fixing the bug that would cause alarms and timers to fail when activated. It also fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing a video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted. iOS 9.0.1 also fixes an issue that caused many users with a custom APN setup via a profile settings to lose mobile data. Lastly, the new update will also offer a few security fixes.

Follow the below steps to update to iOS 9.0.1:

1. Connect your iOS device to a computer. Then make sure that iTunes is open.

2. While your device is connected, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

3. When asked, choose Update.

4. Once the restore is done, finish the onscreen steps to set up your device.

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Apple Removes Infected iOS Apps

Apple has removed a large number of apps from its store after it was found that around 40 iOS apps had been infected by a modified version of the company’s software for developers.

Last week Apple announced that it has removed apps from the App Store that it knows have been created with counterfeit software in order to protect its customers.

Palo Alto Networks reported last week that a new malware, called XcodeGhost, modified the Xcode integrated development environment for building apps for the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

The security firm reported last Friday that it had found that over 39 apps, including many popular Chinese apps, had been infected by the malware. Some of these apps are used outside China.

It was recommended that that all iOS developers be aware and take necessary actions. XcodeGhost, which targets compilers, collects information on devices and uploads the data to command and control servers.

The mode of attack can also be used to target enterprise iOS or OS X apps in “much more dangerous ways,” Palo Alto researcher Claud Xiao wrote.

Palo Alto Networks further stated that XcodeGhost was a “very harmful and dangerous” malware that could prompt fake phishing dialogs, open URLs, and read and write clipboard data, which in some cases can be used to read passwords.

Some analysts have suggested that the compromised Xcode may have been downloaded from a server in China to get around slow Internet connections to Apple’s own servers.

The good news here is that Apple is being aggressive in their respond and removing the infected apps.

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Apple Embraces Ad Blockers

Ad Blockers are becoming very popular these days. Why is that? Very simply most ads pop up or eat up website space and slow internet browsing down.

Now Ad Blockers are coming to your iPhone, if you want it. Thank You Apple.

A $2.99 app called Peace, promises to block “most ads and privacy-invading trackers on web pages”. To prove the popularity of this type of feature Peace is the top paid app in the App Store. Then there is a $3.99 app called Purify Blocker which stands at at No. 4 on the paid-apps charts. And a 99 cent app called Blockr is No. 17 on the charts.

Why this sudden interest in ad blockers? Apple’s new iOS 9 software, adds a feature that allows the Safari Web browser to tap into content blocking from third-party apps. You simply install such an app and then set Safari to use it to block advertisements and similar content as you surf the Web.

As I said at the start of this article ads have long been a sore spot for people surfing the Internet.

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iOS 9 Arrives Tomorrow

If you have a relatively new model iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will soon be able to download what Apple is calling “its most advanced mobile operating system yet” otherwise known as iOS 9. Available starting tomorrow as a free update, iOS 9 is being touted by Apple as more intelligent and more proactive than any previous version.

Among the changes you are most likely to notice include, new support for multitasking; a new News app; the addition of public transit information in Maps (not available in the Philadelphia area sadly); and an updated Siri digital assistant that’s quicker to offer both answers and suggestions.

Before upgrading to iOS 9, Apple you should take the usual precaution of backing up the content on their devices first. The new mobile operating system will work on the iPhone 4 and later generations, fifth-generation and later iPod Touches, and the iPad 2 and iPad mini and up.

Peek and Pop with your IPhone

Perhaps Apple’s most daring change will arrive with the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on September 25. The new 3D Touch responds to the amount of pressure a user puts on the device, which Apple reported will enable new gesture controls such as “Peek and Pop” (i.e., press lightly to peek at an app, press harder to pop into the content).

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Ad-Blocking Comes to Mobile

While Apple’s been working on system-level ad blocking for iOS 9, Eyeo, the creator of Adblock Plus has been building its own browser.

Available today for both iOS and Android, Adblock Plus’ browser is free. It’s not actually entirely built in-house, instead based on top of an extensible iOS browser called Kitt which made it easy to port the Chrome extension from desktop.

The company is loudly trumpeting that it has “beaten” Apple to releasing its content blocking tools, but it’s unlikely Adblock Plus will be as efficient as Apple’s upcoming tools.

Adblock Plus blocks advertising as its loaded by the browser using JavaScript, unlike iOS 9’s content blockers which can block it before it’s loaded at all at a system level, which offers further performance improvements.

There has been extensive data published on how efficient iOS 9’s content blocking really is. It appears that this can sometimes save over 50 percent in page load time alone.

On the Android side, the browser has been in beta since late May and saw 300,000 downloads in the first week. Adblock Plus was previously banned from the Play Store for “interfering with” other services, but has managed to successfully re-list the app on the store.

If you want to check out the ad blocking app on your phone, you can download Adblock Plus now, although you will need to switch your browser to take advantage of it.

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