Live Remote Support Now Available

Mann Tech Services now offers live remote tech support services. Many technical problems can be evaluated and even corrected through remote services which is always faster and more convenient. You can now request this type of service by submitting an online work order form which is always available on the left column of this fine blog.

Live Remote Tech Support can even include training sessions with applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Windows operating systems.

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First Service Call

This afternoon Mann Tech Services made their first service call. It was a great feeling to respond to someone’s house and be able to help with their computer needs. Remember that Mann Tech Services is available for all of your technology needs including computer services, audio/video services and even help with your tablet and smartphone issues.

Service can always be requested on the right menu of this fine blog by submitting a work order.

For Example

  • Thinking of buying a new computer, laptop or tablet and not sure which way to turn?
  • Do you need help purchasing and installing a new home theater?
  • Is your computer running so slow you are about to lose your mind?

We can help with these as well as many other technical issues including installation and setup services.

Any questions contact

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