Newsletter Edition – Issue #26

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Newsletter Edition – Issue #25

Check Out Issue #25 of our Bi-Weekly Newsletter.

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WC Technology Newsletter – Spring 2013 Issue

The monthly “West Chester Technology” newsletter which has been dorment since January has been re-configured as a quarterly publication. I simply did not have the time to issue this monthly. However I did not want to give up on it entirely so quarertly issues it is. 

The Spring 2013 Issue

The Spring 2013 issue is here and many of the articles on it do not appear in the technology blog so be sure to check it out.

You can download the issue here as well as on the right side panel of this fine blog.

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January 2013 – Tech Newsletter Released

Be sure to check out the January 2013 “West Chester Employee’s Tech Newsletter” which is hot off the presses roday.

Volume 2 – Issue 1

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July 2012 Newsletter Released

The July 2012 issue of the “Borough of West Chester – Employee’s Technology Newsletter” has been released. Included in this issue:

1. Technology Challanges in Local Government
2. Social Media & Local Government
3. Microsoft Releases Free Security Tool
4. What is Moore’s Law?
5. Newsletters, Tweets & Blogs
6. App of the Month – Zite
7. Shared Calendars … and more
You can download the newsletter by clicking here or the right menu bar of this fine blog.

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