Pink Floyd Invades Spotify

A month or so ago my son was praising the merits of the internet music service, Spotify. I checked it out and there is a lot to like about it but I had a couple of problems with it.
You can now enjoy the entire awesome Pink Floyd catalog on Spotify.
1. Although there is a free version of this – you can not listen to Spotify on mobile devices without paying $9.99 per month. That is too expensive for me, especially since I already am a subscriber to Sirius/XM Radio.
2. My son went on about the massive song selection, however I found that there was almost no Pink Floyd there. This was a big problem for me.
Meanwhile, shortly after I checked out and gave up on Spotify my favorite rock group Pink Floyd gave the green light to Spotify to host the band’s entire catalog. Why did the greatest rock band ever formed do this? Well apparently Pink Floyd announced earlier this month that it would resist releasing its music on Spotify until the 1975 classic “Wish You Were Here” hit 1 million streams.

Well, the song hit 1 million, and Spotify announced via Twitter that Pink Floyd’s tunes are now unlocked.

You can check out Spotify at

Now I have a decision to make….

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Exploring Cluster One

I realize that there is no information here that can really help you in a technical way but I found this video of Pink Floyd’s “Cluster One” matched with some amazing images from the Hubble telescope. It is awe inspiring. Watch this, relax and remember that the universe is unbelievably and unknowingly mass and our problems are nothing in comparison. This piece of music is simply Gilmour’s guitar and Rick Wright’s keyboards. Genius.

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