Finding Your "Lost Track-It"

One of the things I often hear from my co-workers is that “I can’t find Track-It” or my personal favorite “Somebody deleted Track-It from my computer!”. Track-It is not installed on anyone’s PC. It is simply a URL linking your account to the Track-It Server. Here I demonstrate how to access Track-It, even if someone has “deleted it from your computer”.

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Track-It Update

Track-It has been updated. Please take a few moments to learn how to enter and check on your work orders and how to create a Track-It shortcut for your desktop.

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Monthly Track-It Report

I thank everyone for continuing to use Track-It for submitting work order requests. Please continue to submit work orders through Track-It for the following technical services.

1. Information Technology Services (networking, websense)
2. Help Desk Services (computers and software issues)
3. Police Radio Servcies
4. Police Video & Audio Evidence Requests
5. Telecommunication Issues
6. Wireless Account Issues

If the “Track-It” shortcut is deleted or otherwise not available on your dekstop, you can always find it here, at the West Chester Employee’s Technology Blog on the right side panel, under WORK ORDERS.

Be aware that service will almost always be delayed if Track-It is not utilized as it can be challenging to juggle all of these services for all departments.

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A "Track-It" Thank You!

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for working with the IT Department and entering your technology related service requests in “Track-It”. This is big help to me in respect to prioritizing and responding to everyone’s work order requests. Thanks again and keep the work orders coming!

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A Big "Track-It" Thank You

I wanted to say thank you to all of my co-workers who have started using Track-It to request IT related services. This is a big help to me regarding scheduling and prioritizing the services I provide. As you can see by this graph, the work orders are being entered on a regular basis and it is helping me.

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