Yahoo’s Move to Compete with Google

73086Google long ago overshadowed Yahoo, but apparently Yahoo is still working to acquire and retain new users to its network of sites. This can be seen in that fact that Yahoo has just updated its mobile app and home page.

With this update Yahoo is giving prominence to news, content and video on its home page. Viewers can now see content that matters most to them based on personal preferences, whether that’s sports, politics, entertainment or some other category.

Why is Yahoo taking the time to try and remain a player? Yahoo sees that News and magazine apps grew 141 percent in 2015. This appears to demonstrates a strong interest among users to find and read Web-based content. With the changes, Yahoo promised a consistent experience on the Yahoo home page and app regardless of what platform consumers are using.
 Users can download the Yahoo app from the App Store and Google Play Store.


A user who wants to dive deeper into a particular headline, can now click the heart icon or click through to find stories on the same or similar topics. With built-in intelligence, this technology learns the types of stories a user likes as that individual continues to use the platform, which then displays more of the same types of content.

Is all this too little too late for Yahoo?

Is their time to compete with Google?

Yahoo has stated that their service now aims to amplify the voice of its readership by making it easier to share views and chat with other readers about headlines, he said. With this tech update, comments appear directly inline so they’re easier to follow. Readers can also opt to receive instant notifications when breaking news is reported, and get updated on the latest developments.

I hope there is time for Yahoo and I will be checking their new updated service out. There should be more players out there besides Google.

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