Dropbox Reduces Storage Prices

dropboxIn the latest example of the major drop in the cost of cloud storage, Dropbox who has been very reluctant to reduce their pricing has succumbed to the market and also announced price reductions. The cloud storage price war has been going on for at least a year know but Dropbox has been slow to compete with the likes of Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple.

For example Microsoft gives away free 15GB of storage via OneDrive and gives 1TB of storage for subscribers of Office 365 which is $6.99 a month. Google has also slashed there prices but there was Dropbox refusing to budge. Until now.

Today Dropbox announced that Dropbox Pro users will now get 1TB of storage space for $9.99 month. This is a dramatic increase in storage considering that the same price got you just 100GB yesterday. Users previously had to spend $500 a year just to get 500GB of storage space.  Existing Dropbox Pro users do not need to do anything to receive the upgraded storage. It will simply appear in your account as additional storage.

In addition to 1TB of storage, Dropbox Pro is offering new sharing controls including passwords for shared links, view-only permissions for shared folders, the ability to set expiration dates for shared links, and a remote wipe feature to erase Dropbox files on a stolen device while keeping the “cloud” copy backed up for safe keeping.

The cloud storage wars are benefiting consumers in a big way as cloud providers look to compete and lore customers into their bigger echo systems.

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