iOS 11 Beta – Not Ready for Prime Time

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the iOS 11 public beta. As always I installed a beta from a popular OS (iOS & Windows) so you don’t have to. In respect to Public Beta of iOS 11 I decided to run the operating system on my iPhone, which has turned out to be a terrible decision.

I’ve been running it for a little over a week now, and what a painful week it has been.

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Yes, iOS 11 brings with it a number of improvements, mostly in the form of user interface tweaks such as an improved Control Center, and a raft of new features such as screen recording and augmented reality support.

But the iOS 11 public beta also brings with it a lot of pain and suffering.

Now before you start bashing at your keyboards yelling at me – telling me about how this is a beta and that’s to be expected from a beta, take a deep breath. I have been running beta versions of Windows and iOS for years. So – yes, I know it’s a beta, and I went into this with my eyes fully open.

For a public beta, this release is really – really flakey and temperamental, and the worst I remember from Apple in years. Not only is it buggy, crashy, and incredibly slow, but a lot of stuff is also badly broken. I’ve seen a whole host of bugs, ranging from Control Center bugs, notification bugs, camera bugs, and Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth all seem unstable in this release. One major problem is that text messaging crashes often while typing. Talk about frustrating!

I wouldn’t call any of the bugs show-stopping, but it definitely feels like death through a thousand cuts.

It also breaks apps. I don’t mean the old 32-bit apps that have been on the chopping blockfor some time, but apps that worked fine under iOS 10 are really buggy under iOS 11. Crashes are way up, and I’m also seeing a lot of weird UI bugs, even in well-established apps such as Google Chrome.

Even browsing with Google Chrome is currently broken.

Oh, and before you ask, battery life is terrible.

It seems app developers are going to have to do a lot of work to make their offerings ready for iOS 11. And they only have a few weeks to do it.

If you are still desperate to try out the iOS 11 beta and don’t have access to an old device that you can sacrifice, I strongly recommend taking many precautions, which will protect your data and also give you a way back to iOS 10 if you decided you’ve had enough. However I strongly recommend avoiding this public beta.

But my advice for now is that unless you’re a developer, just steer clear of iOS 11 for now. It’s just not worth the headache, and will just leave you feeling sad, angry, or frustrated.

Apple has a lot of work to do ahead of the September release.

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