Microsoft’s Clutter Wants to Help Your Inbox

Last November, I reported that Microsoft made a new service, “Clutter” available to Office 365 users. Of course I had to check it out back in November and found it an extremely useful tool to de-clutter my inbox. I have been using it ever since.

I am glad to see that Microsoft is now enabling the de-cluttering feature by default as part of its email experience for Office 365 users. I bet many users do not even know this existed because it had been off by default and not promoted very well by Microsoft. However enabling this by default soon, default users will probably come to love it.

What is Clutter?

As mentioned previously, “Clutter” was a service introduced by Microsoft for Office 36 last November. The service utilizes machine learning to help keep your inbox organized; Clutter can learn from the user and tailor the email inbox allowing for a more productive experience.

Everyday email like newsletters and advertisement may not be spam but they certainly can clutter up your inbox. With clutter messages like these automatically go into a special “Clutter” folder where you can look at them when you want to. This keeps your inbox cleaner and you will be less likely to miss important email messages.

More Enhancements & Control of Your Email Clutter

Starting June 1st, Clutter will be activated by default for those in the First Release program. This will be followed up by a release to standard participants on June 15th. With the mainstream release, Microsoft will also introduce administrative controls and status reports for Clutter. These reports will show you exactly how Clutter is organizing your email and inform you when new email is being moved.

Although Clutter will be enabled by default, users will still have the ability to opt-out and disable the service on Outlook’s webpage, Outlook 2016 Preview, or clicking the the disable link at the bottom of each status report.

Check out my original November 14, 2014 article when “Clutter” was first introduced by Microsoft.

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