How to Watch Star Trek: Discovery

With Star Trek: Discovery set to premier in a few days countless people have asked me “how do I watch the new Star Trek”? This is a great question because CBS is hoping to move away from traditional TV with Trek paving the way.

This is not the first time Star Trek has introduced the audience to new ways of obtaining our entertainment. Lets take a look at what I am talking about.

  • The Original Series – When TOS hit syndication (1970’s) it quickly became the most watched series in Syndication (except for possibly “I Love Lucy”) history and led to the modern rebirth of the franchise.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – TNG did not air on a network, but “first run syndication”. This was the first large scale TV series to do so and it’s success led to an onslaught of TV shows following suit, including “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.
  • Star Trek: Voyager – Paramount launched their network, UPN in 1995 with the series premier of Voyager.

So there you go – Star Trek has often led the way with how we view TV and with Discovery CBS is hoping to do it again.

So you are still not sure how and where to watch Star Trek: Discovery? You’re not alone. I have broken down all the info into a guide to help you find out where and when to watch.

Discovery starts with a special 2-part (2 episode) premiere and will run for a total of 15 episodes for the first season. The season will be broken into two parts with a break starting November and scheduled to pick up again in January 2018.

Outside of the USA, Star Trek: Discovery will air on Netflix, except for Canada where it will be broadcast on CTV while in the states it runs exclusively on CBS All Access.

USA: Discovery premieres Sunday, Sept. 24 on CBS All Access

In the United States Star Trek: Discovery is an exclusive original show for the CBS All Access streaming service and premieres Sunday, September 24th.

  • The first episode (Part 1 of the two-hour premiere) will be available on CBS All Access at 8:30PM ET.
  • The second episode (Part 2) will be available exclusively on CBS All Access at 9:30PM.

Subsequent episodes will be available at 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT starting Sunday, October 1st.

This streaming service from CBS costs $5.99 per month to subscribe ($9.99 without commercials). CBS All Access includes access to more than 9,000 episodes on demand – spanning current primetime, daytime and late night CBS series, as well as past seasons of select series and classic TV shows, including every episode of every Star Trek TV series.

You can watch CBS All Access on your computer, mobile devices, gaming devices and streaming devices. For more see TrekMovie’s buyer’s guide to CBS All Access devices. To subscribe CLICK HERE(with free trial).

CBS broadcast of Part 1 of premiere: In order to promote Star Trek: Discovery the first episode of the show (Part 1 of the 2-hour premiere) will be broadcast on the CBS Television Network on the same night as it is released on CBS All Access. To watch, tune in Sunday, September 24 at 8:30-9:30 PM, ET/PT (time approximate following NFL Football and 60 Minutes). To see part 2 of the pilot or any other episodes, you will have to subscribe to CBS All Access.

Buyer’s Guide To Streaming ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ On A Budget

One of the biggest challenges about Star Trek: Discovery for people in the U.S. is that it is exclusively available on the  CBS All Access  streaming service. With only around 1.5 million subscribers, it is likely that most fans will be signing up for the service for the first time. So the question is, how can you watch the show?

Are you already Discovery-ready?

The CBS app is available on Android and iOS, so you can certainly watch it on your phone or tablet screen easily, as well as on your computer through the CBS website. But Star Trek: Discovery is a show that is being promoted as ‘big’ and ‘cinematic,’ so you’ll probably want to watch it on your TV. “How do I do that?” you might ask. We’re here to tell you.

Star Trek: Discovery should be watched on a big screen

You may already have a device that is ready for CBS All Access. If you’re a gamer, the CBS All Access app is available on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and Xbox 360.  It’s also on any Android TV, including recent higher-end Sony smart TVs, which are CBSAA-ready. And many Vizio smart TVs from the last couple of years (E, M, or P series) have Google Chromecast built-in so they are also ready for you to use your smartphone or tablet to send the CBS All Access video stream to your TV.

If you have a dedicated streaming device such as a Google ChromecastRokuAmazon Fire TVApple TV, or Android TV, XBOX then you, are ready for CBS All Access.

All Access supported devices


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