Star Trek’s Voyager Shines on Netflix

OK friends, we only have about 2 weeks until Star Trek: Discovery premiers on CBS All Access, and I am just a little excited about it. With that in mind, Netflix recently reported on the most streamed Star Trek re-watched episodes and the results surprised many of us.

There are nearly 700 episodes of Star Trek spread across five television series and you’d assume the best episodes would translate to the most re-watched, right? After all, usually the cream rises to the top. Or does it?

Netflix has just released their list of the ten most re-watched Star Trek episodes of all time, and frankly, many trekkers were left a little bit shocked by the results. Especially when you realize the finale episode of Voyager is the most re-watched Star Trek episode of all time on the streaming service, and not other, far more well regarded classics.

As a matter of fact, none of the original series episodes are among the most re-watched  and only four The Next Generation episodes are in the top ten! You can check out Netflix’s list of the top ten most re-watched Star Trek episodes in the graphic down below.

My personal favorite Trek series (after the original series, of course) is Star Trek: Voyager and it can lay claim to having the most revisited episode of all, its series finale. As it turns out, the first episodes of any Trek series are usually the most-watched, so in an effort to seek data beyond default behavior, the first two episodes from any first seasons were omitted from the data. Also, it should be noted that the Borg show up in seven out of ten episodes. People must really want to be assimilated.

Usually, after the introductory episodes of any of the first seasons, it’s episodes introducing well-known parts of Star Trek lore that tend to be rewatched the most. The Next Generation and The Original Series can claim the largest audiences on Netflix, but Voyager and Deep Space Nine fans are better repeat customers, more likely to return for their favorite episodes.

Why Star Trek Voyager has so many Re-watches?

Both the original show and TNG have excellent, upgraded (remastered) high definition Blu-rays, while neither Voyager or Deep Space Nine do not. If you’re a hardcore Trekker, you will probably watch the Original Series and Next Generation on Blu-ray before watching a more compressed streaming version.

As for Deep Space Nine & Voyager streaming is the best – most convenient way to re-visit those crews. As for Voyager being so well represented here as compared to Deep Space Nine lets remember that Voyager is much episodic while Deep Space Nine has huge story arches – meaning its much easier to grab a Voyager episode here & there while Deep Space Nine’s longer story arches makes that a little more problematic.

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