The Amazing History of Windows

I don’t know and it’s probably just me but I have NEVER bought into all the Apple hype. Don’t get me wrong. Because I love me some music I have always been a fan of the iPod, and I admit that I use a iPad from time to time. However beyond that Apple devices have really never truly helped me get real work done. At my age of let’s just say the late 40’s Microsoft has been there all the way. From the mid 80’s with MS-DOS and then Windows, Microsoft was often beat up and complained about, but it was always the OS (operating system) that was being used at home and the office. Software developers from the start wrote their solutions on top of Microsoft’s language and many made boat loads of money along the way. Sure it has always been easy to complain along the way as blue screens of death often seemed to haunt us. However if there was no Microsoft Windows for the past 28 years (yes 28) would we really have been as productive as we were?

To give you an idea of what I am talking about, and in the defense of Microsoft’s Windows check out this short history.

What I am basically saying here it that Windows has been around for 28 years and during that time has continued to dominate in both the home and professional market. Apple took off in about 2002 with first it’s iPod, then it’s iPhone and finally the iPad. All of these are amazing devices that is for sure, but even all of these combined pale in comparison with Microsoft’s Windows operating system in respect to helping us get work done.

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