Scammer Alert

Sometimes having the best anti-virus software on your computer is not enough. Sometimes email messages will get through that threaten your security and financial welfare – because the email does not contain a virus. Also criminals continue to use old technologies like phone calls, snail mail and faxes to separate you from your money.

As in this case, criminals will try to get to your cash through the simple use of your fax.

A very common trick of cyber criminals today is pulling at your heartstrings. For example. This morning a co-worker reported receiving this fax/email message. I share this in order to help spread the word. Never ever respond to messages like this.

Here is the actual fax, which in our case was received through a connected email account. Today many fax accounts are often attached to email.

Here is the message which as I recommend should not be opened if received by email. Check out the date on the letter. It’s from the future!

Letters like this should never – ever be responded to. Throw them away.

Again – if you do not know the sender personally disregard the message. Always double & triple verify before you send any money to anyone. It’s a dangerous world out there dedicated readers.

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