10-year-old cousins killed in Uvalde lay side-by-side at joint wake

10-year-old cousins killed in Uvalde lay side-by-side at joint wake

UVALDE, Texas — An emotional joint wake was held Wednesday for two 10-year-old cousins who were among the victims of last week’s Uvalde school shooting massacre.

Jailah Silguero and her cousin Jayce Luevanos lay side-by-side in their brightly colored caskets at the Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Home as their grieving relatives wept and prayed.

The little girl’s pink and white casket was adorned with the words “TikTok” and “Pop”, while Jayce’s was forest green with a dinosaur and rainforest theme.

Their caskets were separated by teddy bears and smiling portraits of the youngsters.

Photos and footage of the cousins were shown on a TV screen inside the funeral home, including TikTok videos of Jailah dancing in front of the camera.

Jailah and Jayce were among the 19 students and two teachers gunned down at Robb Elementary School last week.

Both students had tried to get out of going to school the day of the massacre, their relatives have said.

Jailah Nicole Silguero,
Jailah Nicole Silguero’s casket was pink and white with the words “TikTok” and “Pop” on it.
AFP via Getty Images/ Chandan Khanna
Jailah Silguero’s casket.
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Jailah had tried to convince her parents to let her stay home, but they wouldn’t let her.

“Jailah didn’t want to go to school,” her grandmother Linda Gonzales told the Daily Beast last week. “That’s what her momma was really upset about … ‘If only I had let her stay home.’”

Meanwhile, her cousin Jayce had begged to be allowed to join his grandmother on a trip to the San Antonio Zoo.

The boy’s grandfather, Carmelo Quiroz, said the family had told Jayce it didn’t make sense to skip school so close to the end of the year. 

“He was so sad he couldn’t go. Maybe if he would have gone, he’d be here,” Quiroz told USA Today.

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos
Jayce Carmelo Luevanos casket was forest green with dinosaurs and rainforests.
AFP via Getty Images/ Chandan Khanna

The longtime boyfriend of Jailah’s aunt, who would only go by Carlos, told The Post at a vigil outside Robb Elementary School late Tuesday that the little girl loved her skateboard, bicycle and playing with her cousins.

“She was a big ray of sunshine. She was real talkative…She had a big heart especially with children younger than her,” Carlos said.

“She just had a big heart. She’s going to be missed a lot.”

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