iOS 10 beta 5 Arrives on My iPhone 6S

After a very bad experience with the first incarnation of the iOS 10 beta I downgraded back to iOS 9 back in early July. Yesterday I decided to give iOS 10 beta 5 a chance and “upgraded” my iPhone 6S. So what did I find? Is it more stable that beta 1? Was it worth the 2 hours of install and setup time? Will iOS 10 bring new excitement to the iPhone user? Well lets take a look at what I have found so far during the past day with iOS 10 beta 5.

While the new update is still a bit buggy, there are some improvements over the beta 1.

If you have been on the beta for a while and have been fidgeting with the iOS Photos app, you will have noticed the new facial recognition feature that groups images based on faces. Well, if you have arranged everything on your iPhone in a long list of groups, it’s all going away. This is because the new update will scan through your folders once again and rearrange whatever is currently available.

If you noticed that your iPhone 6s Smart Battery case was misbehaving after the last update, this has now been fixed. The case that is available for the iPhone 6 and 6s should now work properly.

Bored of the iOS 9 lock sound when you lock the phone? Well, there is finally something new in iOS 10 beta 5 for you. The new lock sound seems to have moved on from click to sound of door closing.

The output icon seen in the Control Center gets an update as well. The same goes for the Music app, and other locations in iOS, that seem to be slightly tweaked.

The date now appears in the swipe to the right from the home screen and even in the notifications panel (swipe right in there again).

All-in-all it’s just some minor fine-tuning taking place in iOS 10 beta 5 compared to what we noticed in the earlier betas. While it iOS 10 may be a bit annoying in the notifications area and the Control Center for some, it may seem like a good move that spaces things out for others. Like it or hate it, the bolder new look is here to stay.