Benefits of selecting WordPress Cloud Hosting for blogs or corporate sites

Nowadays, due to the growing popularity of blogging, WordPress has become the first choice for millions of users worldwide. On the other hand, the cloud is booming the market and users are moving ahead to adopt cloud for their business to enhance the performance. This is the reason why both are becoming the first preference for the users and they are switching to WordPress Cloud hosting service for better performance of the website. In this article, you will get to know the benefits of WordPress Cloud hosting for blogs and corporate sites.

What is Cloud hosting?

In cloud hosting, data is delivered from a network of connected servers and web servers are placed at different data centers that are virtually scattered worldwide.  In a similar way, you can increase or decrease the resources as per the requirement. Additionally, you get multiple features in cloud-like automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, pay per usage, easy to manage and deploy, and more.

What makes cloud hosting essential for the WordPress Users?

WordPress is a “Giant”, yes you can say this!! Because it offers multiple benefits to the users apart from blogging. There are ‘n’ number of big players in the market that have used WordPress to design their website and they need the capability to manage huge amount of traffic.  Due to the scalability feature, WordPress cloud hosting provides a famous app extension, “Content Delivery Network”. With the help of CDN, you can easily save your images and files on the server. If you are looking to switch on cloud hosting then check MilesWeb that offers the superior feature to make your website worth in terms of performance. You can also find affordable WordPress hosting plans at MilesWeb

Why to choose MilesWeb Cloud hosting:-

1) Automatic vertical / horizontal scaling,

2) Multiple choice of software stacks and technologies

3) Docker containers support

4) Smart orchestration of resources

5) High availability

6) Pay for actual usage

7) DevOps automation

8) Intuitive and user-friendly UI

9) Self-provisioning access

10) Rich marketplace with 1-click deployment of popular apps, add-ons, and Docker containers


In addition, they offer four plans in cloud starting from MW1 Rs. 667.50/mo and continued by MW2, MW3, MW4. You can select the plan as per your requirement and set up your cloud within a minute. However, their support plan starts from Basic which is free and followed Business plan starting from Rs.1699/mo and Enterprise plan.

Benefits of WordPress Cloud hosting:-

1) Easy to integrate:- With one click installation feature, you can easily install and manage the service. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance and technical administration of the server.

2) Uptime:- In cloud hosting, even if one server gets crashed that doesn’t affect your business because another server can offer additional resources. This ensures maximum uptime and enhances the performance of your website.

3) Content delivery network:- CDN is the all time best option that can be used in the cloud to get a better performance and improve website speed.

4) Optimized servers:- Cloud servers are well optimized for the smooth functioning of the WordPress that again ensures the best output of the website. But you should have a team of experts to solve the issues related to WordPress and Cloud.

5) Easy to scale:- Resources get scaled easily and in case there is a spike in the traffic then you can easily get the resources from another server in the network.

6) Security:-  Being a most popular CMS, there are the chances that WordPress may get hacked. But to avoid such issue, you can get the best cloud hosting provider like MilesWeb that provide various tools like Web Application Firewall, CodeGuard, SSL Certificate, Spam Expert to protect your website.

What makes cloud hosting unique from shared hosting?

Shared hosting operates on a single server, whereas cloud hosting works on multiple servers. In shared hosting, resources don’t get scaled and in cloud hosting, resources get scaled vertically and horizontally.  As mentioned above, MilesWeb cloud can help you to scale your resources and save your money. If you are a beginner and looking for shared hosting plans then compare multiple shared hosting plans of other hosting providers or check the review sites to know more about the provider.


With the help of WordPress Cloud hosting, you can meet the requirement of the user in terms of speed and performance. In short, a cloud is the best option for all types of businesses, no matter whether it is small or big corporate website. If you are looking for traffic, flexibility, scalability, security, reliability and more then the cloud is the ultimate option. However, the combination of these two famous hosting solutions will surely take your business to the next level.

How to Make Money Online – 3 Proven Ways

It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie, or a seasoned online marketer, provided you have the best information, you can change the way you make money online forever, and make as much money as you want.
Just over two years ago, I was slaving away in a job I simply did not like but thanks to the internet, I’m now making a lot of money a month online for less than an hour’s work each day.
To make money on the internet, you need to choose the best affiliate programs or offers with higher conversion rates and, high revenue share opportunity to promote.
Be it social media marketing, pay per view (PPV), pay per click (PPC), article marketing or any form of online promotion you choose, getting targeted traffic to the site, offer, or affiliate program you are promoting, is the only way you can make any money online.
One of the best ways to make money online is to join as an EarlyBird user. The new online currency and payment processing site is in the development stage and will deposit $50 into your account if you join for free as an early bird user in addition to getting rewards for your feedback.
You will also need to keep your account active, participate and share your opinions or apply for job listings, and complete posted surveys and get to earn up to $20 per day deposited to your account as the site prepares for launch 2011.
Also, refer a friend and earn $5. Imagine you could have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your account by the time the service is launched, without ever making a deposit.
If you plan to generate high commissions for your efforts, maybe you should consider It pays top commissions (up to $80) for every valid lead you refer to any one of the many merchant sites listed on the site. Sign up is free and the ready-made design templates and dedicated support team makes it easy to get started.
Payments are made every fifteen (15) days depending on earned revenue. Affiliates earning over $1000 in weekly commissions, can qualify for weekly payments. You will also earn 3% percent of the gross revenue of referred affiliates.
You can also opt as an Affiliate partner, the number #1 ranked affiliate program online, and earn money by referring people who need help with debt.
Get paid $20 or $30 per person you refer to the site who signs up for the free evaluation and verifies their phone number using the automated system, as well as 10% percent of the commissions of all referred affiliates.
Without having any website or any product, you can still make money online for free. But you need to differentiate hype from real money making opportunities. Is anyone making money online?
Try and find out for yourself and once you start making money, you will find yourself laughing your way to the bank every week.

Websites to Make Money with the CPA Lead Program

CPAlead soon to be Monetize Digital is one of the biggest CPA (Cost Per Action) networks with a unique way of website monetization.  It uses gateway technology which allows you to lock certain items or pages on your website.  Visitors that want to access the page or download the item need to complete short surveys provided by CPAlead.  Once they have completed the surveys, they can download or access the page directly, and you get your commission.
With its innovative way of website monetization CPAlead offers a better way to monetize your content.  There are various types of websites that you can use effectively with CPAlead.  Here are 5 of the most effective sites to use:
1. File Download Site
It is similar to a file-sharing website.  But instead of providing free access for your downloads you provide the download after your visitors complete the surveys from CPAlead.  Most of your visitors will complete the surveys if you provide files that offer them value in exchange for their time.  File download sites are great for monetizing effectively using CPAlead gateway.
2. Free Stuff Site
Here you are giving away free stuff or information about where to get free things such as free web hosting, free software, free samples or free products.  You will give the information about how to get all sorts of free gear by allowing your readers to complete the CPAlead surveys.  In this way, you are monetizing your free stuff site effectively.
3. Coupon Website
Here you are giving away free coupons for various stores that your visitors can use to get some discounts when they shop there.  Your visitors that want to get the coupon codes need to complete the survey from CPAlead.  You can provide various coupons either digitally or printable coupons that they can use immediately.
4. Incentive-Based Website
In this website, you are giving away points or rewards for your visitors once they complete the survey.  Your readers will get various rewards (usually in the form of points or virtual currency) based on the complexity of each survey and how long it takes to complete.  After, your visitors can exchange their points or virtual currency to get free products, discounts, free software and various other rewards.
5. Music and Video Download Sites
Here you are providing download links to various music and videos.  Your readers will be allowed to preview the music or video that they choose to download.  Before they download their chosen music or video, they need to complete the necessary surveys on CPAlead gateway.  Once they have completed the survey, they can freely download the music or video.
Beside above five methods, you can also go for Instagram, Affiliate, Facebook as SMM. If you want to start your business with CPAlead, these five types of recommended websites are good places to start.  You will have better conversions and a high earning potential with these websites.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

If you own a business, you’re aware that there is always something that you have to do. From making business decisions, marketing, and budgeting to doing clerical work and customer service, the many jobs of a business owner can be overwhelming. That is why the position of a virtual assistant was created as they can come in handy in helping you to get some of those projects done so that you can focus on other parts of your business.
Virtual assistants can act just as an in-house secretary or personal assistant would. The benefit of using such a service is that you don’t have to pay for an office as they work from a remote location. By allowing a highly qualified professional to help you with your daily tasks, you can breathe much easier and focus on making your business the best that it can be. Below is a list of tasks that your virtual assistant can carry out for you. Keep in mind this is only a short list of the basics as VAs, depending on their educational background can help you in many other ways to make money.
Clerical needs – word processing, outgoing correspondence, virtual filing, document creations, PowerPoint presentation and more can be completed by a trained VA.
Customer service – they can make cold calls, follow up with customers, or even talk with investors and other businesses depending upon your needs cutting your phone time in half.
Marketing – whether you need help doing marketing research or you need help advertising your business to your target audience a virtual marketing assistant can help.
Website maintenance – whether you need help creating a website or you need help updating your website you can find a professional VA to set you up with the best options out there.
There are a lot of advantages to having a VA on your team. They can be a serious asset especially if you don’t have the means for full-time staff. You can find a virtual assistant job that will charge you by the project or simply based on an agreed-upon hourly rate. However, you should not be alarmed by how much the services might cost, as you are benefiting since you won’t have to pay tax costs, benefits, or paid time off. Another addition is that they are responsible for their own training and office equipment giving you a break. This, of course, is a beneficial service for anyone to try.

How to make money from Drop-ship Business

Drop shipping is a method that requires months to learn. Therefore, this course is just a beginning to the method of drop shipping. However, I think this course will be very useful regarding understanding how the system operates and whether this method of earning money on the internet is an appropriate way for you or not.
This is a matter of the fact that many people are involved in drop shipping to make money online. Those who got to the “Powerseller” status on eBay, have achieved to get this status with this drop shipping method.
What is wrong with drop shipping is that people believe those who earn money from auction sites like eBay, makes money just by selling their own products. However, that’s, not the reality, a significant portion of the physical or digital products sold on sites like eBay, were maybe never seen, stocked, packaged, sent to cargo or even paid by the vendors themselves and they managed all these processes with drop shipping system.
The concept of drop shipping is very simple. It works in the way you make sales of products on the internet by adding your own share onto the products which are sold with retail prices at wholesale prices. This practice is used not only on the internet but also in physical sales.
Drop Shipping is not a new idea; it has been used for centuries by traders and retailers. And it has been carried onto internet later. Thus it has opened a door for ordinary internet users to make money online from this business.
It has been very easy to sell products on the internet since the auction sites like eBay became popular around the world. So drop shipping users have got the opportunity to sell the products on the internet which they have already been doing physically.
Today, drop shipping has become an important income source for those who have the internet connection at home. Because this  a very easy to apply system, it can be done in spare times and it is a method that does not require capital.

How Does Drop Shipping System Work?

The biggest reason why drop shipping is so popular is the fact that its operation is very easy and user-friendly. As we will consider below, drop shipping applies to virtually any product and enables you to earn money many times.
Drop shipping system‘s operating process is carried out in 4 steps as you see below:
You ( drop shipper ), do find wholesale products ( reliable drop shipping wholesale guides can be found here ) and exhibit those products on sites like eBay or on your own online store.
You get the payment from purchaser when a sale is done.
You pay the wholesale price of the product to the supplier and deliver the name and address information of purchaser to the supplier for the product to be packaged and sent to cargo.
And the gap between the price you sold the product and the wholesale price you paid to the supplier, is the commission that you earn from this sale.
As you see, you make the sale and take the money before ordering the product. So, you do not use your own money in this business. This is one of the main advantages of drop shipping system ( eBay shipping system ). Because anyone can do this job without any money.
Another important advantage of the system is that the product is sent to the customer directly. So, you give the name, and the address of the customer to the wholesaler and the wholesaler send the product to the customer. In other words, products are being shipped directly to the recipient from wholesalers.Thus, you never get the product in your hand, see it, pack it and have to stock it. And for the recipient paid you the money beforehand, you do not have to order the product from the wholesaler with your own money.
To sum up, firstly you find a product in wholesaler’s stock ( reliable wholesaler guides can be found here ) secondly you sell the product by exhibiting it on sites like eBay or on your own online store ( product can be sold many times without changing it with new ones ) and finally the gap between the purchase price and your order price remains as your commission in your pocket. This business can enable you to reach a few dollars to thousands depending on your performance.

Can Kids Make Money Online?

How to Make Money Online as a Kid

A good number of people have criticized money making opportunities online. They allege that it is pretty one-sided. In other words, they contend that these opportunities are not for everyone. It somehow discriminates all other people who are not well-versed in the modern world.
On the contrary, reality shows the exact opposite of what these people are claiming. In fact, the methods employed to generate money online can be learned overnight. Various eBooks or blogs can be found on the web which will serve as a guide to those who are not good with computers. From this fact alone, anyone can say that this money making opportunities online can be done by everyone.
You should know that kids can also make money online. The only thing that they need here is basic knowledge of the fundamentals in surfing the web and using a computer. Anyway, here are some jobs that kids can do to generate cash through the internet.
Youtube Monetizations
Make the video, upload to youtube & start getting paid.
Yes, it’s simple as I say. Many kids are making money by uploading their videos on youtube. Their video is not so extraordinary because the audience of their video is also kids. A 6-year-old boy is making $11 million a year on YouTube reviewing toys. Your kid can even start a tutorial series like below.

Playing Online Games
Before you grab the game joysticks out of your kid’s hands, why don’t you suggest they place their gaming abilities to great use by making their own money?
Paid gaming simply means that when a person plays the game for some minutes or hours, he shall be paid the stipulated amount. About kids, they can play these games on the internet. Note that there are a lot of games to play. So, the more games that the kid plays, the more he earns.
  1. InboxDollars.
  2. Swagbucks.
  3. Bingo! Zone.
  4. LalaLoot.
  5. Gamesville.
  6. Paid Game Player.
  7. Second life.
  8. Clip 2Play
Selling Photos
Photography is one of the most popular hobbies of people today. Kids can earn as well by taking photos of whatever they think is pretty. So, by uploading these photos taken by the kids, they are now advertising it online. Surely there are people who will be interested in their photos. This is another way for kids to earn good money online.
  1. 500px Prime.
  2. SmugMug Pro.
  3. Shutterstock.
  4. iStockphoto.
  5. Etsy
Taking Surveys
If there are paid Games, there is also paid for a Survey. One of the easiest ways to do so is to take surveys online. This is inarguable one great way of letting your kid earn money on his own. There are various survey websites out there that offer paid surveys to people of all ages specially kids. This is one huge opportunity for kids to earn and to learn how to save their earnings. There are many websites which are paying for surveys & survey is on Cartoon, games, toys, etc
  1. Swagbucks.
  2. Toluna.
  3. Vivatic.
  4. MySurvey.
  5. Panel Opinion
  6. Ipsos i-Say.
  7. Survey Bods.
If you thought that kids could not generate cash, then think again. These ways are the easiest and effective tasks that kids can do to make money online. So if you want your kid to earn money, let him do these.

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Make Money Taking Paid Online Surveys :

People perform surveys and research to collect essential data. As you know, the different methods of conducting surveys have been used since time immemorial. Every year, there are new techniques in conducting surveys that are introduced to the public. However, not all of them have been proven to be effective. Today, people can do surveys which saves time, money and effort. This is where online surveys come in.
Now you should know that the participants of such online surveys can make money out of it. When this was first made public, nobody believed it. Subsequently, there are a lot of individuals today that take online surveys to earn some cash. You should know the different advantages that paid online surveys can give to its payees so that you may decide whether you would like to do it or not.
Does Not Require Anything Fancy
An internet connection is one indispensable requirement when taking online surveys. Apart from that, you will only need to spend at least 5 minutes of your time. Therefore, you are not required to be an honor student to take them. You simply answer questions with yes or no and in some instances, you will need to give your personal opinion, nothing more, and nothing less.
Convenient Way of Earning Cash
As you know, there are lots of ways where you can use if you want to earn money. Conversely, it is now known to everyone that one of the easiest ways is to take online paid surveys. You merely have to spend some time in front of the computer, and voila, you will make good money. Instead of engaging in the different money making methods, you can take these surveys.
Multi-Tasking Possibilities
When you take paid online surveys, you will see that you can do multiple surveys to maximize your earning possibility. In case you do this, you will be assured that you can earn as much as you want per day. In contrast, you can do your household chores while you are taking these surveys.

List of Sites where you can make money by filling surveys

In addition to the preceding, you will not be needed to complete the survey. This is the main reason behind people’s love of taking these kinds of surveys online. Therefore, if you want to make some money during your free time, you can engage in taking paid surveys online. They offer convenience and most of all fast cash.

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Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Getting used to using your keyboard exclusively and leaving your mouse behind will make you much more efficient at performing any task on any Windows system. I use the following keyboard shortcuts every day:


Keyboard Shortcuts

[Alt] and [Esc] Switch between running applications

[Alt] and letter Select menu item by underlined letter

[Ctrl] and [Esc] Open Program Menu

[Ctrl] and [F4] Close active document or group windows (does not work with some applications)

[Alt] and [F4] Quit active application or close current window

[Alt] and [-] Open Control menu for active document

Ctrl] Lft., Rt. arrow Move cursor forward or back one word

Ctrl] Up, Down arrow Move cursor forward or back one paragraph

[F1] Open Help for active application

Windows+M Minimize all open windows

Shift+Windows+M Undo minimize all open windows

Windows+F1 Open Windows Help

Windows+Tab Cycle through the Taskbar buttons

Windows+Break Open the System Properties dialog box

acessability shortcuts

Right SHIFT for eight seconds…….. Switch FilterKeys on and off.

Left ALT +left SHIFT +PRINT SCREEN……. Switch High Contrast on and off.

Left ALT +left SHIFT +NUM LOCK……. Switch MouseKeys on and off.

SHIFT……. five times Switch StickyKeys on and off.

NUM LOCK…… for five seconds Switch ToggleKeys on and off.

explorer shortcuts

END……. Display the bottom of the active window.

HOME……. Display the top of the active window.

NUM LOCK+ASTERISK……. on numeric keypad (*) Display all subfolders under the selected folder.

NUM LOCK+PLUS SIGN……. on numeric keypad (+) Display the contents of the selected folder.

NUM LOCK+MINUS SIGN……. on numeric keypad (-) Collapse the selected folder.

LEFT ARROW…… Collapse current selection if it’s expanded, or select parent folder.

RIGHT ARROW……. Display current selection if it’s collapsed, or select first subfolder.

Type the following commands in your Run Box (Windows Key + R) or Start Run

devmgmt.msc = Device Manager
msinfo32 = System Information
cleanmgr = Disk Cleanup
ntbackup = Backup or Restore Wizard (Windows Backup Utility)
mmc = Microsoft Management Console
excel = Microsoft Excel (If Installed)
msaccess = Microsoft Access (If Installed)
powerpnt = Microsoft PowerPoint (If Installed)
winword = Microsoft Word (If Installed)
frontpg = Microsoft FrontPage (If Installed)
notepad = Notepad
wordpad = WordPad
calc = Calculator
msmsgs = Windows Messenger
mspaint = Microsoft Paint
wmplayer = Windows Media Player
rstrui = System Restore
netscp6 = Netscape 6.x
netscp = Netscape 7.x
netscape = Netscape 4.x
waol = America Online
control = Opens the Control Panel
control printers = Opens the Printers Dialog

Other shortcuts:

Windows key + E = Explorer

ALT + Tab = Switch between windows

ALT, Space, X = Maximize window

CTRL + Shift + Esc = Task Manager

Windows key + Break = System properties

Windows key + F = Search

Windows key + D = Hide/Display all windows

CTRL + C = copy

CTRL + X = cut

CTRL + V = paste

Also don’t forget about the “Right-click” key next to the right Windows key on your keyboard. Using the arrows and that key can get just about anything done once you’ve opened up any program.

Internet browser

type in u’re adress “google”, then press [Right CTRL] and [Enter]
add www. and .com to word and go to it

For Windows XP:

Copy. CTRL+C
Paste. CTRL+V
Undo. CTRL+Z
Delete. DELETE
Delete selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin. SHIFT+DELETE
Copy selected item. CTRL while dragging an item
Create shortcut to selected item. CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item
Rename selected item. F2
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word. CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word. CTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph. CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph. CTRL+UP ARROW
Highlight a block of text. CTRL+SHIFT with any of the arrow keys
Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document. SHIFT with any of the arrow keys
Select all. CTRL+A
Search for a file or folder. F3
View properties for the selected item. ALT+ENTER
Close the active item, or quit the active program. ALT+F4
Opens the shortcut menu for the active window. ALT+SPACEBAR
Close the active document in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously. CTRL+F4
Switch between open items. ALT+TAB
Cycle through items in the order they were opened. ALT+ESC
Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop. F6
Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer. F4
Display the shortcut menu for the selected item. SHIFT+F10
Display the System menu for the active window. ALT+SPACEBAR
Display the Start menu. CTRL+ESC
Display the corresponding menu. ALT+Underlined letter in a menu name
Carry out the corresponding command. Underlined letter in a command name on an open menu
Activate the menu bar in the active program. F10
Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu. RIGHT ARROW
Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu. LEFT ARROW
Refresh the active window. F5
View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer. BACKSPACE
Cancel the current task. ESC
SHIFT when you insert a CD into the CD-ROM drive Prevent the CD from automatically playing.

Use these keyboard shortcuts for dialog boxes:

To Press
Move forward through tabs. CTRL+TAB
Move backward through tabs. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Move forward through options. TAB
Move backward through options. SHIFT+TAB
Carry out the corresponding command or select the corresponding option. ALT+Underlined letter
Carry out the command for the active option or button. ENTER
Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box. SPACEBAR
Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons. Arrow keys
Display Help. F1
Display the items in the active list. F4
Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box. BACKSPACE

If you have a Microsoft Natural Keyboard, or any other compatible keyboard that includes the Windows logo key and the Application key , you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

Display or hide the Start menu. WIN Key
Display the System Properties dialog box. WIN Key+BREAK
Show the desktop. WIN Key+D
Minimize all windows. WIN Key+M
Restores minimized windows. WIN Key+Shift+M
Open My Computer. WIN Key+E
Search for a file or folder. WIN Key+F
Search for computers. CTRL+WIN Key+F
Display Windows Help. WIN Key+F1
Lock your computer if you are connected to a network domain, or switch users if you are not connected to a network domain. WIN Key+ L
Open the Run dialog box. WIN Key+R
Open Utility Manager. WIN Key+U

accessibility keyboard shortcuts:

Switch FilterKeys on and off. Right SHIFT for eight seconds
Switch High Contrast on and off. Left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN
Switch MouseKeys on and off. Left ALT +left SHIFT +NUM LOCK
Switch StickyKeys on and off. SHIFT five times
Switch ToggleKeys on and off. NUM LOCK for five seconds
Open Utility Manager. WIN Key+U

shortcuts you can use with Windows Explorer:

Display the bottom of the active window. END
Display the top of the active window. HOME
Display all subfolders under the selected folder. NUM LOCK+ASTERISK on numeric keypad (*)
Display the contents of the selected folder. NUM LOCK+PLUS SIGN on numeric keypad (+)
Collapse the selected folder. NUM LOCK+MINUS SIGN on numeric keypad (-)
Collapse current selection if it’s expanded, or select parent folder. LEFT ARROW
Display current selection if it’s collapsed, or select first subfolder. RIGHT ARROW

How Cloning a Mac Hard Drive Benefits the Users

Cloning a hard drive simply means creating an exact copy of hard drive; the copy consists of all contents of the drive. Now, imagine a situation when you are working on a Macintosh computer system and all of a sudden OS or hard drive crashes. In such situations, cloning the hard drive is the best solution. If you are an aware user, backing up the data must be your priority. Data backup includes cloning as an important backup plan, which also benefits when your system software, applications etc. get corrupt.


As mentioned above, the term ‘clone’ is typically referred to backing up the boot drive of a computer system, which is indeed one of the most important tasks. Below is a closer look at the advantages of cloning hard drive on a Mac based computer system:

Backup the Entire System

Cloning helps you keep a copy of your computer system that clearly implies that you are taking a functional backup of your system. The backup includes OS files, structure of partition table and the home directories. Apart from this, you can use the clone copy as boot drive because it is a replica of Hard Drive of your Mac computer. To do this, you need to plug in the Clone Drive and during boot-up, keep the ‘Options’ key pressed. Cloning differs from the conventional backup systems (for example, Time Machine) that keep more than one versions of files, whereas cloning creates a single copy of files on disk.

Test and Troubleshoot the Problems

With the help of the Clone Drive, you can perform the testing of new software, their updates and applications before their installation on your Mac system. Moreover, if there are issues with the system, you can troubleshoot them by booting off the Clone.

Stay in Touch with your Work

Not surprisingly, you could face problems with the Hard Drive that may lead to its corruption or failure. Subsequently, your work may grind to the halt for hours or days. To prevent such situation, you can boot off the Clone Drive to get back to your tasks.

As a frequent Mac user, you must know that your Mac computer offers an inbuilt utility named ‘Disk Utility’ to clone the Hard Drive. However, the method to use the utility requires a sound understanding, and you might not find it easy to perform the task.

Not to worry! In this case, you can use a commercial software program that facilitates cloning in an easy way. These software are written by Mac experts using comprehensive algorithms. Moreover, you can also image a hard drive on Mac system using such application. Imaging the Hard Drive includes creating image of any volume or the entire Hard Drive in order to restore the data if data loss occurs.

Create a Captcha with PHP

We’re going to learn how how CAPTCHA (CompletelyAutomated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) works and how it minimizes automatic sign-up of forms. We will also be creating a simple CAPTCHA script in PHP to illustrate this.

Basically CAPTCHA works in the following manner:

  1. Create Random Value: Some random string is generated, random values are often hard to guess and predict.
  2. Generate an Image: Images are used as these are generally a lot harder to read for computers while being nice and readable to humans. This is also the most important step as simple text in images can be read (and CAPTCHA cracked) quite easily. To make it difficult for them, developers employ different techniques so that the text in the image becomes hard to read for computers. Some create zig-zag lines for background while others twist-and-turn individual characters in the image. Possibilities are many and new techniques are being developed all the time as crackers are always into finding ways to break them.
  3. Store it: The random string generated (which is also in the image) is stored for matching the user input. The easiest way to do so is to use the Session variables.
  4. Matching: After the above step, the CAPTCHA image is generated and shown on some form which we want to protect from being abused. The users fills in the form along with the CAPTCHA text and submits it. Now we have the following:
    1. All submitted form data.
    2. CAPTCHA string (from form), input by user.
    3. CAPTCHA string (real one, generated by us), from session variable. Session variable is generally used as it can keep stored values across page requests. Here, we needed to preserve stored values from one page (form page) to another (action page-that receives form data).
  5. If both match, it’s okay otherwise not, in that case we can give the user a message that the CAPTCHA they had entered was wrong and their form could not be submitted. You could also ask them to verify it again.

The following image might illustrates this better:

CAPTCHA Generation and Matching

CAPTCHA Generation and Matching

From the above image it’s quite clear that when someone requests the form page, the CAPTCHA text is generated and sent back to requesting user, but only in the form of an image. If the requester is a human he’d not have much difficulty reading the image and inputting the text when asked but if it’s a bot it might face difficulties guessing whats in the image. In the next step when we match the string generated and the one the user had input, we can restrict automated form submissions.

The following is the code that does this, it’ll just output the CAPTCHA image to the browser when the script is requested:

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