Microsoft Surface Book 2-in-1 – Best Portable Laptop

Getting a laptop that give you the combo function of both tablet and laptop is not so common because giving the same feature and spec in both is a tough job. Microsoft Surface Book a 2-in-1 laptop is the most powerful laptop that you will ever encounter.

Based on its design and performance, the portable laptop is the next level tech that give you the exact what you want in any laptop. From its core performance to its specs, the uniqueness follows in every step but you have to pay for in huge amount.

The article is about why Microsoft Surface Book is the best combo laptop in every aspect and giving a detailed overview about the laptop will give you an idea about why you should go for it while considering combo laptops.


Sleek, compact and tough design of Microsoft Surface Book will get you in the first look why it’s the best laptop. The dimensions of the laptop are 13.5×9.87×0.5 inches (LxWxH) and the weight is 4.2 pounds. The tough metallic body make it more protective and at the same time it’s easy to carry around.

The screen of the laptop is detachable with fulcrum hinges with just a click on detach button of the right side of keyboard. The laptop will automatically shift to tablet mode and you can also put back the screen on the keyboard.

The laptop screen can also movable into 360 degree with the gray color of the laptop is an attractive approach depending upon the choice of the person. Microsoft logo is at the back of the screen and overall the design gives a classy look.


Only the design is not appealing but what they offer in the combo laptop is what everyone dreams. The laptop has 1.9 GHz CPU with Core i-7 processor and give 4.2 GHz with turbo boost. The best feature of the laptop spec is its Graphic unit which is UHD 620, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB dedicated virtual RAM. The RAM is 16 GB which gives you the maximum performance.

The 15-inch screen display with 3240×2160 HD pixels can play any AAA games with high resolutions. Storage of the laptop is 512 GB PCIe 3.0 SSD and run the laptop feature in faster way.

The ports in the laptop are 2 USB 3.1, 1 USB 3.1 type-c, 2 Surface connect ports, SD card holder, 3.5 mm audio jack and there is not HDMI port in the laptop. Talk about connectivity then the laptop offers 802.11ac WIFI technology with Bluetooth and Xbox wireless.

The laptop has both front and rare camera which can work as tablet when you want. The front camera is 5MP with Hello face-authentication and the rare autofocus camera is 8 MP which more then enough. Both camera support 1080p HD visual system.


Despite the combo function of both tablet and laptop, Microsoft Surface Book has new features that aren’t in the previous model. Though those features will cost you enough but that would-be one-time cost.

The GTX 1060 GPU will enables you to give the maximum HD display output and playing games with the highest performance is not a problem now. Laptops have GPU system has less battery timing but that is beaten by Microsoft as their battery timing is more than the latest gaming laptops which is 7 to 8 hours.

The keyboard and trackpad of the laptop give you a look just like MacBook and is more sophisticated than any laptop. The keyboard keys have the best performance and click that you will ever see and they are also gray in the color not black like MacBook Air. The laptop can support 260ppi video resolution and 3:2 is the aspect ratio.


Overall the laptop that give you both tablet and laptop functions are rare but Microsoft Surface Book is at the top of those category. Based on its specs, design, new feature and the hard material, there is no one that can beat Microsoft Surface Book.

Guide to High-Performance Hosting


As we all want to have websites that are fast, speedy and give use best performance. So yes, this is only possible when you will choose the high performance web hosting plan for your site.  Actually, there are so many companies that you can opt to get the high speed web hosting, but keep in mind that they should offer perfect rates and best services both. If you find the company accordingly, then you should prefer to consider their best hosting plans. But keep in mind that choosing the right company is not enough infect you have to decide to appropriate web hosting package for your website. Here in this article we are discussing about guideline of choosing best web hosting plans.

1. Cloud Web Hosting for High-Traffic Sites

So yes, people who use to have the high traffic sites should prefer to consider cloud hosting for their website. I will help you to speed up your website and improve its overall performance. So yes, you should know that cloud computing is actually the biggest technology disruptions, according to the data of past 10 years. That can actually impact the way you are doing business. But it will help you to deliver so many different applications to the world. Presently cloud hosting have become very popular with the site owners and hosts. Just because it will help you to get higher performance and best scalability amongst all other providers.

2. Dedicated Servers for High-Traffic Sites:

Another option that you have to increase the performance and speed of your website is to consider buying the best dedicated servers. Its actually best amongst all types of web hosting in Pakistan. Keep in mind that this type of servers is also perfect for people who owns a high traffic or medium traffic websites. It will help you to get the perfect and speedy loading time of your website. Hence help you to enhance the performance and speed of your website. A we all know that it’s a time of Ecommerce business so yes, if you are doing ecommerce business and want to improve the overall performance of your website then you should prefer to shift your website at the dedicated server., that will help you to improve the overall speed of the website and prevent you from having downtime issues with your website. Infect it will also enable you to grow your business without having to change the hosting plan of your website.

3. VPS web Hosting for High-Traffic Sites

Other than that high traffic site can also choose the VPS servers. Keep in mind that due to high traffic all the time site owners might have to face the downtime issues.  So yes, you can simply get rid of this type of issues by choosing the VPS server for your website. Keep in mind that it will help you to increase the speed, uploading time and also the overall performance of the website. Oher than that VPS servers will help you to ensure safety and security of your website that will become another major reason to invest in these type of VPS servers. So yes, people who are looking to get high performance hosting should prefer to buy these type of VPS servers. 

What’s the difference between a gaming headset and regular headphones for music?

There is always a triggering question rise in my mind i.e. what’s the difference between a gaming headset and a music headphone, whenever my friend Leo asked me to borrow a gaming headset, instead of gaming headset I hand him my music headphones; and he makes a foul mouth and give it back to me without using it.

But he never told me what the problem with my headphones. Now when my life is half spent on gaming (sorry for my bad sarcasm), I come to know the major differences in both the headsets and how they are important in regards of gaming and music, respectively.

There is a fine line which separates the regular headphones and gaming headsets from each other. When you are about to step in more professional gaming and want to know which would be the best gaming headset under 100 for you, make sure you understand the difference between both and how they work.

Gaming headsets VS Regular headphones


Apart from every other thing, the most important and significant factor is having the microphone that comes along the gaming headset. Here is also a critical part, that is the regular headphones do not have this mic feature though they have to use a separate portable mic for their regular use.

Microphones where there it is attached to the gaming headsets, they give luxury to detach them as well, when not in function or use. However, there is plenty of time when the gamer needs a microphone to communicate to the gaming pals around the world connected to you and playing the tournament together.

Then there is a time where you want your headphones ready for a chat. Whereas, in chatting a microphone is compulsory without which you can’t even to take the call. The gaming headset is privileged with this again, whereas regular headphones are not, though you have to hold a mic close to your mouth separately.

However, coming towards who actually uses the headsets? Officers, comrades, agents, informers, pilots and of course the gamers and all those people who need to communicate instantly on the spot of the event.

Audio Profiles

In the gaming headset, there are two audios that are very much different from one another in the matter of listening and customizing sound vocals; they are actual surround sound and virtual surround sound.

What is the term “surround sound”?

The surround sound is the name of the capability of the software situated either in the computer or the speakers placed in each earpiece. Through which, you are able to hear the surrounding sound in every detail, for instance, the steps of the enemy could be heard easily in both the headphone, the voice of the surroundings and each of the things you can’t see in the game including the loading of the guns near you.

Actual or real surround sound

These are the drivers equipped in your headphones, these are in some headset are 7.1 or below this, albeit, it is the finest sound quality drivers you will find in most of the headsets in the market. These keep you aware of the surroundings in obvious.

Virtual surround sound

This is the software situated right on your screen of the computer or you can say they are the apps of the headphones you are putting. Through these, you can personalize the sound effect just by making a few changes according to your listening preference.

Whereas, coming back to the audio profile in the regular headphones, there is no such thing like surround sound. Though there are bass and stereo, people mostly prefer while listening to their favorite songs.

Thus, the quality of the sound in the regular headphones directly depends on the quality of the hardware or the speakers installed in the headphones.

Comfortable structure

As a matter of fact, a gaming headset is worn for much more time than regular headphones. You can put your regular headphones down after the song ends or when the chat stops, but you will not put them down your gaming headset until the game ends.

In short, the gaming headsets are far more comfortable than a regular headphone due to the long gaming sessions. They are designed just the way you want them to be fixed over the ears without hurting you as long as the game continues.

Hope you guys got the juice of this informative write up in a good way and my effort doesn’t go fruitless. More are in the pipeline, wait for them, till then good luck.

5 Best Tips to Avoid Workplace Accidents


Workplace accidents can cost a business dearly and it can have a negative impact on the productivity of the workplace. If you want to trust the employees then create a comfortable and safe working place for them. If the workplace is full of hazards it will distract the staff and also lead to serious accidents.

It is possible to avoid workplace accidents with precautionary measures. Make sure you identify the hazards of the workplace so that you can invest in effective safety measures that will keep the employees safe.

Here are a few tips for avoiding workplace accidents.

A clean workplace:

When a workplace is messy and cluttered then it is hard to spot safety hazards. It is always easy to make the workplace safe if it is clean and organized. It is hard to maneuver a place that is unclean and chaotic. It is important that the staff understands the importance of keeping the workplace clean so that they are able to identify hazards that can harm the employees. Whether the workplace is a warehouse or an office, organization and cleanliness are always important.

Use proper signage:

Every workplace has a safety protocol but having a safety protocol is not helpful unless it is followed by the employees. It is important that the employees are aware of the safety protocols so they can follow it. It is the employer’s job to remind the employees of all the safety precautions that are put in place. You can post signage across the workplace as they will remind the employees of all the safety precautions that help in avoiding workplace accidents.

Keep safety equipment up-to-date:

A workplace needs to invest in safety equipment that will help in avoiding accidents. After identifying the hazards you should get the equipment that can offer protection against hazards. Electrical and fire hazards are pretty common in workplaces so make sure that the workplace has proper mains smoke alarm installationalong with other safety equipment like CO detectors, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, etc. are in the right place.

Installing the safety equipment is essential but maintaining the equipment is crucial as well. If the batteries of the smoke alarms are not working and emergency lights are out then there is no point in installing them. If the staff is working in an accident-prone area then they should be provided the right safety gear like protective goggles and gloves.

Train the employees:

Make sure that the employees are educated about the importance of safety precautions. They should follow the safety plan. Educating them is essential. Employees should also be encouraged to report any safety hazard they spot no matter how small.

Never take shortcuts:

Taking shortcuts when it comes to property safe can make the workplace vulnerable to accidents. Always be thorough with the safety precautions and never take a shortcut. If you take shortcuts there will always be deficiencies in the safety plan and workplace accidents will be hard to avoid and it causes minor injuries and even life-threatening ones.

How does Advanced Identity Protector install on your PC?

We hope some of you must be aware of this Windows-based utility name as “Advanced Identity Protector But, few of them might be still unknown with this term. Isn’t it?

Well, want to know aboutAdvanced Identity Protector in detail, let us undergo the study of What is advanced identity Protector?

remove Advanced Identity Protector

Advanced Identity Protector is a Window-primarily based software that needs to protect your status while online. It allows some characteristics like scanning of net browsers, emails, and registry entries. It can also clean out proofs of private information used at the browser’s online forms.

But, recently a survey regarding Advanced Identity Protector came into existence and the study says:

“The primary executable setup named as advancedidentityprotector.exe. The setup kit usually installs about 19 repositories and usually about 35.16 MB (36,869,660 bytes). Comparative to the overall usage of users who have this installed on their PCs, most are working on Windows 10 and Windows 7 (SP1). While about 89% of users who are a part of Advanced Identity Protector grows through the United States, and it is also widespread in Australia and the “United Kingdom.”

Advanced identity Protector is the PUP (potentially unwanted programs) that uses deceptive methods to block the elimination of the unwanted packages.

Advanced Identity Protector Is safe or unsafe?

Advanced Identification Protector isn’t always an entirely precise application although it demands that it could easily block identity theft.

Instead, it is recognized as a probably unwanted application by using many specialists. Therefore, we can say it’s not completely accurate software.

It’s our responsibility to warn you that it has already been classified as scareware because it prompts fake warnings and then promotes its licensed version. Further, we will this article will provide you the brief information about How does Advanced Identity Protector install on your PC?

Firstly, Advanced Identification Protector appears to be a useful device to shield private records while surfing the net. However, there had been reports that this software connects some adware and potentially unwanted program (pup). Moreover, a few browser redirects force pc users to reach advanced identification Protector’s legitimate website and trick them into downloading and paying for this application. In some instances, the visited web page will trouble a fake warning pointing out several troubles discovered on the computer. Then, it’s going to recommend them to call (855) 737-4053. This customer support is some other phase that aims to lie to the user to download an advanced identification Protector.

Once advanced identification Protector is hooked up at the computer, it can run a scan all through windows start-up. Then, the program will identify dozens of risks found at the pc. The user might be prompted for a group of identity traces; however, solving this difficulty requires the user to pay for the overall version of advanced identification Protector. It’s an explicit money-making scheme by way of rogue software authors. Scare techniques widely used to mislead customers into buying unknown and suspicious tools.

Thus, we can say “Advanced Identity Protector” is a highly controversial application that has marked as “potentially unwanted.”

NOTE: (“Advanced Identity Protector” adds a registry entry for the current user which will enable the application to start whenever it gets rebooted automatically. It might schedule a job to add Windows Task Scheduler to begin the program at scheduled multiple times (Variation in schedule time depends on the version).

Rather than losing money to fix the computer with the registered version of advanced identity Protector, we highly recommend you to remove/ uninstall Advanced Identity Protector as soon as possible. Then, run an intensive scan of the anti-malware software. It may find and delete any items linked to the rogue application and other PUP’s.

Although, there are numerous ways to eliminate such malicious spyware from your PC.

Here, are the few easy approaches with which you can remove Advanced Identity Protector from your PC.

How to remove Advanced Identity Protector?

For the removal of such type of PUP, there are two simple methods mentioned below accordingly:

  • Automatic Mode
  • Manual Mode

Automatic mode

  • Your first step is to download a “Free Malware Removal Tool” like Malware Crusher, ITL Anti-Malware from the approved website.
  • After downloading the removal tool, Install it.
  • After the installation procedure, it will automatically begin the scanning process.
  • Ultimately, your PC is freed from malware.

Manual Method.

Rule 1:

You can uninstall Advanced Identity Protector from Control Panel.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc concurrently.
  • It will show you the ‘Windows Task Manager.’ Window. But, make sure that you are searching for the application tab. Further, look for Advanced Identity Protector. If found, then select it and click on End Task.
  • Now you can close the task manager.
  • Again, you need to open the control panel from the start menu or by holding Windows key + R key at the same time.
  • It will bring up the “RUN” box now in this box you need to type ‘appwiz.cpl.’ and tap “OK.”
  • From the ‘program and features’ panel, you will see the list of all installed programs.
  • Perform a Right Click on ‘Advanced Identity Protector’ and uninstall it from your system.

Rule 2:

Remove “Advanced Identity Protector” extensions from Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Here, are the necessary steps to remove Advanced Identity Protector from various browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, all the removal steps for the same are listed down, please follow them accordingly:

  • Google Chrome

Step 1: Open “Google Chrome” main menu, click to the “Settings” option.

Step 2: Drag down the page to the lowest > select advanced link option.

Now scroll down the page until you get the choice for Reset settings and press the “Reset settings to their specific defaults” button.

Step 3: Click the “Reset” button, to restore settings to their original defaults.

  • Internet Explorer

Step 1: At first launch “Microsoft Internet Explorer” > Click ‘gear’ icon.

(It will navigate you to the drop-down menu on the top-right corner of the internet browser > go to “Internet Options” and click it).

Step 2: In the next window of “internet options,” pick the “advanced” tab, > click on the “Reset” button.

(Microsoft Internet Explorer will open “Reset Internet Explorer settings” dialog box > press the “Delete personal settings” check box to select it > click the “Reset”).

Step 3: As soon as the operation gets done > click the “close” button.

  • Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Launch Firefox > press the menu button with three horizontal lines shown at the top right corner of the web-browser display screen > click on “help” option at the lowest of the drop-down menu. It’s going to show the slide-out menu.

Step 2: Select the “Troubleshooting information.”

If you can’t access the Help menu, then type “about support” in your address bar and press Enter.

Step 3: Click the “Refresh Firefox” button at the top right of the Troubleshooting Information page.

Pick out “Refresh Firefox” inside the confirmation prompt.

The Firefox will automatically initiate the process to fix issues caused by the adware that responsible for the appearance of Gstatic popup ads.

Once the task gets completed > click the “finish” button.

You can also delete “Advanced Identity Protector” from your system and we highly recommend you to use the Malware Removal Tool, i.e., Malware Crusher (To scan your computer with anti-malware software and let it do its task).

Use Malware Crusher to stay protected from all such type of threats, and make your system performance up-to-date.

Also, recommending you ITL Antimalware- Keeps your system protected from all type of malicious attacks.

Preventing measures to keep your system secure against virus and malware:

As you must be now aware of Advanced Identity Protector. Below mentioned are the few preventing guidelines to keep your gadget Malware free:

  • Set/ Allow permissions to block pop-ups

Pop-up ads, notification on the websites are the most questionable tactics spread by cybercriminals to expand a web of malicious programs.

So, we suggest you to avoid clicking on uncertain sites, software offers, pop-ups, etc.

Suggesting you install an effective ad- blocker for browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer.

  • Maintain and Update your Windows

To maintain your system’s performance and keep them free of virus or infections, we recommend you always to keep your Windows updated.

With this operation, you can keep your device free from virus/adware.

  • Avoid “Third-party” installation

An alert not to install any third-party software or program, as it may result in your system in danger.

Stop downloading/ installing “Bundling” software.

  • Daily/ regular Backup for smooth-running of your system

Daily and proper backup of the system helps you to keep your data safe and secure.

For any cause, if your system infected by any virus. Thus, it’s better to keep backup for your important files regularly on a cloud drive or an external hard drive.

  • Try to put on Anti-Virus for your system

Prevention is higher than cure.

We recommend you to install an antivirus or a Malware Removal Tool like Malware Crusher for the betterment of your system to enhance its performance.

8 Top Graphic And Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

graphic and web design trends

Feeling the need to hire a WordPress developer for building a new website? Then do some homework by learning about the top graphic and web design trends for 2019. This will be helpful in the creation of a potentially popular interface. Visual appeal plays a strong role in catching people’s attention and encouraging them to spend time on a platform. Whether its a website, an app or even a display advert, visitors notice the visual arrangement before the text. Knowing about what’s in these days will help you in incorporating the right elements in your design. Let’s take a look at the ideas which will influence web and graphic designs this year.

Graphic Design Trends For 2019

We will first discuss the graphic design trends for 2019.

1. Inclusion Of 3D Elements

Graphic designers will discard flat layouts in favor of three-dimensional elements in the coming months. The main reason behind this shift is their intention of giving a real-life look to a project. 3-D techniques will be applied to images like product photographs and brand logos. The trend will also be visible in typography as professionals will use fonts that give the impression of text popping out of pages or screens.

2. Bold Shades Will Be Combined With Minimalism

Minimalism has enjoyed a lot of popularity in recent times. Many businesses like the almost bare look which emphasizes their brand. Uncluttered images also make for easy viewing on the small screens of smart devices. A twist to this favored technique will be seen in the form of the addition of bold colors. Simple and neat images will be infused with shades like hot pink and electric blue to create stunning visuals. Pictures will be enhanced by applying the duotones effect and artists will use tools to add depth to backgrounds.

3. Virtual And Mixed Reality For Powerful Storytelling

A major objective of design is to engage audiences. Artists use imagery for storytelling to boost people’s involvement. Virtual and mixed reality techniques allow them to create powerful narratives. Using elements which look and move like real objects help in catching the attention of viewers. Expect such visual presentations in not just games and commercials but also on websites. The key is to get the user feel as if she is a part of the action. This can be a really handy trick for capturing the attention of smart device using audience.

4. Open Compositions For Creating Interest

Frames will start vanishing from layouts this year as a transition is made towards open compositions. Professionals will try to provoke users by creating illustrations or photographs that have no defined boundaries. Such projects create an effect where the viewer feels as if she is seeing only a small section of a larger picture. Combining this approach with 3-d techniques can create spectacular visual experiences which will generate huge interest.

Web Design Trends For 2019

In this section of graphic and web design trends for 2019, we will see how web design will be affected this year.

1. Abundant Whitespace In Layouts

Just as in graphic design, the web design industry is also favoring minimalism. This year will continue to witness abundant whitespace in web pages. Leaving ample blank area not only helps in emphasizing branding tools like logos, but it also helps in navigation. With minimum distraction, visitors attention is immediately drawn towards all the important areas of the page. Uncluttered pages with simple images and precise text will be increasingly visible across the internet.

2. Video Content Will Be Integrated In Layouts

People are consuming a large amount of video content across platforms. It has become an important tool for promotion and engagement. Prepare to see moving visuals in the web pages you visit in the coming days. Owners will put clips in the background on homepages to catch the eye of visitors. This will also help in keeping users engaged with the interface.  

3. Actual Images For Building Trust

People want their designs to communicate trust to their users. Making beautiful pages is not enough, the audience must believe the message conveyed by the website. A good way to generate dependability is by using actual photographs instead of generic images. Many brands are using their customers’ pictures in their frames. This strategy will be followed by a lot of owners across industries.

4. Experimental Navigation Elements To Create A Distinct Look

It is becoming increasingly difficult to create a unique and distinct look. In order to appear different, professionals are experimenting with navigation elements on websites. Instead of the header and footer, they are positioning large links in the four corners of a screen. In this way, they get to kill two birds with one stone. First, they achieve their objective of distinct imagery and second, they provide convenient navigation on the interface.


These are some of the graphic and web design trends which are expected to be visible this year. Before incorporating them, you must make a comprehensive evaluation of your project to find out whether they suit its character or not.

Filmora Meme Maker – The Best Meme Maker Ever Made

These days, every one of us is aware of the daily happenings. Be it political or business news, life hacks, what’s new in the market, etc. The current generation is very much addicted to online memes, videos, etc. Whatever news it may be, everyone starts making memes on it and starts sharing it on various Social Media. And the best way to start off making memes is through this excellent and simple to use online software called Filmora by Wondershare.

The application Filmora is a tool that is used for editing videos online as well as offline. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, but it is downloaded only for the higher versions of the operating system. With the option of also incorporating clear quality audio and a clear display resolution. It also used for making memes out of images and gifs of any kind depending on the user preference.

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Features of Filmora FREE Online Meme Maker

This software has certain characteristics that make it stand out from the other editing software there is, such as

  • Trial: This software allows a person to have a free trial, installing the software in the system and allowing them to use it.
  • Cost: You can create any type of meme or gif that the user wants, online for free. But if you do want to make videos without any watermark, then a certain amount of money needs to be paid.
  • Tutorial: There are a variety of tutorials that can be followed step by step in the making the desired meme, video or gif.
  • Split Screen: For making videos they have the option of a split screen where they can work on multiple aspects at the same time.
  • Editing Fonts: They have a wide range of fonts as well styles that are unique as well as eye-catching.

How it Works?

Using this application is as simple as it seems.

  • If a user needs to make memes, then all he needs to do is drag and drop the image that they want to make a meme out of, or copy paste the URL of the image that they want to use. After doing that, a screen will appear with a list of editing options and catering to the need they can choose the one that is best for them and use it.
  • If a user wants to make videos memes or any kind of videos in general, they have a video editing option which they can use to cut, merge, and edit with the stylish fonts and filters that they have. They also have a good resolution and an audio mixer that can be used in the video.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro: This software is perfect for those who are new to video editing of any kind, and it also allows you to make instant memes.
  • Con: If a user is looking for a lot of advanced options, then this software does not offer any of that.

Pricing Plans

With this tool, you can create memes for free, that too in a short span of time. However, if you do want to make videos of high quality with different types of filter and fancy designs, then a certain amount needs to be paid. Totally there are three different plans available from which you can choose the best one which suits your requirement. If the user makes use of a Windows operating system, the choices that they have are three. One being paying annually of 39$, the second being a lifetime subscription where you need to pay only once at a cost of 59$, and the third being a premium offer, where an amount of 179$ needs to be paid for added features, it can also be used in multiple PCs. The same applies to Mac but the prices vary for the annual subscription where the user has to pay 49$.

Final Verdict

All in all, Filmora is very good online meme maker software that can be used for making good videos and image memes. It is suitable for beginners or novice users to get a hang of editing, but for veterans or experienced people, this software does not have that many options that they require but still, the software has almost every basic feature needed for a meme. Article contributed by Hari babu from HackzHub!

How Digital Parenting Help Your Kids Spend Less Time on Their Phone

How Digital Parenting Help Your Kids Spend Less Time on Their Phone

How has technology impacted parenting?

Presence of technology has made life comfortable but also given more options to work from home. As a result, parents are occupied answering office emails and messages even after office hours including weekends.

Guess what, when you were busy answering the mail from your client, your kid downloaded a new social networking app. Hurray!

The corporate situation has given kids the freedom to use mobile phones and gadgets for their entertainment. More the parents stop spending time with their children; more the kids start getting busy with their devices. Who would have thought?

The situation has reached a crisis point where parents are relying on parenting applications like Best parental control software for android for disciplining kids. It is only through these apps’ parents can get back the lost attention of kids.

Impact of technology on Family time

The growing involvement of technology is impacting parent and child relationship to a large extent.

Initially, parents start indulging in the habit of checking their notifications the entire day, seeing their parents’ kids start learning the same practice and take the level of smartphone addiction to a new threshold. The result of this increasing addiction is that parents and kids are drifting apart from each other- there is barely any time called as family time.

Without a doubt, technology is also responsible for a lot of good things in the family but equally accountable for reducing family conversations. Let us see the benefits and drawbacks of technology in today’s families:

Benefits of Smartphones

1.Goes without saying – smartphones help families stay in touch. It is comparatively easier to reach each other’s since smartphones arrived. Communication has improved and become more comfortable, especially for kids, whose parents work hard on fields or in defense forces, smartphones have been a blessing.

2 When you have smartphones, you can troubleshoot in time. You can do this by reaching your family members in hours of crisis.

3.Now, planning is easier as smartphones help in coordinating together from anywhere in the world.

4.Parents have more information on school activities as schools have adopted email technology for sending progress reports and assignments.

5.When it comes to friends and families staying in different directions, video calls come in very handy.

6.The scope of watching videos and movies together has increased after the TV casting feature in smartphones.

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Drawbacks of Smartphones

1.    Smartphones are the main culprit that have reduced face-to-face conversations between family members. Everyone prefers talking or texting on the phone over family conversations.

2.    A high percentage of people have experienced misunderstandings, caused by less face-to-face discussions. Texting and calling take away the real emotions behind the conversation.

3.    Mobile phones are undeniably the root cause of interruptions. Most family conversations end because of a text or call received on mobile phones. No one likes to be interrupted during an engaging discussion.

4.    Family holidays and outings are more focused on getting the right Instagram picture at that moment. Both parents and kids remain busy collecting social media photographs than spending quality time with each other.

5.    Lately, parents and kids have both given up on outdoor physical activities. All we do is stay indoors glued to our phones and tablets.

Family Time Rules

Observing the increasing separation between family members, it has become imperative to have specific hard and fast rules to make up for the missing family time. 

Here are some tips you can follow at your home and create space for “Mommy, Daddy and Kids time”:

1.    Set time limits

Everyone in the family including parents should follow screen time restrictions. Media exposure is not needed for more than two hours a day. For any other small task like calling or searching, set aside a public device.

2.    Have a play time and family time

This may sound ridiculous to the adults but playtime and family time are as much necessary for adults as they are for kids. More the involvement of parents in kids play time better the relationship.

Setting aside family and play time will gradually become a habit for kids. Parents can also add bedtime to this category as many exciting conversations happen right before your kid falls asleep. Never compromise on the bedtime story time!

3.    Set “NO PHONE ZONES”

There are certain activities in the day which require NO GADGETS NO INTERRUPTION. No doubt, the study table is part of the “no phone zone” but dinner table, vacation spot and family movie time should be marked as the primary NO PHONE ZONE areas.

4.    Be a significant role model

Always remember, your kid will learn what they see. A parent’s habits and behavior will always reflect on the child.

If children see you fighting, they will materialize fights as the only method to get everything in life. If your kids see you reading, they will bank upon books for information and for leisure time.

5.    Talk about smelling the roses instead of capturing them in cameras

Moments are remembered better when not captured in the camera. Kids need to be educated about living in the moment rather than being the enthusiastic shutterbugs they are. Photographs will always be available to relive the memories, but the actual essence of the memory lies in cherishing it when it happens.

Enjoy the funny and lazy moments with your family while your kids click the picture in their minds.   

Parenting in the age of digital technology

The technology was introduced to solve problems, but it seems times have changed. Technology has become a more significant challenge to tackle.

Parents feel frustrated and tired with the endless “tick-tock” kids do on their phone screens. Kids end up delaying their meals, sleep and any other routine chore at home. Procrastination is also influenced by mobile phones. The better the videos, the more glued children get to screens.

There are a variety of ways to get your kids attention but when things go out of your control, snatch the remote control! And to do that, parental control apps are the best solution.

Parental control apps offer a comprehensive combination of controls that allows monitoring, blocking, tracking and locking your kids’ device. What more could one ask for?

Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a straightforward app with the right digital parenting kit. Your kid is secure not only in the virtual world but also in the real world. Change the way your family currently bonds, reduce the screen time by Bit Guardian’s help and experience a new family connection.

So, before your kids tell you to turn off the smartphone! Take the first step and save the wonderful family time you all once cherished. 

3 Powerful Ways Instagram Is Helping Web Design

You can leverage Instagram to power your web design through user-generated content. Even the top brands are tapping into the photo-sharing site to take their business to the next echelon. You can use Instagram to enhance your designs visually, as well as brand experiences. Then, the companies that are quite successful on Instagram are not solely relying on brand created content to pique audience interest. They are posting user-generated content to make fans feel important, thus driving more engagement and fan following.

According to an article published on, videos are quite popular on social media platforms including Instagram. You can simply use your iPhone and shoot behind-the-scenes footage of how your web designers work to drive engagement. It will make your business feel real and clients can relate to your business. Read on to learn how Instagram is helping your web design business.

Tell your story visually

Your clients would like to engage with pictures shared on Instagram by users than a standalone design. That is because clients trust recommendations from other designers and clients. When you leverage Instagram, you get an opportunity to display more than your design. You are free to share your lifestyle as a web design professional.

Clients would like to see how you work on designing a website from scratch. These little things matter. You can paint a clear picture of your web design business through posts displaying your designing process. The goal is to build hype around your business when you have an event. This way, you can earn real Instagram followers.

Combine mobile and social

Social media and mobile balance each other, thus becoming a top priority for businesses. As a web design professional, you should combine the two and extend the reach of your web design website through Instagram content. You can use two social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to drive engagement.

The real power of the photo-sharing site is how it connects to other social media sites, particularly Facebook. You will notice that 90 percent of Instagram images and videos are shared on Facebook. It will help you generate likes, comments, and shares. This way, your web design business can dive deeper into your fan communities.

Watch user behavior on Instagram

People use smartphones to upload photos on Instagram. It will give you an opportunity to connect with potential clients and impress them with your design samples. You should monitor user behavior on Instagram so that you can engage in a natural conversation to connect with your prospects. This way, you can build on the content and emotions that prospects are sharing and integrate them into your website and digital marketing activities.

We all know that social media triggers conversation, and therefore as a web designer, you can weave Instagram content into your design website. You should display your designs and not sell them directly. Hard selling your services will not help you.


Now that you know how Instagram reinforces your web design, take the right steps to promote your designs to pique client interest.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

Ways to Find Balance in a World of Tech Addiction

Ways to Find Balance in a World of Tech Addiction

Why do you need parental control?

The other day we overheard two parents talking aboutBit Guardian Parental Control App,” we immediately Googled the app and apprehended the worried look on the faces of both parents’.

Yes, you guessed it right! Technology addiction is inevitably the biggest nightmare most parents suffer.

Regrettably, social media has taken over photo albums, chat rooms have replaced phone calls, and e-content have substituted for cinema halls. The way technology has infiltrated our lives we may soon be deprived of man-to-man communication.

Technology addiction facts are making rounds globally yet we are unable to measure the benefits of limiting social media. We believe only parental control apps can do the magic in saving our coming generation.

How to find balance in the digital era?

With the tech addiction on the rise, our kids might need help to balance their digital life’s. Here are several tips that you and your children can adapt to escape the digital rat race:

1.    Go cold Turkey with digital gadgets

Every human being needs digital detox periods. It may sound silly, but both adults and kids need it. Try observing yourself without gadgets- start with 30 minutes, 1 hour and slowly stretch till a day or several days. Staying without devices or the internet can be tricky in the beginning, but small periods of no gadgets and internet will play the game.

Parents need to play an essential role in practicing no gadget days. Be a sport and involve your kids in NO TECH activities like gardening, carpentry, recycling, petting, reading, games and what not!

2.    Pick a keeper

We all have that friend or sibling, who we can trust with our lives. Well, you don’t need to stake your life, but you can use their help in keeping a check on your digital habits.

Tell your kids to find the partner in crime and instruct them how they want to progress and where they can control and remind you of your mistake. For example – Avoid seeing the cell phone while talking face to face. Or manage your calling and texting time in the day.

3.    Set time and zone for online tasks

Dining tables are not the place for checking emails, offices are! Drink lots of water after you get up, do not check WhatsApp ticks!

You might have heard these banters all your life but never paid heed. Well, its time we all do and set the right example for the kids. Every online task, including checking social media updates, has a time and place. Avoid doing such activities in a social gathering. Remember, your attention span matters to the person you are in conversation.

4.  Socialize more often

Instead of looking for online friends, kids should be introduced to house parties and family get-togethers. Arrange fun activities for kids and rewards for participation and see how your kids relish the socializing time.

Invest time for real-life events rather than Facebook events. The closer you come in contact with a human touch, the farther you go from the virtual world. Human relations have no replacement- only time and care is all we need to nurture them.

5.    Take the help of technology

Technology is our biggest enemy but also our prized asset. Taking help of apps like parental control can always bring change in kids’ habits. In the beginning, these apps may sound like a punishment, but eventually, when your kids get entertained by other hobbies and activities, the app will shine like the hero in disguise.

Parental control features are created and developed to help parents with combating digital addiction and cutting down inappropriate content. Modern parental control apps not only restrict explicit content but monitor and track kids by GPS enabled tools, The parental app disables the device and restricts prolonged screen time effortlessly. The filters and restrictions in parental control apps are beneficial for your kids right digital upbringing.

6.    Reset to regain life

Changing habits can help your kids in connecting with the world better. Simply put- the more we avoid technology, the lesser we get ignored by the real world. Join your family drama and enjoy close friend’s company. These moments, although captured on Instagram, will never be the same again. So, cherish each moment and live it to the fullest.

Best Parental control app for genuine results

At the beginning of our write up, we spoke about a parental control app. So, when we went more in-depth into our research, the app seemed to be the ideal solution of technology addiction of today’s kids.

Bit Guardian parental control app brings the right mix of controls on the plate. The features are comprehensive and straightforward that even Grandparents and Nannies can use it without getting stuck.  The app is installed in both parent and child devices and configured appropriately to track a child’s whereabouts along with restricting applications.

We all may deny it; perhaps your child needs you more now than before. Each advancement in technology is adding more pressure and curiosity in your child’s brain.

Make a kid’s technology journey smooth and stress-free rather than annoying and regretful. Take charge of their digital life by investing your time and energy into Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

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