Why are Performance Management Systems Essential for all Company Sizes?

As a commercial undertaking, one needs to cope up with ever-evolving needs of the market and the advancements in the technology has also propelled the businesses to make more decisions in a faster pace and in a well-informed manner. The use of conventional systems to measure employee performance has been proved inefficient for current situations. The use of HR Software for Performance Management is very beneficial as these solutions are oriented to record each and every employee transaction, which affects the productivity of that employee, department and company at large. This also helps in increasing the overall profitability of the organization by working on the individual employees and by using automation, we can also reduce the counterproductive processes and eliminate the bottlenecks.

Link Payroll with employee performance:

The HR also always discuss the topic on a frequent basis is the linking of Payroll with the individual and collective performance of the employees. The HR Software can record the performance of the employees in the form of KRA and KPI structure. This data is uploaded by the concerned personnel on a regular basis through the ESS Portal, and the reporting managers review it for maintaining proper records and timely tracking of the struggling employees. The employers can enforce the variable pay policy where a portion of their remuneration is kept fixed, and the other is maintained in accordance with the achievement of the predefined targets or benchmarks. This motivates the employees to perform better by incentivizing positive traits and encouraging employees to work more efficiently. This results in better productivity on an organizational level.

Employee feedback and reviews:

The employers can get constant feedback from the employees regarding their and peers by using the ESS Portals provided by the HR Software solutions. The staff can use the system to report their daily activities, and the Software bifurcates it in the form of KRA and KPI matrices applicable to that job profile. The peers can submit their reviews of a project, and the team leads so that the companies can identify the organizational strengths, weaknesses and competencies. This also helps in taking decisions regarding the bidding for specific projects over others, leading to perform better consistently. The employees can access the data and identify the portions of their profiles where they need to work more in order to develop themselves as professionals and contribute better to the organization. One of the hidden benefits is that the employers can use the data accumulated by the Software even after a considerable time period so that to make better employee engagement and retention policies. The employees and employers can make collective efforts and become joint stakeholders of mutual development.

Talent Management:

The employers can make use of HR Software to make decisions regarding employees needing proper counselling and relevant pieces of training as the projects and technologies keep on changing rapidly. The data can also be used to make policies regarding the hiring of new employees as the data from the current and past staff can be used to identify better candidates for the profile. The current employees can be selected for specific purpose training, such as management training and technical training. This helps in the nurturing of talent while the staff feels more confident regarding the employer. The decisions regarding the appraisals can be simplified and made less biased as the data regarding the year-round performance is available, and the salary hikes are fair and transparent. The promotion eligibility is also confirmed as the peer reviews, and client feedback is possible for the senior management and HR while the company can also be confident with the facts and figures recorded by the HR Software.

The current situation demands employers to make proper decisions regarding employee performance management system, and it can never be done manually. The dedicated HR technologies not only simplify and automate decision making with enhanced insights for the processes and employees. The linking of Payroll and Performance is also appreciated by the businesses while the fair practices are encouraged. Thus, this situation results in an accountability-driven culture where the employees are motivated to work more productively and efficiently. The HR Solutions offer comprehensive features which contribute to better profitability of the businesses.

How Can an HR Software be Helpful In The Efficient Management of a Company

A company which wants to be efficient and successful in their business has to leverage automation technology which has a positive effect on the workflow. It is universally accepted that the employees are at the center of the development and if you want your company to be successful than you have to manage the employees with utmost efficiency. A reduced turnover rate signifies that the atmosphere of a company is more suitable for the employees. The human resource management system is a key towards growth hacking your organization which helps in giving birth to excellence productivity in every task. This kind of solution has a very much positive effect on the working pattern and analysis done by the HR Team. Saving time, cost and efforts are the byproducts of housing an HR Software in the company organization. Managing your staff is in your hand and this will be ultimately benefitting you in many ways. There are many integrated modules under an HR Software which will be managing your payroll, performance, attendance, leave and expenses. There are the following factors present in the system which are quite beneficial in adopting the solution.

Integrated Payroll Processing:

HR software helps the organization in processing the most complex part of HR management which is payroll processing. This module is related to each and other processing units which helps in populating the variable data in the payroll processing. With payroll to performance integration, the system will help you in determining actual productivity through KRA and KPI variables. This variable pay helps the system in boosting the employee’s morale and competitiveness to perform better as the monetary benefit is best for the employees. There are various government policies and regulations which are implemented on the locations based offices and need to be followed by the company. These rules are known as the statutory compliances and any kind of breach in it will result in serious consequences for the company where they are required to pay penalties. HR Software will help the company to be compliance friendly and process the statutory deductions on the updated variable basis.

Quick Attendance Processing:

Conventionally there was a way where the HR was managing the employee’s attendance through manual means where the registers were a source of maintaining the attendance data which will further used by the attendance management system to process payroll and various other employee-related tasks. With the introduction of HR Software, the organizations started using the automated attendance management where it can centrally manage the employee’s presence through cloud-based software. With this, the company can gather attendance data with no errors and accurate information. The integration of biometric devices within each and every premise of a company allows the company to track the actual hours which are being spent in the office.

Transparent Expense Management:

Every business has the requirement of making their employees go on the client’s location which requires a lot of expense. This kind if expenses are initially bearded by the employees and later that will be reimbursed. The employees are required to do reimbursement application which will be studied by the HR and concerned persons for verification and authentication. The HR Software will help the company to sort the transaction and approve only the authentic transaction through optical character recognition. Smart receipt in the HR Software will make sure that the company never incurred losses on entertaining fake and fraudulent expense.  

ESS for employees:

Transparency is the key to retaining all the employees in an organization. This will have a drastic change in the atmosphere and the workforce will be featured with advanced functionalities. These features the employees are allowed to get access to their mobile and web portals. Self-service featuring is a direct path through which the company can make sure their employees can make applications, check salary, track the stats of the application, generate salary slip and also mark their attendance. With the advancement in technology, GPS integration with the mobile application the company can monitor their employee’s location and attendance of the resources. This is an era where the use of cloud technology has become prevalent and it will also help the company in many ways by featuring all the HR automation through integrated HR Software. Now is the time when you are required to opt for an HR Software and have a growth of your organization in the respective business domain.

Know the 5 Major Benefits of Branding: How a Strong Brand is Important

Well, these days mostly all people know how much the brand means to them, or you can say how the brand is important to them. The same thing only is that which they know, and now the main question is that what the same brand does exactly for the company. Branding is the thing which describes your presence of business by its name. Mostly, when you in the entrepreneurial conference, then you hear the brand word more times.

Therefore, the major question that occurred here is that what the same things mean. What are its benefits? Will you require a good or reputed brand to make your business more successful? Also, many other things also that relates to the same word, i.e. branding. The first and the major reason why every business requires brand is for its success. If the business has a good and reputed brand name, then it easily stands out in the market and gets positive results among all other competitors.

What exactly the brand is?

The word brand is a different task or thing. Everyone thinking and idea about branding is totally different. There are some people who totally think is that branding is just a way to describe the business by the colors or by the fonts. On the other side, there are some people too who think totally different, and they are absolutely right against the first ones. Now, how they think about the branding and what the necessary things include in it are mentioned below –

  • First of all, the main thing which includes in the name brand is design style. It means that how the brand name described in which color, logo, packaging, and typography, etc.
  • Secondly, the most important thing among all others takes place, and it is the marketing or website. Yes, these two terms play a vital role in showing or making a reputation and make a business success. If the digital marketing company pays attention to their business website and digital marketing, then their brand gets high value among all others.
  • Third and the most significant thing is the presence of your brand on social media. Yes, it is true that in order to achieve a high value of the brand, one should do more concentration on the presence of their business on all the applications and sites which are present online.
  • The fourth necessary thing is the services which the business provides to its customers. Their only target is to provide the best and top-notch services to the users by considering the brand name of their business.
  • After then, every business should pay attention to the company’s slogans and taglines. They should make proper use of the words which they have to say online or when they are present on social media. They should use only legal and fair slogans to express their business brand among all other companies.
  • Finally, the last thing is the services which the business provides to its users. Their only target is to provide them with quality services at reasonable rates.

Therefore, these are the major and classic things which every single business need to know and then consider all these things appropriately as to make their business successful by way of branding.

5 Benefits of branding

Here are the top or you can say the main benefits of branding given and about them each individual should know. It is because these benefits help people to learn all basic things about the brand and about the importance of brand.

Another major thing is that users have to learn all these benefits and then make the proper use of the brand to make their business success by way of digital marketing. So, below are the main benefits of branding which are necessary to understand –

  • Customer support – The same thing means that when you are running any business, then you have to understand the choice of customers. You have to provide full support to all the customer’s choice and preferences.
  • The loyalty of the customer – Well, the same thing means that when you are doing the customer reorganization properly, then it will help you in getting those customers back again always to your business. Also, if you provide them with a good amount, then it will help the customers in dealing with appropriate and perfect products and services.
  • Increase credibility – It is the major advantage which people get when they make use of the company’s brand. They have to know that if once the brand value is raised, then it will help them in increasing the credibility of your business. In other words, it enhances the business ROI easily and in a short time.
  • Branding attracts talent – When you once make your business brand classic and more reputed, then it easily attract more offers and talent worldwide. All the talent which is attracted towards your business is easily achieved by social marketing. It is the best way to achieve a good target by the method of branding.
  • Give proper confidence – The same thing here means that you fully get appropriate confidence by using the brand name. It is the major thing which all business needs to know that in order to enhance the reputation of the business, and then you need to pay more attention to the branding.

So, these all the major benefits of branding which people need to understand. The more they pay attention to the companies’ brand, the easier it becomes for them to make a deal with their business.

Final words

In a nutshell, it is crucial for the business to make their business brand strong enough that more and more people or consumers attract towards it. If more numbers of people attract towards your business, then it automatically enhances your profit and provides better results in all other areas. Moreover, there are many things present which people need to know to deal with the branding concept.

How to Split Large Outlook PST File Into Smaller Parts?

Split Large PST File

If you are troubling with the problem of oversized PST files? If yes, then you are on the right page. At the end of this article, you will get the best and easiest way to split large Outlook PST file into smaller parts. Here, we explain the step by step procedure of how to split large PST file into smaller parts without corrupting or losing data? So, let’s start the process.

Overview of PST File

Outlook stores all its data into PST file format which is known as Personal Storage Folder. MS Outlook supports to export emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other information into PST file. PST file has file size limitations in different Outlook versions. In Outlook 2002 and earlier versions, you can store a maximum of 2GB of data. Outlook 2003 and 2007, a maximum of 20 GB of data can be stored. In Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 versions allow to store up to 50GB of data. Outlook 2002 and old version creates ANSI PST file while Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 create UNICODE PST files.

Query – Split Large Outlook PST File Into Smaller Parts?

One of my colleagues received a large Outlook data file from our client in his mail. Now, he can not able to open it in MS Outlook application. Is there any solution to split large PST file which is corrupted due to oversized. Thanks.

Alena, California

I am looking for a solution over the internet for splitting large PST files. Any advice for resolving this file? I tried searching for free programs on the internet, but I did not find anything. I’m using Outlook 2007. I hope someone gives me advice.

Bob, Australia

Solution to Split Oversized PST File into Multiple PST Files

There is no direct method to divide large PST file. However, there are some manual tricks are available to help you break up large size Outlook PST files. First, move or export the data to a new PST file or existing file. Second, archive Outlook data file. But both methods do not provide a convenient and reliable solution to split PST file into smaller parts. Sometimes PST files got corrupted due to oversize, then both methods are not able to split corrupt PST file. In order to effortlessly and instantly split large Outlook PST file into smaller parts, it is recommended to use third-party solution like SysTools Split PST software. This software enables you to divide large size PST file into multiple smaller PST files.

Simple Steps to Split Large Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts

First, download Split PST File Software and install on your machine. After installing it, follow the mentioned instructions.

Free Download

Step 1. Click on the Split option from the top menu

Split PST

Step 2. Select Outlook format and also choose any of the option, Split by Size, Split by Date, Split by Year & Split by Folder

Split by Size

Step 3. Select Outlook PST file which you want to split

Select PST File

Step 4. Select size in which the PST file will be split and click the browse and select required location to save output

Select PST File Size

Step 5. Now, click on the Split button and see the progress report.

Split PST File

Once the splitting PST file process is completed, check the PST files from the selected folder location.

Additional Features of Outlook PST Splitter Tool

  • Divide Outlook Data With all Items:- The software easily split Large Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.
  • Split Corrupt PST File:- With this tool, you are enable to split corrupted PST file due to oversize without any hindrances.
  • Divide Outlook Archives:- This application also able to divide Outlook archive PST file into smaller parts without damaging a single information.
  • Crop ANSI and UNICODE PST:- It supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST file to cut into multiple smaller PST files.
  • Outlook Editions Supportive:- The tool is compatible with all MS Outlook versions includes Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and others.
  • No Limitations:- There is no limitations with this software, you can split large size and large number of PST files with complete accuracy.

Final Words

Spitting up large PST file into smaller multiple PST files is a difficult task by manually because the manual process does not provide a proper solution and takes a long time to complete. Therefore, it is suggested to use Split PST software that helps you split large Outlook PST file into smaller parts. You can free download the software to check its efficiency and working.

Gartner Master Data Management Names Profisee a Challenger

Profisee is beginning to make waves in the field of master data management. Recently, Profisee was announced as a contender for Gartner master data management. Profisee has stated that they will provide sponsorship of Gartner’s Data & Analytics EMEA Summit whenever the conference is held in London in March 2019. Let’s take a look at some key notes of information that have led to Profisee stepping up to the plate and what this means for the conference.

Speaking for Everyone

Profisee’s Vice President Kenneth Squires will be giving a speech during the conference. The topic of interest is about cultivating transformative digital innovations through the power of analytics and professional insight. Squires has always believed in the power of thinking outside the box and wants to show the conference center what they can accomplish if they simply put their minds to it.

Leadership Through Innovation

Profisee has seen exponential growth recently through their efforts. However, they have been known to think innovatively whenever it comes to delivering ideas that are worthwhile. The almost 100-year-old company is constantly evolving and finding new ways to face the challenges that the market presents them. Their goal of utilizing strategic investments to their advantage in the world of master data management has paid off tenfold.

Providing The Demands of The Market

There are few that are able to step up to the plate whenever it comes to delivering a solid MDM strategy. There are dozens of companies out there that require the very best in MDM expertise to deliver the right services. Profisee has helped dozens of companies of various sizes with their MDM needs.

Speaking at The Gartner Data & Analytics Conference

Gartner provides professionals in the IT industry with a place to cultivate new ideas and experiences. These new experiences will allow dozens of others to enhance the way that their companies do business. Fortunately, Profisee will be one of the key speakers at the event and provide valuable information for other companies who wish to improve their businesses. Our data-driven society needs new leaders to help lead the way when it comes to innovation. Fortunately, Profisee’s Kenneth Squires has some insight that everyone can look forward to at the conference.

Learning More About Profisee

Our company works with companies of all levels to ensure that they have the data solutions they need to become successful. Profisee utilizes a specialized Track Data Management approach that provides them the tools necessary to leverage MDM capability without compromise. Customers have the potential to utilize cloud computing or a combination of hardware. Profisee puts the customer first in everything they do and is here to help you whenever you need them the most.

Gartner Master Data Management and Beyond

The future of the tech industry is constantly changing. All companies who operate in this industry must also find ways to innovate themselves constantly to remain relevant. Fortunately, The Gartner conference will provide dozens of companies with the opportunity to learn from each other. Profisee will lead the way at the conference and provide crucial information that can lead to the success of dozens of companies I who operate in the industry.

The Positive Aspects of Node.js Web App Development

There are no second thoughts for the use of JavaScript as one of the most popular languages among the client-side programming languages. It has gained its value because it is used in a variety of popular platforms like PhoneGap, React Native, Appcelerator, NativeScript and so on. Currently, JavaScript has expanded a lot and is also being used for server-side programming. Node.js has played a vital role in the major shifting towards web development. Defining Node.js, it is an open-source JavaScript run-time environment that helps in the execution of JavaScript code outside the browser. It is a cross-platform JavaScript environment that helps in the development of real-time web applications. Corporate users of Node.js involves GoDaddy, Netflix, LinkedIn, Microsoft, PayPal, Walmart, Yahoo! and so on.  

The major benefits that are offered by the JavaScript environment Node.js when used as server-side programming are:

Node.js offers an Easy Scalability

Node.js provides one of the key advantages where the developer finds it easy and feasible to scale the applications in horizontal as well as vertical directions. To scale it horizontally, additional nodes to the existing system are added. For scaling it vertically, Node.js offers an option of adding extra resources and therefore, the platform is highly scalable and provides better options compared to other JavaScript servers.

Easy to Learn

Most front-end developers have a good grasp on JavaScript as it is one of the most popular programming languages and therefore it becomes quite easier for them to start using the Node.js platform at the backend. For the developers, it is easier to learn Node.js and also work on it because it consumes less time and efforts.

Node.js Used as a Single Programming Language

As Node.js is a server of JavaScript, it offers a right of writing the web applications in the JavaScript and therefore, the developers can write both the backend as well as the frontend web applications in JavaScript using a runtime environment. The deployment of web applications also becomes simpler by Node.js because almost all the browsers support JavaScript platform.

The Benefit of Full-Stack JS

As Node.js serves both the clients as well as the server-side applications, it is regarded as a full-stack JavaScript. The advantage here is the company need not have to hire separate developers for backend or frontend development. hire nodejs developer only will help the company to save both time and money.

The Support of Large and Active Community

Node.js has a large and active community of developers and is fortunate enough that the developers continuously keep on contributing their skills and talents towards the development and improvement of Node.js. In fact, the JavaScript programmers support the group of developers of Node.js and provide easy and ready-made solutions to them.

The Advantage of Caching

Caching means store or hide for future use. The Node.js open-source environment provides the facility of caching single modules. The request of a single module anytime during the development process gets cached initially in the application memory. It becomes easier for developers because they do not have to re-execute the codes as caching allows applications to load web pages at a faster pace and respond more swiftly to the user actions.

Support from Commonly Used Tools

The developers of Node.js get extended support from the commonly used tools in the process of developing. For example, at the time of source code testing, the tool called Jasmin and other such unit testing tools can be used. When the developers want to identify and install the project dependencies, they can use NPM which is a powerful package manager. Such common tools make the work of Node.js developers easier.

Node.js is Highly Extensible

Node.js being highly extensible means that it can be customized and can be extended further a per the requirements. JSON can also be used to provide the scope for exchange of data between the clients and the web servers.

Summing Up

The above points are not exhaustive about the advantages of Node.js but the article talks about the benefits only. This does not mean that it does not have any cons. Its Application Programming Interface (API) is not stable, it does not have a strong library support system nor is it an Asynchronous Programming model but Node.js is more advantageous than its number of disadvantages. It is more beneficial because of the fact that it has extended the area of JavaScript application and it is evident that it can be used for both the frontend servers as well as backend servers. With the passing time, more and more businesses have started using Node.js and are apparent that they are getting positive results.  

Develop a Successful Mobile Strategy for Your Business

Mobile applications are the reason for a great success for the businesses these days. Most of the businesses are using applications to expand their business worldwide. These smart applications are popular in almost every field hence from a small business to giant enterprise have started owning the application for their business to achieve the perk of success in their business. Beyond this, mobile applications have also opened the doors of success for application developers. And before developing the application for the business the developer, and the entrepreneur needs to develop a successful strategy for their business.

An effective mobile strategy is the best way to incorporate mobile devices into the overall corporate strategy of your business. According to the latest report of CMS, the average smartphone conversion rates are around 64% compared to that for desktops. Hence, it makes more important for the businesses to have an effective strategy for their business. As 90% of the internet users are on smartphones, it becomes important for the entrepreneur to start considering mobile presence for their business.

Developing an effective and fruitful mobile strategy from scratch requires time, methodology, and research. A good strategy must be aligned with the company’s vision, initiate buying action, engage users, fall within the budget, and must also distinguish the brand from competitors. But how to develop the strategy which results in a fruitful outcome is the major concern for the businesses these days. Therefore, to solve your concern and help you develop a mobile strategy that focuses on bringing profitable results for your business we have listed some steps that approach to bring a profitability result.

Highlight Your Business Overall Strategy

The overall strategy of the business includes the goals, targets, mission, and vision of your business. You can take this as a long-term approach, as you need to develop the application for your business that brings more customers and sales for you and at the same time you need to build an application that can be useful for the long run. You must clearly know how this application would help you in the future down the road for your business. You must also remember that this application must add value to your customer as the end goal of your business application is to reach out to the target user of the app.

Identify Your Customers

Customers who use your application can differ to a wide extent thus, it is important to distinguish the target audience of the application from miscellaneous. You can differentiate the users by age, gender, businesses or customers, and many other factors. A good application focuses on target customers and makes users apt the same. The common mistake that the businesses commonly make here is to guess the user’s preferences and taste and make important decisions on assumptions which are not right. This is the point where business entrepreneur come handy. You need to carry the market analyzing for knowing the test and preference of the user that you are targeting for the use of the application.

Competitor Analysis

There are millions of applications in the app stores, therefore,  you need to develop the application that differentiates from others and make you unique in the crowded application market. For doing so you need to do proper research on all the applications that exist in the app store for the same purpose as yours. This way, you can easily know the weakness and strength of your competitor’s application which will help you to build the eye catchy application that users easily except for the use.

Decide Which Type of Application You Want

After the competitor analysis, you need to decide which type of application you want for your business. Once you have made your idea concise and clear it is time to plan the development. Based on the target audience you can choose between a hybrid or native application. If your target audience is using a single platform largely then go for the native application development as they are less prone to bugs. You can also choose the iOS or Android development platform to develop the application and can hire ios developer or Android developer for completing the development process. The developer can easily develop the application that attracts more customers towards your business.

Decide App Development Methodology

The next thing that you need to focus on is the application development methodology. You can develop your application using either a waterfall or agile methodology. During the waterfall methodology, you first decide the parameters for development and start developing the application in the form of a step by step process.

Whereas in agile methodology work is carried out simultaneously on different sections of the application. During the development phase, all sections work together and support each other. The benefit of agile over the waterfall is that developers need not have to go back to a stage. As they need not have to return again for repeating the entire process it saves a huge amount of time.

After developing the strategy for your business it is the time to put it into the action. Many challenges are faced by the businesses due to lack of resources which leads to the delay in application updates and also in understanding the user’s needs. Developing a successful and effective mobile strategy is not an easy task but if you plan it effectively in a proper manner you will definitely succeed. Once you complete the research, you can start developing the application and here the expertise comes handy. If you want to implement your mobile strategy then you need to choose the best development company who can make your dream come true.

Scrum Sprints And Principle Of Liking Are Important In UX Design

You can make the best UI design, which is an important part of UX design if you incorporate scrum sprints in it. There is no doubt that UI designers should be a part of your scrum team and they must work as a part of the agile sprint. This is a big thing to consider and therefore needs a deeper probe into it.

Ideally, there are two distinct goals of an agile sprint namely:

  • Building a new functionality and
  • Building new knowledge.

Out of these two, it is very obvious that for each sprint the team has to create a new functionality which in fact is he the primary purpose of most of the projects after all. This will enable you to provide your users with better and newer capabilities.

As for the other goal of the scrum team, building new knowledge will help the team to finish each sprint in a smarter and quicker way than they started. This knowledge will help them in learning a lot of other different things such as:

  • About a new technology to use
  • About the user behavior and how they view the functionality built by them
  • About how the functionality is performing and at times
  • About the team itself.

Therefore, both these agile sprint goals are important for the UI designers during each sprint. This is because it will help them to pursue the design into implementation along with the tested code and at the same time allow them to thinkabout the next feature to build and use.

When the designers know what to expect next they will be able to make proper plans during both the sprints. This is because the team will perform at dual level.

  • One, they will focus on the coding and Usability testing aspect of the product backlog
  • Two, they will spend most of their time looking at the upcoming items when they focus further down into the product backlog.

However, there will be only one team working at a time on one sprint being able to distinguish and prioritize their work on the current sprint. If in case, a specific member of the team needs certain clarifications on a certain aspect of the UX design for a product backlog item that is being worked on currently, the designer will stop thinking about future sprint. They will answer to the question of the team member to ensure that the current sprint is worked upon perfectly and just as it is desired.

Role played by the designer

Now you may ask, since the UI designers will be a part of the team, is their role cut short or is it insignificant? Well, it is not true at all. It is the UI designer that actually creates the foundation of the design ensuring that the entire responsibility of perfecting the design upfront is shared by all members of the team equally and as per their specific role.

  • Since the designers are permitted to look ahead and the agile team taking on the responsibility of completing the design, the designer rather does just enough in advance to ensure that the product backlog item is completed by the rest of the team members on time and as desired in the later sprint phase.
  • When the team works on it at the end of the sprint they will feel that they have all the relevant info required from the designers which will enable them to finish the product backlog item within the last sprint phase.
  • This will help them to look at some product backlog items in great detail and that too more than a sprint ahead while there may be some product backlog items that might not need to be looked into at all in advance.

However, it must be remembered that any product backlog item that the designer will look into beyond the current sprint must be chosen after a thorough discussion with the owner of the product. This will ensure that the designer does not have to work on an item that the product owner may later deem unnecessary.

Fear of bad design

There is a common concern amongst the product owners that such a practice may lead to bad design since the designer in such cases are not allowed to think holistically. However, this is not true. The entire system upfront will just work as good as if was designed by the designer alone. This is because the collaborative approach will ensure a few specific things. Apart from ensuring a more persuasive design the team work will ensure that different principles are followed during the design. These different principles include:

  • Reciprocation
  • Scarcity
  • Authority
  • Social proof
  • Commitment
  • Consistency and
  • Liking.

Out of all these principles, the principle of liking is the most significant one to any UX designer.

The principle of liking

The Liking Principle is perhaps the most influencing principles to follow when it comes to UX design because it involves the psychology of compliance. Different social psychology study reports prove that it determines the nature and different aspects of liking such as:

  • Similarity – This involves the human psychology in UX design that people like those people who are similar in behavior, nature and body language.
  • Familiarity – This results in repeated and positive interaction with interface to encourage liking.
  • Cooperation – People like other people who are ready to help them out which is another principle use din UX design.
  • Association – This involves sharing of values which is one significant aspect that the designers want to give to the users.
  • Praise – This involve complimenting each other which invariably produces a positive effect in a relationship.

All these aspects taken together along with other principles such as scarcity and social proof that sped up actions, principle of liking promotes functionality of a websiteor interface which in turn helps in building a positive and long lasting relationship. This ideally is the primary intent of the UX designers as these will at a later stage lead to higher customer retention and conversion rates.

A Comprehensive Guide for a Well Planned and Productive Taxi App Development.

There is a reason why Uber is considered to be a big league of taxi business application and it is the approach to customers and drivers along with the experience of the services. Businesses like Uber has shown a glimpse of the forthcoming revolution in the digital world.

Nevertheless, this new-age digital taxi business ignores the norms of traditional taxi booking business and also re-scripts the whole idea into that is more efficient, convenient and productive at the same time. Today, if we look into the complete digital culture, getting into the business is inevitable to outlive the competitions. However in contrast to its criticality, due to the rising demand, the cost of digitizing the business has gone past the bar of affordability.

Keep on improving with the change

Even though Uber has been showing the growth day by day it still won’t stop improving, this is because the massive success stories will always embrace the changes be it Google or Microsoft all these are the big fishes in the industry and never stopped showing how innovative and creative they can get. Uber has been growing himself as well, in fact, they have even changed their logo thrice since they entered the market. It is important that the uniqueness should be intact as there are other taxi booking apps that are joining the party as well. There is a reason why one should keep a keen sight of recent technological advancement.  Uber is an example who has achieved a great success throughout and has been taking their chances from the technological perspective and never stepped back in expanding their business territories.

For all the modern-day commuting business, the core focus is based on taxi booking software. And the only factor that can set you apart would be the technological aspects which will be implemented into the application. Not only the technological part but by introducing more and unique features that will help the users, and making access to more innovative services will help develop a sense of easiness and convenience in the minds of the users. This altogether helps in elevating the business growth.

Having a Clear Picture Before Starting an App Development

Before starting off with any app development business on should always consider a few factors like the scope and the application for the plan. For a business like a uber clone, it is essential to have the research done as for a fact the taxi business includes an endless number of competitors and knowing their strengths and limitations portrays where your app requires development in. Having a clear picture of the long term and short term goals will help in planning the application accordingly.

Transparency is the key

For sustaining the credibility one should maintain a transparent approach. Even though money is an important factor, following a fair price policy is something that cant be avoided. Not just the money factor but also with the developers, one should have effective communication. This is a key to a successful app development practice.

Effectiveness and Core Functionality

For the user’s loyalty in the taxi business, the application should be efficient enough. This is because there is always an urgency in the taxi business, therefore, providing the users with the experience will maintain them being by your side.  For the taxi business to succeed there are certain attributes which cannot be denied. Features like navigation, payment system, an app for drivers and users, etc are crucial for the success of any taxi application.

A user app allows the users to book the cab including all the factors like destination, time of arrival, or location whereas in a drivers app it basically focuses on the basic requirements of the driver like the user’s details, requests, ride details, navigation details, etc in the most favorable way possible.

Other crucial implementations include GPS based maps and location for an astounding user-experience. To safeguard the ride and at the same time providing drivers with the right direction, these functionalities are needed. The generation of arrival time should be according to the real-time traffic conditions. Other issues that arise is the cancellation of the rides after booking, therefore,  incorporating a credit card payment system will help tackle the issue. This is will substantially reduce the risk of ride cancellation.

Costing Involved in the Taxi Business

Taxi applications are the newly developing business but the cost to develop a taxi application varies with regards to the protocols that are employed. It all depends on the requirements, resources and the strategies which are to be implemented. The initial thing to do is developing an MVP of mobile interfaces. The native experience will occur through parallel development efforts. In a similar way, there is a multitude of factors that potentially influence the cost of development. The major part in the cost determination is dependent on the complexity of the business model, the platforms where MVP is launched and the country where the application has been developed.

Monetization Models For Mobile App Owners

Anyone can dream of an idea but an idea is nothing unless it gets executed. Technology and its innovations have proved the statement very well. Updating technology was just an idea for some of them but there were some bright and sharp minds that executed the same concept. Origin of smartphones from traditional mobile phones with keypad was the leading idea that got benefitted after its execution. In today’s time, it is impossible to imagine life without smartphones. The journey of a smartphone is very interesting as it becomes smaller and thinner with new features added when every new model gets developed. The field is always going to be in the state of innovation along with the mobile app development field that accompanies the development of smartphones.

After the origin of smartphones, the mobile app development industry grew immensely and has no end in sight. There were few developers who had that imagination and knew that the following industry has a huge future. But now the scenario has changed, there are a lot of developers that came to know the potential opportunity that this industry offers and its future. With the growth of mobile device or smartphones market, app development industry will also gain a sharp rise in the future because not a single person is seen without a smartphone today. Using a smartphone means using one or the other apps in it that makes the life of a person easier.

The following demand for mobile devices and applications increased the competition in the mobile app development industry and it has become a perfectly competitive market. Therefore the companies need to find different ways through which it can earn profits and sustain in the market. The monetization models through which companies find their way of earning profits are explained below.

Direct Sales

Traditional sales is always a marketing strategy common in every industry that companies follow because that helps the companies the most to earn profits. In the mobile app development industry, the case is different in some scenarios. The following strategy would only work if the application is extraordinary and it has the worth to buy. If a paid app on the store is not yet purchased then the users would only be able to see the application features and the preview of it, the screenshots that the admin has inserted and the description of the application. The following details are provided to persuade users to buy the application. However, if the application is not worth then the following details makes it difficult for the users to make up their mind for purchasing the app.


Freemium is a one step ahead model from direct sales. In direct sales, the users will not get any features for free but in freemium, they will get a benefit of basic features. Freemium means a combination of free and premium. The model provides the basic features at no cost but the advanced features are provided by the applications at some subscription or a fee. Although people paying for the applications are found less still the model worked.


This model goes a step backward than freemium. In freemium users paid the fees to access only the advanced information but in subscription, users have to pay to access all the information. The following model proves to be profitable for every owner because it gives long-term revenue to the owner if the owner keeps customer loyalty high. Most of the apps ask for the subscription because every business needs to earn to sustain in the market.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchase is a common strategy used by owners to earn. Apps that support games, online ordering or various product catalogs, monetization through in-app is very easy from these kinds of apps. For the following kinds of apps, a fee or payment is asked for every item that gets sold. The application is designed that way that it compels the user to purchase from it and make the payment. Therefore, along with the subscription strategy, this model also proves beneficial for owners of the applications.


Crowdfunding is the strategy where owners do not earn from the users. Then the question arises from where does the owner earn? The owners earn from the donations in that case. Crowdfunding is the practice where developers get the funding of a project by raising small or trivial amounts of funds from a large number of people, mainly via the internet. Some of the interesting projects by the owners attract a higher amount of funding than expected or requested for whereas some of the projects having a mediocre idea do not even attract the desired amount of money.   

The above list can surely be a profitable one to the owners but it is not exhaustive. There are lot many other strategies that people are not aware of and is being used by many mobile app development companies for earning. Moreover, mentioning two operating systems namely Android and iOS, the company needing an Android app will have to hire android developer and same works with the iOS platform. Coming back to the above strategies, direct sales is a traditional strategy which is used since ages by millions of them. Freemium, subscription and in-app purchasing are models that became popular recently and again are widely used. Crowdfunding is a practice that is still new for the companies to execute but will not take much time to be popular.

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