Scrum Sprints And Principle Of Liking Are Important In UX Design

You can make the best UI design, which is an important part of UX design if you incorporate scrum sprints in it. There is no doubt that UI designers should be a part of your scrum team and they must work as a part of the agile sprint. This is a big thing to consider and therefore needs a deeper probe into it.

Ideally, there are two distinct goals of an agile sprint namely:

  • Building a new functionality and
  • Building new knowledge.

Out of these two, it is very obvious that for each sprint the team has to create a new functionality which in fact is he the primary purpose of most of the projects after all. This will enable you to provide your users with better and newer capabilities.

As for the other goal of the scrum team, building new knowledge will help the team to finish each sprint in a smarter and quicker way than they started. This knowledge will help them in learning a lot of other different things such as:

  • About a new technology to use
  • About the user behavior and how they view the functionality built by them
  • About how the functionality is performing and at times
  • About the team itself.

Therefore, both these agile sprint goals are important for the UI designers during each sprint. This is because it will help them to pursue the design into implementation along with the tested code and at the same time allow them to thinkabout the next feature to build and use.

When the designers know what to expect next they will be able to make proper plans during both the sprints. This is because the team will perform at dual level.

  • One, they will focus on the coding and Usability testing aspect of the product backlog
  • Two, they will spend most of their time looking at the upcoming items when they focus further down into the product backlog.

However, there will be only one team working at a time on one sprint being able to distinguish and prioritize their work on the current sprint. If in case, a specific member of the team needs certain clarifications on a certain aspect of the UX design for a product backlog item that is being worked on currently, the designer will stop thinking about future sprint. They will answer to the question of the team member to ensure that the current sprint is worked upon perfectly and just as it is desired.

Role played by the designer

Now you may ask, since the UI designers will be a part of the team, is their role cut short or is it insignificant? Well, it is not true at all. It is the UI designer that actually creates the foundation of the design ensuring that the entire responsibility of perfecting the design upfront is shared by all members of the team equally and as per their specific role.

  • Since the designers are permitted to look ahead and the agile team taking on the responsibility of completing the design, the designer rather does just enough in advance to ensure that the product backlog item is completed by the rest of the team members on time and as desired in the later sprint phase.
  • When the team works on it at the end of the sprint they will feel that they have all the relevant info required from the designers which will enable them to finish the product backlog item within the last sprint phase.
  • This will help them to look at some product backlog items in great detail and that too more than a sprint ahead while there may be some product backlog items that might not need to be looked into at all in advance.

However, it must be remembered that any product backlog item that the designer will look into beyond the current sprint must be chosen after a thorough discussion with the owner of the product. This will ensure that the designer does not have to work on an item that the product owner may later deem unnecessary.

Fear of bad design

There is a common concern amongst the product owners that such a practice may lead to bad design since the designer in such cases are not allowed to think holistically. However, this is not true. The entire system upfront will just work as good as if was designed by the designer alone. This is because the collaborative approach will ensure a few specific things. Apart from ensuring a more persuasive design the team work will ensure that different principles are followed during the design. These different principles include:

  • Reciprocation
  • Scarcity
  • Authority
  • Social proof
  • Commitment
  • Consistency and
  • Liking.

Out of all these principles, the principle of liking is the most significant one to any UX designer.

The principle of liking

The Liking Principle is perhaps the most influencing principles to follow when it comes to UX design because it involves the psychology of compliance. Different social psychology study reports prove that it determines the nature and different aspects of liking such as:

  • Similarity – This involves the human psychology in UX design that people like those people who are similar in behavior, nature and body language.
  • Familiarity – This results in repeated and positive interaction with interface to encourage liking.
  • Cooperation – People like other people who are ready to help them out which is another principle use din UX design.
  • Association – This involves sharing of values which is one significant aspect that the designers want to give to the users.
  • Praise – This involve complimenting each other which invariably produces a positive effect in a relationship.

All these aspects taken together along with other principles such as scarcity and social proof that sped up actions, principle of liking promotes functionality of a websiteor interface which in turn helps in building a positive and long lasting relationship. This ideally is the primary intent of the UX designers as these will at a later stage lead to higher customer retention and conversion rates.

A Comprehensive Guide for a Well Planned and Productive Taxi App Development.

There is a reason why Uber is considered to be a big league of taxi business application and it is the approach to customers and drivers along with the experience of the services. Businesses like Uber has shown a glimpse of the forthcoming revolution in the digital world.

Nevertheless, this new-age digital taxi business ignores the norms of traditional taxi booking business and also re-scripts the whole idea into that is more efficient, convenient and productive at the same time. Today, if we look into the complete digital culture, getting into the business is inevitable to outlive the competitions. However in contrast to its criticality, due to the rising demand, the cost of digitizing the business has gone past the bar of affordability.

Keep on improving with the change

Even though Uber has been showing the growth day by day it still won’t stop improving, this is because the massive success stories will always embrace the changes be it Google or Microsoft all these are the big fishes in the industry and never stopped showing how innovative and creative they can get. Uber has been growing himself as well, in fact, they have even changed their logo thrice since they entered the market. It is important that the uniqueness should be intact as there are other taxi booking apps that are joining the party as well. There is a reason why one should keep a keen sight of recent technological advancement.  Uber is an example who has achieved a great success throughout and has been taking their chances from the technological perspective and never stepped back in expanding their business territories.

For all the modern-day commuting business, the core focus is based on taxi booking software. And the only factor that can set you apart would be the technological aspects which will be implemented into the application. Not only the technological part but by introducing more and unique features that will help the users, and making access to more innovative services will help develop a sense of easiness and convenience in the minds of the users. This altogether helps in elevating the business growth.

Having a Clear Picture Before Starting an App Development

Before starting off with any app development business on should always consider a few factors like the scope and the application for the plan. For a business like a uber clone, it is essential to have the research done as for a fact the taxi business includes an endless number of competitors and knowing their strengths and limitations portrays where your app requires development in. Having a clear picture of the long term and short term goals will help in planning the application accordingly.

Transparency is the key

For sustaining the credibility one should maintain a transparent approach. Even though money is an important factor, following a fair price policy is something that cant be avoided. Not just the money factor but also with the developers, one should have effective communication. This is a key to a successful app development practice.

Effectiveness and Core Functionality

For the user’s loyalty in the taxi business, the application should be efficient enough. This is because there is always an urgency in the taxi business, therefore, providing the users with the experience will maintain them being by your side.  For the taxi business to succeed there are certain attributes which cannot be denied. Features like navigation, payment system, an app for drivers and users, etc are crucial for the success of any taxi application.

A user app allows the users to book the cab including all the factors like destination, time of arrival, or location whereas in a drivers app it basically focuses on the basic requirements of the driver like the user’s details, requests, ride details, navigation details, etc in the most favorable way possible.

Other crucial implementations include GPS based maps and location for an astounding user-experience. To safeguard the ride and at the same time providing drivers with the right direction, these functionalities are needed. The generation of arrival time should be according to the real-time traffic conditions. Other issues that arise is the cancellation of the rides after booking, therefore,  incorporating a credit card payment system will help tackle the issue. This is will substantially reduce the risk of ride cancellation.

Costing Involved in the Taxi Business

Taxi applications are the newly developing business but the cost to develop a taxi application varies with regards to the protocols that are employed. It all depends on the requirements, resources and the strategies which are to be implemented. The initial thing to do is developing an MVP of mobile interfaces. The native experience will occur through parallel development efforts. In a similar way, there is a multitude of factors that potentially influence the cost of development. The major part in the cost determination is dependent on the complexity of the business model, the platforms where MVP is launched and the country where the application has been developed.

Monetization Models For Mobile App Owners

Anyone can dream of an idea but an idea is nothing unless it gets executed. Technology and its innovations have proved the statement very well. Updating technology was just an idea for some of them but there were some bright and sharp minds that executed the same concept. Origin of smartphones from traditional mobile phones with keypad was the leading idea that got benefitted after its execution. In today’s time, it is impossible to imagine life without smartphones. The journey of a smartphone is very interesting as it becomes smaller and thinner with new features added when every new model gets developed. The field is always going to be in the state of innovation along with the mobile app development field that accompanies the development of smartphones.

After the origin of smartphones, the mobile app development industry grew immensely and has no end in sight. There were few developers who had that imagination and knew that the following industry has a huge future. But now the scenario has changed, there are a lot of developers that came to know the potential opportunity that this industry offers and its future. With the growth of mobile device or smartphones market, app development industry will also gain a sharp rise in the future because not a single person is seen without a smartphone today. Using a smartphone means using one or the other apps in it that makes the life of a person easier.

The following demand for mobile devices and applications increased the competition in the mobile app development industry and it has become a perfectly competitive market. Therefore the companies need to find different ways through which it can earn profits and sustain in the market. The monetization models through which companies find their way of earning profits are explained below.

Direct Sales

Traditional sales is always a marketing strategy common in every industry that companies follow because that helps the companies the most to earn profits. In the mobile app development industry, the case is different in some scenarios. The following strategy would only work if the application is extraordinary and it has the worth to buy. If a paid app on the store is not yet purchased then the users would only be able to see the application features and the preview of it, the screenshots that the admin has inserted and the description of the application. The following details are provided to persuade users to buy the application. However, if the application is not worth then the following details makes it difficult for the users to make up their mind for purchasing the app.


Freemium is a one step ahead model from direct sales. In direct sales, the users will not get any features for free but in freemium, they will get a benefit of basic features. Freemium means a combination of free and premium. The model provides the basic features at no cost but the advanced features are provided by the applications at some subscription or a fee. Although people paying for the applications are found less still the model worked.


This model goes a step backward than freemium. In freemium users paid the fees to access only the advanced information but in subscription, users have to pay to access all the information. The following model proves to be profitable for every owner because it gives long-term revenue to the owner if the owner keeps customer loyalty high. Most of the apps ask for the subscription because every business needs to earn to sustain in the market.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchase is a common strategy used by owners to earn. Apps that support games, online ordering or various product catalogs, monetization through in-app is very easy from these kinds of apps. For the following kinds of apps, a fee or payment is asked for every item that gets sold. The application is designed that way that it compels the user to purchase from it and make the payment. Therefore, along with the subscription strategy, this model also proves beneficial for owners of the applications.


Crowdfunding is the strategy where owners do not earn from the users. Then the question arises from where does the owner earn? The owners earn from the donations in that case. Crowdfunding is the practice where developers get the funding of a project by raising small or trivial amounts of funds from a large number of people, mainly via the internet. Some of the interesting projects by the owners attract a higher amount of funding than expected or requested for whereas some of the projects having a mediocre idea do not even attract the desired amount of money.   

The above list can surely be a profitable one to the owners but it is not exhaustive. There are lot many other strategies that people are not aware of and is being used by many mobile app development companies for earning. Moreover, mentioning two operating systems namely Android and iOS, the company needing an Android app will have to hire android developer and same works with the iOS platform. Coming back to the above strategies, direct sales is a traditional strategy which is used since ages by millions of them. Freemium, subscription and in-app purchasing are models that became popular recently and again are widely used. Crowdfunding is a practice that is still new for the companies to execute but will not take much time to be popular.

Role of an AI in HR Functions to Uplift Your Business.

Artificial intelligence with the colossal application is influencing new field every short phase now; Its capability of data analysis, natural language processing, mathematical logic have made the machines capable of spontaneous decision making. The recent resurgence in AI has driven the companies to new horizons of opportunities. It is laying a foundation of unfaltering growth in the organization accompanied by the productivity of the employee.   

Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligns with ours. – Stephen Hawking

At times the employer has to entail in the decision-making process, the decision taken may not be profitable, the data analysis of the last decade can be of much help, but human incapability is a hurdle. Artificial intelligence’s comprehensive data analytics potential and reasoning can predict the profitability of the change an organization want to experience. It truncates the participation of employees predominantly of HR in certain processes of the company.

According to estimation by the end of 2020, the global profits will hit up to US$4.8 trillion if companies implement artificial intelligence at the current rate. Apart from profits AI has a head to toe contribution in the organization, Deloitte survey has mentioned about 36% optimization of internal business operations, 35% better decisions, 36% workers are freed to participate creative tasks, and 22% decrease in employee’s headcount.  


Recruitment is a comprehensive process, and one of the most crucial decisions of any organization as the individual they recruit will contribute to the foundation of sustainable growth and development of the organization. HR always have a swirling dagger on their necks ascribable to human incapabilities, missing out an individual’s resume who satisfied all the requirements of the post while resume screening can disgustingly cost the company’s growth rate and a skilled employee which are scarce lately.  

Why not hand-pick a solution that is enabled with extensive data analysis and natural language processing. Artificial intelligence empowers software like Greenhouse seems to change the phase of the recruiting process today, from comparing the resumes of the applicants to asking them pre-screening questions. Being a virtual guide of the applicants, it will assist them with the screening and interview schedules.

Artificial intelligence is also capable of giving the prediction of an applicant who is likely to contribute more to the company if recruited. By natural language processing, the AI also score an applicant based on the pre-screening answers and resume. Eliminating the human bias, errors and time consumption of HR, and invest that time in evaluation and analysis to improvise recruitment strategies instead.  


The consciousness of employee’s punctuality and time requirement of the assigned task can be improvised amongst the company by getting attendance data from the system which is time theft proof. The non tampered data makes the decision making and policy modification unbiased. Fetching the anomalies in the attendance record is back-breaking.  

Chinese tech giant Baidu has leveraged AI for face recognition; it eliminates the proxy authentication, unlike the frauds that occurred to employee IDs.

AI is also capable of analyzing the reports for fishing out non-punctual employee and absenteeism patterns to perceive the need for policy modification for workplace optimization.     

Performance management

Employee engagement and productivity are considered when employees retention is the priority of an organization. Companies prefer to train existing employees instead of investing in talent acquisition and newbie’s training. The contribution of the employee and willingness to contribute more goes hand in hand when the development and upscaling of the organization are concerned.

In the tight work schedules having frequent training sessions can be a headache, artificial intelligence has it scheduled as per the preference of the employee or their corresponding team based on the data of previous training schedules.

AI can bifurcate the employee into good performers and under-performer, the employer can provide training to the underperformers to increase their contribution in the task and motivate the employer can surprise the good performers with monetary an non-monetary benefits to keep them motivated.   

Watson AI-powered KangoGift makes it easy for the employer to form structured or on-the-spot employee recognition program for increasing employee engagement. Watson AI is also trained to rate the employees as per their performance review to help the manager process their bonus, increment or appraisal.                                                                

Payroll processing

Processing payroll the critical of any organization regardless of the number of employees, it has numerous components blending in the calculation. Any imprecision in those components can induce loss of money or even end up in paying hefty fine or penalties.

HR spends hours every month to process the salary; they employees software are not paid on time due to manual intervention which has an impact on employee satisfaction. Globally, 44% of the employees are paid late out of it 79% tend to leave their job. Automating the process aided the process to get the accurate data in all the components from their respective modules automatically by integration. Automaton completes the process on time every month.   

Automating the task is not enough as it can keep as it can’t keep the check on compliance always, How about training the system to keep the compliance updated always? KeyPay has AI enable hr software that keeps the statutory compliance on a check. The software also has smart rostering enables that relives the HR form rostering duty. The AI also check for erroneous data in any of the components and ensures data integrity.  

Employee assistance

The virtual assistant is a buzz of the town recently, relieves the curious minds to get the answers or the assistance with any process at any time. Addressing the elephant(s) in the room: Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon assistance, Cortana, there is a long list to go. AI is making efforts to improvise human life unexpectedly more comfortable.

Getting the assistance of the question that can pop in employee’s mind any time has always been a crucial task, back then HR personnel were the only responsible entities to assist the employee amid of their work inducing the frustration at times. After the artificial intelligence took over some of the HR functions, the chatbot is helping the employee for their queries without the HR’s intervention saving them much time.

As per the statistics, 59% of the employees feel satisfied in their job and are more committed toward it after the implementation of the chatbot in the organization.

Artificial intelligence has started becoming the integral part of the peoples’ lives; It gives an in-depth insight into the organization. It has become the key ingredient that is added to provide the final touch to their organization for streamlining processes, reducing the workload of HR and employees and provoking cost-effectiveness in the organization.

Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips To Integrate With Instagram

There are a few specific social media marketing tips that actually will work better when you integrate it with Instagram. Since its launch and taking over by Facebook, Instagram has grown to become the ultimate platform for photo and video sharing. The impressive facts and features of this site will impress you and make you think twice if you want to ignore including this with your social media campaigns. Few of the facts are:

  • There are more than 800 million active monthly users on this site.
  • People usually post more than 60 million photos on it each day and
  • There are about 1.6 billion like given daily on different posts.

Apart from that fact that there are such a huge number of Instagram followers, there are also a large number of influencers on this site. These influencers individually have an enormous amount of followers for them.

Therefore, with the right strategy implemented, you too can make your brand the most influential as well. For this you will have to make sure that you:

  • Post the right type of content
  • Stay relevant to the current followers and
  • Make the best effort to bring in the new ones.

However, it is not very easy to know what specific type of posts will work best for your type of business and how it will help in growing the volume of your audience.

It is for this reason you should know and implement the most powerful Instagram marketing tipsso that you can make the best use of the benefits that this popular platform has on offer.

Instagram Business Account

Before you even make a plan for Instagram marketing you must first make plans to switch to a business profile as soon as possible. Having an Instagram business account is the foundation of the social media campaign. This is an easy process and can be completed in a simple step wherein you will need to go to your settings to get started and click on “Switch to Business Profile.”

There are a few distinct benefits to have a business profile such as:

  • Your followers can click on the contact button and get in touch with you right from the Instagram page as they could from your website
  • This profile will allow you to create Instagram ads and publish it without needing any advertising tool of Facebook to use and
  • You can easily get access to Instagram analytics tools called Insights to get valuable statistics about the impressions as well as the outreach of your posts.

Most importantly, when you unlock the free perks offered along with your business profile, you can easily use these to track different metrics that will help you to understand your audience in a better way.

Using free Instagram tools

When you use the free Instagram tools such as Insights, you will be able to do a lot of things that will help you further in your social media campaigns such as:

  • You can view specific metrics such as engagement data and impressions along with many others that will help you in clear and better analytic results
  • You can get a clear and proper breakdown of the demographics of all your followers that may include info regarding their age, location, gender, and even the hours they were most active
  • Since Insights are not generalized you will be able to get precise insights about your posts for about a week
  • This will further help you in viewing the number of impressions you may have earned within that time period and
  • You will be able to know the top and the most engaging posts as well.

All these facts points towards one thing: this analytical tool is priceless simply due to the reason that you can utilize it to understand how exactly your followers are interacting with your posts and it content. The more you know the better you can make the necessary adjustments to your content so that you can enhance the level of engagement.

Using product teasers

The use of product teasers is one of the most important categories of posts. This is because the product teasers are supposed to be the most attention grabbing almost always. Therefore, make sure that you post a few product teasers so that you can very gently and politely ask people to buy.If you do so you will be able to sell products on Instagram more easily.

Instagram ideally is the most effective and productive platform to advertise any product or service. All you have to do is:

  • Play all your cards right
  • Make sure that you do not scare away your users or annoy them with your ads either.

If you are not very pushy, your followers will drop just like flies as you carefully planned product teaser posts will simply increase the level of excitement without you having to work too hard for it.

You will be better off if you create a few sponsored ads to place in this popular commonplace. The best part of it is that you can control how much you want to spend exactly on these ads if you set a realistic budget.

  • You can use just one sponsored ad or several such ads by using the useful carousel feature if Instagram that will give you an opportunity to target your audience in a better and an entirely new way as your users will be able to see much more than the updates and photos. This will raise the number of followers by using more engaging content.
  • You can also make sponsored ads from your existing posts but makes sure that the posts that you choose are the top performing ones.
  • Also, make sure that you run these posts to various audiences at the same time and across all social media channels to get more engagement.

You can use many different forms of sponsored ads such as photos, videos, carousel or dynamic ads, stories and stories canvas. All these steps are great ways to connect with followers.

PDF File Password Remover for Mac OS X 10.13 & Below Versions

pdf password remover mac

Do you ever consider what if the PDF document is password protected or restricted & you want to use the documents frequently? Or whenever you open the document you were asked to enter the password? Do you find it a time-consuming task but, don’t know what to do next? In such situations trusted third-party PDF file password remover for Mac operating systems should be used. Because manual process to delete PDF security password in bulk is not possible. Though with the Preview option you can unsecure PDF file but for the bulk operation, this approach is not applicable. Thus, to remove Adobe password protection in batch use trust-worthy solution i.e. SysTools Mac PDF Unlocker tool. This professional utility supports to batch unlock PDF file on Mac OS 10.14, 10.13, and other versions. Moreover, the tool provides other advantageous features that are clearly described in the next section.

Features of the Tool to Remove Adobe Password Protection

1- Removes 8 types of restrictions i.e. print, comment, page extraction, form filling, document assembly, content copying, signing, content copying for accessibility, and creation of template pages

2- PDF file password remover for Mac allows to remove Adobe PDF security in batch

3- Remove owner as well as user known password from PDF documents

4- Users can easily remove password from multiple PDF files on High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion) etc.

5- The software does not have any file size and number limitation

6- Preserves file formatting before and after the unlocking process

7- Creates Export Report in .csv format contains all data like the selected path, destination path, unlock status, total count, fail count and success count of PDF

8- Creates unsecure PDF files free from any restrictions

Is it Good to Download PDF file Password Remover for Mac OS X?

This tool is a very reliable & problem free application to remove Adobe password protection. Users can download the demo version of the tool to remove Adobe PDF security without any hassle. Moreover, all 8 types of restrictions can be easily eliminated by the software.

How Demo Version Differs from the Full Version of the Software

The demo or trial version of the software is available at free of cost. Users don’t need to pay money to remove Adobe password protection. But, in the demo version, there will be the demo watermark on all unsecured PDF files. On the other hand, when users download the full version of PDF file password remover for Mac OS X they need to pay some amount. All unsecured PDF files created by the software are free from restrictions and will not contain any watermark.

Step by Step Process to Remove Adobe PDF Security

To remove PDF security on Mac at free of cost, users have followed these simple steps:

1- Firstly, download SysTools Mac PDF File Unlocker utility

2- Click Add Files / Folders option to insert PDF files

3- If the files are protected with password then enter it

4- Then select the destination location to save unlocked PDF

5- Click Unlock PDF button to begin the process

6- View the Export Report & all Unlocked PDF Files

With the help of this smart tool, users can remove Adobe PDF security in bulk without any difficulty. Also, 30 days money back guarantee in case of the improper working of the utility. So, free download PDF file Password Remover for Mac OS X.

Time to Sum Up

To protect the sensitive or confidential data people apply the password in PDF files. Basically, with this security measure file is prevented from unauthorized users. But, sometimes these passwords are not reliable because entering the password, again and again, is a quite time-consuming task. Therefore, it is needed to delete PDF security password permanently. So, this blog post describes the best solution which can remove Adobe password protection completely. Users can free download the PDF file password remover for Mac OS X 10.14, 10.13 and other versions without any hassle.

Minimum Specs Required For Gaming in a Laptop | Query Solved

When you are about to get into gaming, it’s a little hard to get the best possible gaming laptop out on the market. Yes, it’s way important to think before buying a gaming laptop. Now I am not talking about a laptop for games like Mario and metal. I am talking the high-end games like PUBG, GTA V, etc. What more important is that that laptop should perform smoothly at these games. Yes, there are gaming laptops under 500 which support these games but I am sorry to tell you that they might not have performance that might be expecting. On the other hand, these budget gaming laptops can perform better at some low-end games like the prince of Persia, PUBG mobile on the emulator and a few others. Apart from that, we also have some of top of the line laptops which is a relief in gaming. But here we’re talking about the minimum specs so we’ll stick t that.


Graphics is the main component which plays an important role in managing the frame rates. We can’t deny the fact that a faster graphics card delivers the smooth graphics on the screen. So the minimum GPU which is required for gaming should be GTX 1050 but if you want more frame rates I would strongly recommend going for a GTX 1070 Ti.


If I only mention the GPU, that’s not enough, If you want the perfect gaming, the high-end processor is must. Basically, there are many CPUs on the market these days but when you go for a laptop, I would recommend to go for a laptop with the latest gen processor. Core i5 is a nice option if you’re about t start gaming from the scratch. `Other than that you can also go to a higher level if you want your laptop to handle everything on the best way possible.


That’s the part that we can’t deny In fact even if you have the best possible hardware but if you’re having a low memory, your laptop is going to struggle in managing many tasks at the same time So i would recommend starting with the basic memory of 8GB which is enough for multi-tasking. Furthermore, you can also buy a laptop with the higher specs but 8GB would be enough I guess.


My final remarks on buying the best gaming laptop are that if you’re a beginner, i would recommend to go with the gaming laptop under the budget of 500 which is a good start. If you want to have the laptop with the blazing performance, you can go to the higher level but the main thing is that you have to leave more bucks on the table.