22 Amazing Internet Security Tips

Here are 22 amazing internet security tips. Check each one out and if you follow each one you are very likely to keep your computer running properly while protecting your identity and personal information.

 1. While giving away personal or financial information on any website, check and make sure that the URL begins with ‘https’. Also look for the lock icon, which indicates that the connection is secure.
2. Never shop online or make financial transactions over free, unsecured WiFi networks.
3. Create long, unique, and hard to guess passwords. Never keep the same password for different online accounts.
4. Enable Secure Browsing for your Facebook account.
5. Keep your computer’s Firewall ON. If an application asks you to disable it – do not install the application.
6. Avoid making your personal information public on social media sites.
7. Avoid checking ‘Keep me logged in’ or ‘Remember me’ options on websites, especially on public or shared computers.
8. Use your primary email address to stay in touch with people you know or are acquainted with.
9. Never use your official email address for social media sites. Use a secondary email address.
10. Tighten your privacy settings on Facebook so that only your friends are notified about your activity.
11. Never trust email messages asking for your personal or banking information. Be extra cautions against links or attachments in unknown or unwanted emails. Verify any such communication with the sender first.
12. Do away with old accounts that you do not use anymore.
13. Do not make your photos or videos public on social media sites. Keep them visible to friends you know, and your family.
14. Never respond to pop up ads that may come up on your screen. You can close these pop ups from the  task manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete and selecting the program you want to force close.
15. Before downloading any free software, do a little research on the software and the website hosting it.
16. Avoid visiting inappropriate websites or websites that you are not fully aware of.
17. Beware of files with multiple extensions.
18. Always log out of online accounts when you are done. This is especially important when you are using a public computer.
19. Do not click or share posts on Facebook that claim to show any unusual content such as shocking videos or magical illusions.
20. Do not install software that comes as an attachment in emails.
21. Always shop from reputed and know online stores.
22. Update the Internet browsers and software on your computer.

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