A Warning About the Cloud & Backups

Do NOT rely on CLOUD Storage solutions like Dropbox or SkyDrive (soon to be OneDrive) as your backup solution. Backup solutions like Carbonite act in a very different way then cloud storage solutions, and this difference could really present a problem.

First, I will explain what these services do.

Cloud Storage Solutions

One of the greatest advantages of using cloud storage solutions is having access to your files from wherever you are and from whatever device you are using. When you work on a file the file is synced to any other computers or devices that are linked to your cloud account. And here is where the problem can show itself and in fact this very scenario happened to me a year or so ago. After working on a rather large Excel file I went to open it again and you guessed it – it would not open. The file for some reason was corrupted and I could not open it. As I checked the file on my mobile device and home PC the file was – you guessed it – corrupt there as well.

Cloud storage solutions are there to save and sync your changes. If a file is damaged or even deleted it will be that way on your other devices.

Backup Solutions

Backup services like Mozy and Carbonite  act very differently. With these true backup services your files are copied, often with more then one revision at scheduled times. Here if a file is damaged or mistakenly deleted you will be able to restore your file from a specific backup time. Many times this is what you will need – not a synced damaged file. I also recommend backing up both locally – to a external USB drive as well as a backup cloud service.

Relying on cloud storage services like Dropbox as a backup is a mistake. Each of these unique services have a different mission and it could save you some headaches if you know the difference.

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