Airline teases Prince Harry about ‘Sussex-class’ flights

Airline teases Prince Harry about 'Sussex-class' flights

This airline isn’t sparing Prince Harry over his mistakes.

Air New Zealand let fly with a savage dig at the much-maligned royal after he wrote about booking a flight that has never been an option.

In “Spare,” Harry claimed he and his wife, Meghan Markle, had done everything they could to get her dad, Thomas Markle, to fly from Mexico to the UK for the royal wedding he ended up missing.

“Air New Zealand, first class, booked and paid for by Meg,” the Duke of Sussex wrote in the memoir littered with other mistakes.

The airline quickly noted that it has “never had flights between Mexico and the UK” and “only have Business Premier,” not first class — before roasting the royal outcast in a tweet.

“Introducing #SussexClass,” Air New Zealand wrote Thursday with a crown emoji.

Air New Zealand's sarcastic tweet.
The airline tweeted a savage put-down of the Duke of Sussex’s error.

“Apparently coming soon,” it added with an emoji of wide-open eyes.

The savage quip was liked more than 5,700 times, with commentators calling it “priceless’ and saying it made their day.

Meghan Markle's estranged dad Thomas.
Harry claimed that his wife “booked and paid for” a flight for her dad Thomas Markle that the airline said was one never available.
Harry and Meghan on their wedding day.
The mystery ticket was supposedly booked to get Meghan’s dad home for their wedding, which he missed.
Alamy Stock Photo

“Any Spare seats?” one follower quipped, while another critic of Harry’s acerbic attacks on his family suggested that “Sussex class is either low or no class.

Some saw the funny side while still sympathizing with the royal wording.

“LOL. They’re American,” one person tweeted of the California-based couple who say they will never return to the prince’s homeland in the UK. To them, “the front of the plane is always referred to as ‘first class,’” the sympathizer noted, no matter the official term.

Harry and Meg at home with their kids.
“LOL. They’re American,” one person quipped of the exiled UK royal now living in California.
Alexi Lubomirski / Duke and Duch

Others suggested that Harry was referring to flights from Los Angeles, which the airline did offer at the time, although he never specified that in the segment about his father-in-law’s flight.

Some were outraged, however, that the carrier was adding to the criticism that Harry claims drove him to correct his history with a 416-page memoir, six-part Netflix docu-series and flurry of TV interviews.

“Rude,” one person replied, while others said the airline should “stick to finding bags and trying to fly on time.”

Air New Zealand plane.
Others called the airline “rude” and suggested it should stick to improving its service.
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“How petty – maybe @FlyAirNZ should focus on its service. Fly on time and deliver passengers’ bags?” another suggested, while another former passenger added the putdown wasn’t “the PR flex you think it is.”

Still, when one critic called the tweet “unprofessional,” another replied: “Or calling out lies in a humorous way?”

Harry’s ghostwrite, J.R. Moehringer, has defended the errors, noting how the estranged royal at times admitted his memory might be wrong while also suggesting they prove “the line between memory and fact is blurry.”

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