Alec Baldwin spotted with phone investigators want to search

Alec Baldwin spotted with phone investigators want to search

Embattled actor Alec Baldwin left home alone Friday — seemingly still toting the cellphone that investigators have issued a search warrant to get.

The 63-year-old actor, looking exhausted with heavy bags under his eyes, left his downtown apartment hours after the warrant turned the heat up on his role in the deadly shooting of 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Dressed down in a dark gray T-shirt and pants, the weary star was alone as he loaded personal items into a waiting SUV — including his ever-present cellphone, which he placed in the truck while loading other belongings

His phone took a central role in the two-month investigation into Hutchins’ death on Thursday when the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office issued a search warrant for it on Thursday.

Investigators were forced to issue the warrant because the star — who was also a producer on the deadly “Rust” set — refused to hand over his phone without one, the sheriff’s department said in the document.

Alec Baldwin leaving home located at 28 E 10st
Alec Baldwin was spotted outside of his home on E. 10th Street on Dec. 17, 2021.
Robert Miller
Alec Baldwin
The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office issued a search warrant for Baldwin’s phone on Thursday.
Robert Miller

Officials found conversations about prepping for the fatal movie dating back to July 14, more than three months before Baldwin accidentally shot Hutchins dead during rehearsals for the Western.

Those messages included Baldwin requesting “a bigger gun,” settling on the “period” Colt that he brandished during the deadly scene.

Baldwin — who insisted in a TV interview that he “didn’t pull the trigger” and was not responsible — tweeted that the bigger-gun claim was “a lie.”

He was otherwise mum Friday as he loaded up his SUV, included a box of diapers with the prominent brand name “Honest.” It was not immediately clear where he was heading.

Alec Baldwin
Baldwin claimed he “didn’t pull the trigger” during a TV interview.
Robert Miller
Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin was defensive when her husband was questioned on Friday.

Despite the intensified legal focus on Baldwin, the actor’s feisty wife, Hilaria, railed against anyone asking questions on Friday — missing the irony that she was taking photos and video because she was angry at those there taking photos and video.

“It’s so funny,” she told waiting press, bragging how she was taking her own footage “that I’m going to put on my Instagram.”

“Stay away from him,” she wrote in her Instagram stories, highlighting a reporter politely asking, “The search warrant for your phone — what do you make of that, Sir? What happened, Sir?”

Hilaria, who landed a gig on TV news show “Extra” despite no journalism experience, complained, “This is not helpful. These are not good questions.”

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