Alex Murdaugh auction items have hit eBay for huge amounts

Alex Murdaugh auction items have hit eBay for huge amounts

They’re set to make a killing.

Items from the Murdaugh family’s infamous South Carolina estate that were snapped up at an auction last week have already been listed on eBay with hefty price tags.

Former attorney Alex Murdaugh, 54, was convicted earlier this month of killing his wife and son in the hunting lodge on the 1,700-acre Moselle estate in 2021. Now, objects ranging from a crossbow to a wooden card catalog are being resold for at least $14,000 and $10,000, respectively, ABC4 reported.

The macabre souvenirs were among the dozens of Murdaugh family items sold off by Liberty Auction in Pembroke, Georgia last week as part of the property’s new owners’ plan to clear out the residence.

Also among the eBay offerings is a hunting jacket claimed to have belonged to Murdaugh himself, for which sold for $275.

The Murdaugh family: Alex, Maggie, Buster, and Paul.
Alex Murdaugh was convicted of killing his wife and son earlier this month.

In addition, Fox News reported that a camouflage gun case was listed for an opening bid of $4,999.

A pair of deer antlers from Moselle sold for $399.99, while a pair of men’s waders went for $125, the outlet said.

One high-profile item that has not hit the Internet, however, is the so-called “alibi couch,” or the brown leather sectional set that Murdaugh claimed he was resting on when his wife Maggie and son Paul were gunned down.

A wooden catalog holder that once belonged to the Murdaughs.
A wooden catalog holder that once belonged to the Murdaughs on Ebay.

Hunting gear owned by the Murdaughs.
Hunting gear owned by the Murdaughs was popular at the auction.
Liberty Auction

The set went to Phillip Jennings III for an eye-watering $36,000.

In an interview with CourtTV, Jennings, who owns a hunting lodge in Georgia, was unfazed by the couch’s grisly history, and said it was “absolutely” comfortable.

There was also no sign of the derided tortoise shell lamps that went for $800.

The "alibi couch" set.
The “alibi couch” was purchased for $36,000 last week.
Liberty Auction House

Two tortoise shell lamps.
The tortoise shell lamps sold for $800.
Liberty Auction House

In the run-up to the auction, Liberty Auction’s team insisted on handling the high-profile sale just like any other.

“This is just our job. We clean up people’s estates,” said Lori Mattingly, one of the owners of the family-run business.

“[The Murdaughs’] things are not any better or nicer than any other things that we pick up from other people’s homes,” she told CNN.

A shopper gapes at a pair of boots owned by Alex Murdaugh.
A shopper gapes at a duck decoy owned by Alex Murdaugh.
Mom & Paparazzi / BACKGRID

Alex Murdaugh leaving court after being sentenced.
Alex Murdaugh is appealing both murder vonctions.

The Colleton County estate – which jurors visited just one day before convicting Murdaugh of murder – was sold for $3.9 million this month.

About $530,000 of the proceeds went to Murdaugh’s surviving son, Buster, and the remainder will help pay legal fees and creditors.

Meanwhile, Alex Murdaugh has already begun his two concurrent life sentences at Kirkland Correctional Institution, where he is reportedly being held in maximum security. He is appealing both murder convictions while awaiting trial for a slew of financial crimes.

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