Amazon: Finally, a standard FIFA technical assistance in terra brasilis

Amazon Finally, a standard FIFA technical assistance in terra brasilis
Amazon Finally, a standard FIFA technical assistance in terra brasilis

Well, I can say that I am a (happy) owner of a 2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite. This is today, my favorite eBook reader and one of the gadgets I use the most. Something almost as useful and present in my day as my cell phone or my television is so much used.

And this is already the second Kindle I’ve had: as soon as the device landed in Brazilian retail, I bought the first model, very basic: a Kindle 4 (this was the first model exported to Brazil).

It was, let’s say, a consumer “test drive”. I already knew the Kindle’s fame ee, on some trips abroad, I noticed that Americans used this device a lot.

I was particularly impressed, one day in 2012, on a very popular Mexican beach, when I saw the lounge chairs taken by “gringos” quietly reading their Kindles in the midday sun … That caught my attention. No exaggeration: my wife and I were the only ones with an iPad.

I started to look more at this “phenomenon” and realized that the greatest feature of the Kindle, at that time, which totally discredited our apple tablets, was precisely how easy it was for these tourists to read: the  Kindle had no reflection on the screen!

This is the result of a deliberate choice of technology: while the iPads have an LCD screen and therefore are mirrored, Amazon has chosen to manufacture a device with an electronic paper (or electronic ink ) screen.

LCD or e-Ink: which is better for reading?

But the benefits didn’t stop there. Another great advantage would be to enjoy access to the Amazon eBook store … It’s really impressive how aggressive they are in the market. Every week, I receive an email with promotions, lasting only 72 hours, of excellent books with absurdly incredible discounts (up to 85%).

It’s the lightning promotions. Not to mention the R$ 1.99 book sale… surreal. My digital collection already has 46 books, 40% of which I managed to “devour”.

There are still just over 2 dozen books left, but I get there! It’s just that the impulse of promotion makes me buy more books than I can read… But if there’s one thing that doesn’t hurt, it’s booked. So, I (really) go shopping! No pity or pity. 😀

Anyway… Despite all my satisfaction with the first Kindle, there was one limitation that bothered me:

I could only read under some light. Even in that, the Kindle 4 “simulated” a book: it needed external light to be able to be used as an eBook reader… I could manage well: during the day, no problem; at night, all I had to do was turn on a light at the head of the bed, in the living room, or in the office… until my wife became pregnant and reading in bed at night (my favorite) had to be suspended: her sleep was too precious to be disturbed with the lamplight. 🙂 Fortunately, Amazon was, at that time, announcing the arrival of the Kindle Paperwhite in the national market, with two big news: touch screen and backlit (backlight).

In short, the reading experience with the Paperwhite model quickly proved to be just perfect.

But not everything is perfect. Like any electronic device, there is always the risk of a problem. And that’s what started to happen.

The first frozen screen we never forget

I bought my Paperwhite in January of this year. Just after a few weeks, the device crashed. So without notice. I believed it was something related to the access password I put on the home screen.

But anyway, if the  Kindle allows you to have this kind of security, it should be ready to work with this feature, right? I read some things on the internet about this. I was a little frustrated, it’s true, but I quickly discovered, on Amazon’s own website, how to reset the device. I followed the instructions and everything worked out.

I have returned to being a happy owner. Behold, the worst was to come.

General crash and… fatal

I didn’t read on Kindle for a few days. I believe that about 4 days this week of the Cup. But, last Monday night, the eve of the Brazil x Mexico game, I went to bed and, when I turned on the device, I noticed that the screen locked up again when accessing by a password.

But something different happened: the screen lit and went out on its own, constantly, until the battery drained. Something a little worse than the first time it crashed. I tried everything. I searched the Amazon website, went to discussion forums, followed tutorials and tips on Youtube. Nothing. Something told me that the device had “died” for good.

Then, I started to experience that typical Brazilian anxiety… You know how it is: “a dog bitten by a snake is afraid of sausage”.

I could already imagine the work it would take to take technical assistance, spend days, weeks, or months (betting on months) without the device and, at the end of the entire process, still receive some kind of lame excuse and have to file an action in the Court or make use of useless and bureaucratic Procons.

Then I went to the Amazon Brazil website and searched in Help where to find the nearest technical assistance. And who said I found it? I couldn’t find anything about it. Not an address, not a phone number, not even an email.

I started to get worried… until I “asked” Google and he quickly pointed me to a discussion forum where a guy had the same problem as mine and asked for help. Some holy souls suggested contacting Amazon support via the website and gave the path to the stones, which I will share with you.

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