Amazon’s Password Reset Leads to Security Reminder

Some  Amazon account holders have been receiving e-mails from the company letting them know that their passwords have been reset because of a recent vulnerability it discovered.

he e-mail message told recipients that their passwords “may have been improperly stored on your device or transmitted to Amazon in a way that could potentially expose it to a third party,” according to a report at ZDNet today. The e-mail also stated that Amazon had reset those users’ passwords out of an “abundance of caution.”

It is not yet clear how many users may have been affected, what caused the vulnerability, or how Amazon discovered it.

The reported password issue comes less than a week after Amazon quietly rolled out a new option for two-factor authentication for customers (which I greatly encourage) who want to boost the security of their accounts. The new security feature, which is optional for users, is now generally available to users in the United States.

Online Security Reminder This Holiday Season

holiday shopping infographic

Some 135.8 million U.S. shoppers are expected to hit stores both online and brick and mortal between Thanksgiving Day and the following Sunday, according to the National Retail Federation’s predictions for the holiday shopping season.

The National Cyber Security Alliance, which represents companies including Intel, Microsoft, PayPal and Visa, has issued a guide on how to “Be a Cybersmart Holiday Shopper.” The guide includes such recommendations as discarding suspicious texts and e-mails, limiting activity on public Wi-Fi networks while out shopping and activating two-step authentication for online banking and messaging.

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