Ambulance hit during airstrike on Ukraine children’s hospital

Ambulance hit during airstrike on Ukraine children's hospital

Shocking footage shows a Russian airstrike hitting an ambulance outside a Ukrainian children’s hospital, where authorities say at least two people, including a child, were killed.

The security footage from Monday shows a handful of ambulances parked in Mykolaiv Oblast — with a sudden blast hitting the left side of a yellow one nearest the camera.

As the area flashes in flames, the emergency vehicle shudders and its doors swing open from the impact as smoke envelops the area.

Mykolaiv Oblast Gov. Vitaliy Kim posted the video to Facebook, writing that the “attack on a secret medical facility was a children’s hospital.”

The comment was a sarcastic reference to Russia’s previous claims that other blown-up medical targets — including a maternity hospital in Mariupol — were secretly housing neo-Nazi troops, not the pregnant patients left blood-soaked and terrified.

Ambulance engulfed in flames.
A sudden blast hits an ambulance and flames engulf the vehicle.
Smoking ambulance.
Smoke covers the ambulance and surrounding area.
The impact of the blast blows the ambulance doors open.

The head of the Mykolaiv Regional Council, Anna Zamazeeva, had said that two people – a man and a child – died during Monday’s strike at the children’s hospital.

They were among nine killed in the area that day, with 61 others injured, she said, calling it “another horrible day” in a “war without rules.”

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