Ana Walshe promised ‘big surprise’ in New Year, sold assets: pals

Ana Walshe promised 'big surprise' in New Year, sold assets: pals

A Massachusetts couple who are friends with missing mom Ana Walshe said she kept promising “a big surprise” in the New Year – and had sold off assets for cash.

Mike and Mandi Silva rented their apartment in Revere, Massachusetts, from Ana and her husband, Brian, for the last four years, NBC Washington reported.

Ana rushed to get rid of assets — including the apartment and a car — for cash on Dec. 28 or 29, Mike told the news outlet.

She had been commuting between Washington, DC, where she works in real estate, and Massachusetts.

The couple, who also are friends with the Walshes, said something had seemed off with Ana, a mom of three young boys, for the past six months.

“Nothing is adding up,” Mandi told NBC Washington.

On Jan. 2, a day after Ana vanished and two days before he reported her missing, Brian texted Mandi to wish her a happy new year, she said.

“Sorry for the delay. I miss [sic] placed my phone and my son just found it,” he reportedly wrote.

Missing mom Ana Walshe
Ana Walshe rushed to sell off assets in the days before she vanished, according to friends who rent an apartment from the family.
Instagram / Ana Walshe
Brian Walshe, who is charged with hindering the investigation into Ana's disappearance.
Brian Walshe is charged with hindering the investigation into his wife’s disappearance.

On Sunday, he was charged with hindering the police investigation into Ana’s disappearance after he claimed she left for the airport to catch a flight to DC on New Year’s Day.

Police said he went to a Home Depot and bought $450 in cleaning supplies – a violation of his parole conditions during home confinement for art fraud charges.

Authorities allegedly found Internet searches Walshe made on “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body,” as well as a knife and blood in the couple’s basement. 

Police investigating Ana's disappearance
Police have recovered a hacksaw, a hatchet and a rug at a trash transfer station.

Police have found a hacksaw, a hatchet and other suspicious items at a trash transfer facility in Peabody, a little over an hour from the family’s home in Cohasset.

Ana Walshe and her boys
Ana Walshe and her three sons, ages 2 through 6.
Instagram / Ana Walshe

The Walshes’ three boys are now in state custody.

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