Ana Walshe told police Brian Walshe threatened to kill her in 2014

Ana Walshe told police Brian Walshe threatened to kill her in 2014

Missing Massachusetts mom Ana Walshe alleged her now-husband had threatened to kill her and her friends in 2014, according to a police report filed at the time in Washington, DC.

When the pair were dating, she told DC Metro police that Brian Walshe “made a statement over the telephone that he was going to kill her, and her friends,” the incident report states.

Brian Walshe, 47, wasn’t named in the report, but sources told Boston 25 News that he was the suspect in question. The report, filed under Ana’s maiden name Knipp, also states that the suspect lived in Boston at the time, where Brian Walshe was living.

The police report lists the potential offense as felony threats, however Ana Walshe didn’t cooperate with DC Metro police so Brian Walshe was never charged and the case was closed, according to the outlet.

The couple got engaged a little more than a year after Brian Walshe allegedly threatened to kill her and were married four months later.

The alleged threat was reported the same day that a 2018 Instagram photo from Ana Walshe resurfaced, showing her with a suspicious bruised cut above her left eye.

“Mild concussion, bruised hip and a cut… #vulnerability,” the edited caption read.

The caption was notably changed around the time her husband was in court in an art fraud case, before she penned a glowing letter on his behalf to a judge asking he impose a no-jail sentence in June.

Former Boston Police Chief Dan Linskey told Boston 25 the alleged threat is significant to the real estate executive and mom of three’s disappearance.

“It paints the history that we were looking for to see what was going on in that relationship,” Linskey said.

He added that the police report raises a red flag.

“All relationships have tensions, right? People argue and fight and disagree,” Linskey continued. “But when you’ve gone to authorities because you feel that your physical safety and the physical safety of your friends are in danger to make a formal report, that’s a different standard.”

Brian and Ana Walshe
Ana Walshe told DC police that Brian Walshe had threatened to kill her and her friends in 2014 when they were dating.
Ana Walshe and Brian Walshe
Ana Walshe, a real estate executive and mom of three boys, has been missing since New Year’s Day.

Ana Walshe, 39, was last seen in her family’s home in Cohasset on New Year’s Day when the couple had a friend over for dinner.

Her husband waited three days before reporting her missing on Jan. 4.

He was arrested four days later on Jan. 8 for hindering the investigation into his wife’s disappearance. Police said he’d been untruthful to them about the events in the days after he last saw her.

Brian Walshe being led out by police.
Brian Walshe was arrested on Jan. 8 for hindering police’s investigation into his wife’s disappearance.
Brian Walshe at a court hearing
Brian Walshe didn’t report his wife missing until three days after he last saw her.

He claimed she told him she had a “work emergency” and needed to fly to DC early Jan. 1.

Investigators made worrisome discoveries in their hunt for Ana. They found blood in the family’s basement as well as a blood-stained, damaged knife, according to prosecutors.

Brian Walshe also had reportedly searched for “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body” online.

Investigators have since recovered a hacksaw, a hatchet, blood, used cleaning supplies and a rug at a trash transfer station in Peabody, a little more than an hour away from the couple’s home.

The Walshes' home in Cohasset, MA
Investigators found blood and a blood-stained, damaged knife in the basement of the family’s home.
Daniel McKnight for NY Post

Police may have surveillance footage of the family’s home on the day Ana Walshe disappeared as a neighbor told cops he has a security camera which has a view of the house, The Post has learned.

When asked about it by The Post, police didn’t respond and the district attorney in charge of the case declined to comment.

Brian Walshe has since pleaded not guilty to interfering with the police investigation into his wife’s disappearance and is currently being held on $500,00 bond.

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