Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review
Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

Apple wireless keyboard is compatible with the iPad and Mac. It works with Bluetooth and has no USB ports or cables. However, the wireless Apple keyboard has all the features that you find on a regular wired keyboard. A wireless keyboard means less clutter and more mobility. All you need is an active Bluetooth connectivity and fully charged AA batteries for the keyboard.

Apple Wireless Keyboard Description

Apple redesigned its wireless keyboard to make it more user-friendly. This device is now available in the ultra-thin and ergonomic models. The single-touch function keys provide ease of access for adjusting contrast, brightness, volume, dashboard, rewind, play, and pause or fast forward. Hence, you can use a single button to control or access the features of your iPad or Mac-book.

Interestingly, the wireless Apple keyboard has no gaps between keys. This prevents the accumulation of dust particles, hair or even food particles between the keys. Such a keyboard is ideal for people who eat while they work on their computers. The wireless Apple keyboard and gears TV is quite sleek and occupies very little space, unlike the wired keyboards. The Bluetooth connectivity allows users to operate the keyboard within 30 feet from the main computer, iPad or laptop.

Apple Wireless Keyboard Tech Specs

  • Single-touch function keys for higher productivity
  • Ergonomic design for additional comfort
  • Crisp keyboard with low profile keys
  • Occupies 24 percent less space than wired keyboards
  • Aluminum enclosed responsive keys for easy typing
  • Compatible with all Macs, iPad and wireless mouse for a clutter-free work desk
  • The wireless keyboard operates on only two AA batteries
  • Keyboard shuts off automatically when not in use and switches on soon as you begin to type

Setting up Apple Wireless Keyboard

The new iMac comes with an Apple wireless keyboard. You can also buy this keyboard for any earlier Mac versions for under $70. With iMac, you can get a pre-paired wireless keyboard and mouse. This makes the installation set up quick and easy. You just have to press release the keyboard’s on and off button. When you power on iMac, use the setup assistant instruction guide to activate the Bluetooth wireless Apple keyboard.

Apple Wireless Keyboard With Other Computers

Keep the wireless Apple keyboard turned off.

On the Mac, go to “system preferences” in the Apple menu. In the View menu, select the Bluetooth tab.

You can see the wireless Apple keyboard option on the left-hand side of the preference section in the Bluetooth tab. Turn it off.

Now you need to pair this wireless Apple keyboard with another computer. Hence, again turn on the Apple wireless keyboard. It will display a blinking green light. This means that your device is discoverable by Bluetooth. It is important to pair your keyboard with the new Mac computer within three minutes otherwise, the keyboard will power off.

Again, go to the “system preferences” and select the keyboard option in your computer’s view menu to select “set up Bluetooth” for your keyboard. Now click here Pubg pc, select your wireless Apple keyboard and pair it with the Mac as per the instruction guide. After entering the eight-digit password, select the “return” option. Thus, you can disconnect the earlier wired keyboard and use the new wireless Apple keyboard for your computer.

Apple Wireless Keyboard Price

Apple Wireless Keyboard is available for Rs 3890