Archiving By 365


If you are a Microsoft 365 customer be aware that your email will be archived from time to time. While I understand why Microsoft does this it can be confusing, especially the first time this happens.

What Does This Mean?

  • Any (old) email that you have received, even if it was deleted or moved into a special folder will be moved (by Microsoft) to your “Online Archive”.
  • You can access this ‘archived mail’ on the left  pane of your microsoft Outlook client. You will find this near the bottom of the left pane. Look for “Online Archive —-your email address”.
  • Click the arrow to the right side of this and your archived email will be here. The first time you do this – it may take a minute or two depending on how much email is in your archive.

More to Know

  • Unfortunately Microsoft cannot recreate any folders you made. Theerefore all of your old email will simply be in the archive inbox. To me this is the biggest problem here. I for one am crazy for organizing everything in my life, even my inbox and to see all of this taken away is somewhat frustrating.
  • If you move any of your archived email back to its original folder it will simply revert back to the online archive. So don’t do this.
  • If you want to re-organize the archived email you will have to recreate the folders again, inside the online archive.
  • You can search the online archive in the same manner as your regular inbox.
  • You can also access your “online archive” through your Outlook client or on the Microsoft 365 Portal.
  • The online archive cannot be accessed via mobile devides (smartphones) and most tablets.