Barry Morphew’s daughters stand by him as he sues for $15M over dropped charges for murdering missing mom

Barry Morphew's daughters stand by him as he sues for $15M over dropped charges for murdering missing mom

The daughters of missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew are still standing by their dad — saying they “never had a shred of doubt” about his innocence as he sues for $15 million over since-dropped murder charges.

Mallory and Macy Morphew supportively held hands with dad Barry during an ABC News interview marking the third anniversary of when their 49-year-old mom went missing during a Mother’s Day bike ride close to their Maysville home.

Barry Morphew, 55, again insisted he was “absolutely not” involved in his wife’s disappearance — even as authorities told ABC News he remains a suspect despite charges being dropped just before his trial.

Macy said that she has “never had a shred of doubt” that her dad was innocent.

“Not one,” added her sister, Mallory, calling the last three years “very, very sad [and] very confusing.”

“Like, literally our worst nightmare,” added Macy of the “so traumatic” experience of losing their mom and almost their dad, too.

Sources insisted to ABC News that Barry Morphew remained under suspicion. The murder charges were dropped without prejudice, meaning he was not cleared and they can be filed again.

Macy, left, Barry, middle, and Mallory, right, during interview on third anniversary of mom's disappearance.
Macy, left, and Mallory, right, stood by dad Barry, Center, during interview on third anniversary of mom’s disappearance.

Suzanne Morphew, who is still missing, presumed murdered.
Barry said he was “”absolutely not” involved in the disappearance of his wife Suzanne, pictured.
Barry Morphew / Facebook

Barry Morphew was asked about officials believing “they had their guy” with “a mountain of evidence against” him.

“They’re wrong,” he replied firmly.

“They’ve got tunnel vision and they looked at one person. And they’ve got too much pride to say they’re wrong and look somewhere else,” he said.

MAcy, Barry and Mallory Morphew interviewed about Suzanne's disappearance.
Macy, left, “never had a shred of doubt” that her dad was innocent. “Not one,” her sister Mallory, right, added.

Still, he acknowledged the possibility of fresh charges. “I was innocent the first time they arrested me, so I’m sure it’s possible,” he said.

“But I don’t have anything to worry about. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

His loyal daughters both denied seeing anything amiss in their parent’s marriage, even as ABC News unearthed text messages in which the missing mom said she was “done” with her “Jekyl and Hyde” husband.

In them, Suzanne Morphew said she “had a very tough talk” with Macy, who was “weary of the tension here” and “begged” her to get a divorce, the outlet said. “He’s still pulling Mal in,” one message read.

The Morphew family in happy portrait.
The daughters denied sensing trouble in their parents’ marriage, despite evidence alleged in text messages.

Barry, however, maintained that they “had a wonderful life, a wonderful marriage” to the “so loving and giving” wife — despite finding out she’d been having a two-year affair.

“My heart was broke … my heart was broken,” he said of discovering his wife’s cheating. “I didn’t believe it,” he said.

“I know that she was going through chemotherapy for the last couple of years before her disappearance and I know she was going through some hard things and made some bad decisions,” he said of her battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Barry and Suzanne Morphew.
Barry said they “had a wonderful life, a wonderful marriage” despite his still-missing wife having a two-year affair.
Barry Morphew / Facebook

“She was really having trouble with the chemotherapy and the drugs.”

He told the outlet that the hardest part has been “not knowing” what happened to his wife.

“It’s really difficult, especially because of the lack of closure we have,” Macy said.

He filed the $15 million federal civil rights civil lawsuit against prosecutors, the sheriff and several investigators.

Barry Morphew in his mugshot.
Barry Morphew is suing for $15 million over the murder charges that were dropped just before he went to trial.
Chaffee County Sheriff

“I know that $15 million is a huge number but I don’t think that, in my mind, that covers any of the damage that’s happened to Barry and the girls,” one of his attorneys, Jane Fisher-Byrialsen, told ABC News.

Another, Iris Eytan, claimed that all of those they are suing “know he’s innocent.”

“If they would just look for Suzanne outside of where they hypothesized Barry could’ve possibly buried her remains, they could find her,” Eytan said.

District Attorney Linda Stanley of the 11th Judicial District and the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Department both declined to comment, citing impending litigation and ongoing investigations, ABC News said.

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