Become a PPC Optimizer and Triple Your Profits!

Become a PPC Optimizer and Triple Your Profits!
Become a PPC Optimizer and Triple Your Profits!

You, the PPC optimizer, pay a rate (which you specify) per click for every visitor who clicks through from your ad on the search engine site (or their affiliates) to your website. It’s simple and quick. Each unique keyword phrase (for example, “digital cameras”) has its own bid price. You set the budget. With a credit card and your URL (website address), you’re on your way to advertising on the web’s top sites in no time.

Let’s say you bid $0.05 for the keyword “lawnmowers”. That means that when someone on the pay-per-click search engine enters “lawnmowers”, all the ads that have bid on that specific keyword (including yours) will be listed by the search engine. The highest PPC bidder is placed at the top and the lowest bidder at the bottom.

Right now if you follow this link You will see the highest bid for lawn mowers on FindWhat (one of the PPC engines). At the time of this writing, the top spot was $0.17. With your $0.05 bid, you will be in the ninth spot (this very well may have changed, as PPC bids fluctuate all the time). If the searcher reads down to the ninth ad (yours) and clicks on it, you are charged $0.05. If not, you are not charged.

That’s the basics of pay-per-click search engines. Look, you’re already on your way to becoming a great PPC optimizer and setting your campaign up for pay-per-click optimization! So what’s next…

The Top PPC Search Engines

Now that you know how ppc engines work, we will show you the best of the best pay per click search engines.

The absolute best in terms of traffic is Overture. Also if you follow this link, you can receive $10 in free pay-per-click advertising. Unfortunately, Overture is also the most popular and therefore the bids can get high. If you spend a lot of time researching keywords, then you can receive adequate traffic at $0.10 a click.

There are a number of “second-tier” PPC’s that will provide you with ample traffic, given that you get enough keywords together and bid high enough. In general, you will save quite a bit of money by using these search engines over the “big engines”.

As a PPC Optimizer, my overall favorite is FindWhat at Bids at this PPC search engine are slowly creeping up, and you used to be able to get traffic for only $0.01 a click. Unfortunately, due to their popularity, they recently raised their minimum cost to $0.05 a click. They continue to expand their traffic partners and as such, it makes it easier for you to get a good deal on traffic. This search engine is an absolute must to use.

Another high-quality search engine is Go Click at Like FindWhat, it provides searches at $0.01 per click. The general ROI for this PPC is very high, so you will get your money’s worth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic, so it may take some time for all your traffic to arrive.

Become a PPC Optimizer and Triple Your Profits!
Become a PPC Optimizer and Triple Your Profits!

One search engine that continues to get mixed reviews is Kanoodle. Some think that it delivers horrible traffic, some think that it is great. Luckily, they are currently offering a free $10 trial, so you can test them out and see how the traffic works for you. I have seen the ads for this special at Pay Per Click Analyst. I’m unsure how long they will be running this offer, so sign up now.

Since the minimum bid is $0.05, if you get enough keywords and listings into their system, once your free $10 is spent, you will have received 200 Free Visitors. The next few steps are how you will actually attract visitors: you must create a large list of keywords, and then you will need a title and a description.

Evaluating Search Terms

The first thing you will have to do in order to use the Pay Per Click Search Engines is to create a large list of keywords or search terms.

Use the four criteria to evaluate potential search terms:

  • Relevance
  • Cost
  • Popularity
  • Performance
  • Relevance

Relevance is not just making sure that a search term can apply to your product or service but, more specifically, that it is unlikely to apply to any other product or service.

Think about it this way, would you use the selected search term to look for your product or service?


Next up is the cost you should pay for your keyword.


Popularity is simply the relative usage of one search term over another. ‘buy’ and ‘purchase’ may mean the same thing but people are generally much more likely to use the word ‘buy’ than ‘purchase’ when searching.

You should maximize the popularity of your keywords when you can get a reasonable bid. One great tool for judging the popularity of a search term is the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool


Your most important goal as a PPC optimizer is to make your listings perform. Performance is something you will have to determine for yourself by tracking your customers from initial referral through to the sale.

Most of the top PPC engines will provide tools to help you optimize your listings and report the return on investment of each of your campaigns.

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