Benefits of using Google AMP during the development of your website

In this modern digital marketing world, most of the people exclaimed a new one, seems to have appeared in search results, social networks including messaging apps known to be “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. This gigantic one actually knocks into concerned open sourced technical components and gradually increases the speed for overall online content readers. Thus allowing maintaining the integrity of content where one wants to feature. At the same time, it feeds the data through an already existing page network in order to optimize speed, decrease loading time on gadgets.

A brief sketch about AMP

AMP is nothing but an open source coding standard for publishers and its major aim is to load sites in a shorter interval of time on mobile gadgets since its responsive can be a slower one. Most of the desktop resources are heavy, enormous that s the major complicated issue. In other words, it can be said that a list of elements of a desktop website is unnecessary one exclusively for a mobile site.  Still now, AMP is just user experience and it is encouraging several websites to follow suit in each and every phase.

The overall mobile web browsing can be extremely a slower process and definitely, it is a painful experience too. Typically, an AMP project aims to solve an annoying experience just by making it an easier one for publishers in order to create data that loads immediately on Smartphones. AMP uses a special syntax within source code which is specially designed for speed factor and increases cloud-based caching along with pre-rendering mechanism.

Importance of AMP and its benefits

For the users who are looking to engage visitors to your concerned site, speed is the major key. Most of them leave the site in case if it takes more than four seconds to load, this is the major reason where AMP is a factor implementation. In case if the site’s speed is increased along with engaging content, Search Engine Result page enhances due to the major reason of low bounce rate.  It can also be said that if an interesting 100% quality content is available along with great speed, then ranking in search result automatically to likely increase. In order to process an AMP work faster two things are important such as faster load time along with best quality content. Yes, no doubt AMP has a greater potential to make visitors happy and it means more to Google. If a person browses, one can get higher rankings, bring more traffic and at the same time increase revenue too. 

The major benefit from the user side is that one can have better mobile web experience. Its overall project report exclaims that Speed Index Enhancement is of between 15% and 85%. One can also explore the live example of AMP content. From the publisher’s view, AMP means about the engaged audience as they can move between content in an efficient manner.

From a positive thinking perspective, technology becomes a popular one and the users are pulled towards AMP as a standard one. The publishers can also view extra traffic of users seeking AMP content just opposed to that of traditional web content. Additionally, Amp will also benefit from performance updates without making any changes to the source code. 

The high-lightened factors are faster load speed, better user experience including lower bounce rate, it is also easier to install and accessibility of mobile-first index is a possible one without any complication. Just choose high priority pages, place tags and also a line of code. For testing purpose, always use Google’s structured data testing tool. There is no difficulty, since AMP ties site to Google.

SEO Benefits of AMP

Generally, AMP Pages adds value to the mobile user experience, it is a great benefit to both marketing and SEO. One of the major benefits is that AMP gets an SEO upgrade since these web pages show up on Google News. The AMP pages are paid more attention; more organizations sign up automatically publish content. Typically, a top SEO agency helps the entrepreneurs in all the ways in order to move the business to its next level.  Loading Time is an important factor in SERP ranking. Hence, faster your web page, higher the rank and more content get visible.

Bounce rate makes the readers stay on the web page for a long time and also helps to reduce the bounce rate. It may be not an important ranking factor in SEO; a low bounce rate helps in validation of search engines. Always target on AMP for both articles & blog content, you can view a great change in the reader retention rates. Most of the publishers can use AMP for a longer period and automatically success is yours.

What are the major steps to get started with AMP in WordPress?

One can integrate AMP in just a few minutes for a WordPress site. A series of steps are given below. Just have a view and proceed on with it accordingly;

1) Install AMP WordPress plug-in and activate it; Amp on all your web pages but there is no any chance of redirecting mobile visitors to a concerned web page.

2) With the aid of an FTP program, edit the .htaccess file.

3) Finally, edit CSS in order to make Accelerated Mobile Pages a complete one.

Difference between AMP & Non-AMP Mobile Browsing

One of the vivid differences is that AMP does not have more data for complicated user experience. Each and everything is stripped down; Initially, AMP forces allows for a full-fledged version of Cascading Style Sheet. Here, JavaScript is not allowed in any of part, off-the-shelf JavaScript library forces with reliable images. Typically when integrating AMP with responsive mobile pages, both factors of speed and readability are considered as top priority factors.

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