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Best Reseller

Value, in my eyes, is something that is far more important than price. Simply looking for a cheap web host is not always the best solution. While a web host may provide hosting at a low cost, this does not necessarily mean it is good value hosting.

For a web host to offer the best value hosting, it must offer their services both at a great price and be of very high quality. This means they must offer outstanding customer support and a generous offering all at a low price.

On a web hosting company that exceeds at best value hosting is Hosting Raja. Hosting Raja is a relatively new web hosting company that has put every effort into making their customers happy, while at the same time offering a fantastic hosting package for cheap prices.

While other web hosts may strive in top quality service, and others compete to offer the lowest website hosting price , Hosting Raja does the best job of doing both at the same time

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting allows you to sell hosting to others, so you can actually start your own web hosting company this way! You pay for a hosting plan, and then sell that hosting on to somebody else who needs it. Best for those who’ll be managing 10 sites or more, reseller hosting is often used by web designers or businesses who need to provide hosting to clients.

Best Reseller Hosting

HostingRaja is a capable web host that offers a vast range of products and services, including one of the most comprehensive reseller hosting plans around reseller hosting India.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting package that allows the user to create additional shared hosting accounts for clients. Reseller hosting is ideal for freelance web designers and developers because it requires very little overhead, and yet allows them to offer a full-featured hosting solution that costs them very little.

Reseller hosting is also a very good way to make a profit in the web hosting industry. Whether it be bypassing costs onto clients, or by setting up a hosting company to sell shared hosting packages to users, reseller packages offer a lot of flexibility and opportunity for online business.

An ambitious offering with loads of extras

HostingRaja Reseller Hosting

  • Allows for plenty of flexibility
  • Integrated daily backups
  • CDNGood value for what you’re getting

While there are several web hosts out there that offer reseller hosting packages, the best reseller hosting that I (and many others) have seen is HostingRaja’s reseller hosting package.

Starting at around 150 INR/month HostingRaja’s reseller package is one of the best on the market because it allows anyone, even people with very little knowledge of how reseller hosting works, to set up a reseller hosting account pretty much painlessly.

HostingRaja’s reseller plan is also very versatile in that it allows resellers to have a very generous offering in terms of hosting services – unlimited in most cases. The only downfall of this being smaller storage and bandwidth caps on the lower end reseller plans.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper HostingRaja’s web hosting plan without their 24/7 customer support. Resellers can contact support with any issues and expect excellent response time and friendly staff, which is based in India.