Better Photography with your iPhone

Nowadays, Apple’s iPhone is considered as one of the most popular smartphone. More than its sleek, elegant design, smartphone users choose the iPhone because of its functionality. One of the best features of the iPhone is its ability to take quality photos and videos. In this article, we will tackle 13 tips that will enhance the quality of photos taken from your iPhone.

Iphone Photography1. Clean the Lens

People would commonly put their iPhones inside their bags or pockets. So, before taking any photos make sure that the lens of your camera is clear from any traces of dusts and fingerprints. Having a lens covered with dusts and fingerprints will affect the clarity and over-all quality of your photos.

2. Adjust the Settings According to Your Preference

Always remember that your iPhone already has built-in settings and modes that can aid you in taking pictures that will turn-out to be just the way you like them to be taken. Read the manual and maximize the use of your iPhone camera’s built-in features.

Iphone stand3. Try to Find an iPhone Stand

Keep in mind that it takes a few seconds for the iPhone to process shots into photos. If your hands are having a difficult time in staying still at a certain position position for around ten seconds, it is highly advisable for you to use an iPhone stand when taking photos. This will prevent your pictures from looking blurry because of slight hand movements while waiting for your shot to be processed.

4. Learn When to Use Flash

It is not wise to always activate your camera’s flash. There are only particular situations wherein taking shots with an enabled flash is advisable. Only turn on the flash when taking photos in broad daylight and utter darkness. Don’t use flash when taking photos of people, glasses, still objects, and events.

5. Refrain from Using the Zoom Function

If you want to take a good shot of something, move as close to it as you can before taking a shot. Don’t settle with taking a shot at a far distance by utilizing the zoom function because this will greatly compromise the quality of your photo by making it look grainy.

instagram6. Take Advantage of Apps

Oftentimes, the iPhone’s built-in features have limitations; but don’t fret, because the downloadable apps can make up for their insufficiencies. For instance, the TrueHDR is a good complement to the HDR feature of the iPhone.

7. The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is one of the most basic techniques in photography. Luckily, the iPhone has a built-in function – the Grid Option – to help you take better shots. Once you have enabled the option, simply position your subject along the lines for maximum results.

8. Use HDR

Another great built-in feature of the iPhone is the HDR or High Dynamic Range. This feature allows you to take high-quality photos by putting together three photos taken in different modes into a singular picture with just one shot.

9.Position Your Subject

Every photo has a subject. As the photographer, it is up to you on how you wish to portray the subject in your photo. Experiment with different angles and position your subject properly to capture the best shot possible.

10. Find Good Lighting

Regardless of the technology that you are using for taking photos, lightning is an essential aspect of photography that must never be forgotten. Make sure that when taking photos with your iPhone, you have sufficient light to enable you to capture a visible subject. For best results, take photos with your iPhone when outdoors where sunlight is present.

iphone lens11. Buy Extra Lenses

If you are really serious with taking exceptional photos with your iPhone, it is highly encouraged that you buy magnetic wide lenses that can be attached to your iPhone. These lenses will help you take better quality shots and help you overcome the limitations of your iPhone’s built-in lenses.

12. Edit Your Photos

To enhance the pictures you have taken, you may want to edit your photos. Using available apps or any photo-editing software, you may enhance a photo by changing the color, tone, lighting, resolution, and many more.

13. It is a Camera: Treat it Like One

Your iPhone camera is not much different from the traditional camera you have always known. Therefore, treat it like one buy holding it as if you are holding a camera. Use your two hands and hold it firmly.

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The iPhone in itself already has the capacity to take great photos. Follow the aforementioned tips and you are well on your way to become a professional photographer by simply using the camera of your iPhone.

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