Biden calls Peter Doocy to ‘clear the air’ after insult

Biden calls Peter Doocy to 'clear the air' after insult

President Biden reached out to Peter Doocy on Monday night and “cleared the air” after calling the Fox News White House correspondent a “stupid son of a bitch” hours earlier.

Doocy told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that the president called him on his cell phone and told the reporter, “it’s nothing personal, pal” after the hot mic blunder in the White House East Room.

Asked if Biden issued an apology, Doocy said, “He cleared the air” and told the host he doesn’t “need anybody to apologize to me.”

“I appreciated it. We had a nice call,” Doocy said of the communication.

“They keep calling us on the briefing, and the president said ‘nothing personal, pal’ and so, I think that’s enough, that’s enough. So we can move on … we can now move forward,” Doocy said.

Peter Doocy
Peter Doocy says he doesn’t need an apology but he is ready to move forward.
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White House press conference
After the incident, President Biden reached out to Doocy.
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The president was caught delivering the insult during an event Monday when Doocy asked him about soaring inflation as the press was being led out of the White House event.

“Do you think inflation is a political liability?” Doocy asked Biden.

“No, it’s a great asset — more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch,” the president sneered.

The shocking remarks were cut from the White House video feed but were audible on video streamed by C-SPAN.

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