Biden’s colonoscopy found potentially precancerous polyp

Biden's colonoscopy found potentially precancerous polyp

President Biden had a benign, slow-growing and potential precancerous polyp removed from his colon during last week’s unexpected colonoscopy, his doctor revealed in a memo. 

The 3 millimeter polyp was identified as a “tubular adenoma” — similar to the polyp Biden had removed in 2008, the president’s doctor Kevin O’Connor said Wednesday.

The specimen, while benign, is potentially thought to be precancerous but there is “no further action” required for the president, other than routine checkups, the physician said.

O’Connor added that repeat colonoscopies are usually recommended in seven to 10 years. 

Following Biden’s routine doctor’s appointment on Friday, O’Connor released a six-page report of the president’s physical, initially revealing the benign polyp was identified. O’Connor wrote that the colonoscopy was “reassuring.” 

The doctor also noted the 79-year-old commander in chief is “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency,” though experiencing more “stiffness.” 

Biden underwent anesthesia for his colonoscopy at Walter Reed Medical Center, handing over presidential powers to Vice President Kamala Harris for 85 minutes. 

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are greeted before boarding Air Force One.
The 3 millimeter polyp was benign and “no further action” is required for President Biden other than routine checkups.
Carolyn Kaster/AP

His physical and procedure were not listed on his daily schedule and White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to answer questions about when the appointment was scheduled. 

Despite the positive health news, many Americans are worried about the president’s health.

A Politico/Morning Consult survey published last week found that around 50 percent of registered voters disagreed with the statement “Joe Biden is in good health,” while only 40 percent agreed and 10 percent had no opinion.

President Joe Biden.
The doctor also noted that President Biden is “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”
Jonathan Ernst/REUTERS

The poll also found that approximately 48 percent of voters disagreed with the statement “Joe Biden is mentally fit,” while 46 percent agreed and 6 percent had no opinion.

The numbers are similar to a Harvard-Harris poll from last month which found that 53 percent of voters have doubts about the president’s fitness, while 47 percent do not. The survey also found that 58 percent of respondents said Biden was too old to be president, while 42 percent felt he was fit enough for the job.

The White House has carefully tiptoed around questions about Biden’s health throughout his time in office as he is currently the oldest person to sit as president. 

Most recently, Psaki blamed a persistent cough on allergies.

In his report last week, Biden’s physical revealed the coughing was caused by stomach acid, noting there were no tumors or polyps and his vocal cords appeared normal.

“Tracheal, esophageal and pharyngeal epithelium did show changes associated with persistent gastroesophageal reflux,” O’Connor wrote, adding, “there were no signs of ulcers, cancer or any other serious condition.”

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