Black Friday Tech Tips

This week the holiday season officially gets underway with Thanksgiving followed by “Black Friday”. During the past decade tech stuff has taken up a greater role in the offerings provided by retailers and this year is no different. Here are some things to look for this year.

Buyer Beware

Be warned that what you are purchasing is not discontinued because it has suffered from bad reviews in 2014 or that it has been discontinued.

Early Bird Shoppers

When you see big discounts make sure you get to the store, or the Web site early. This is because retailers are often so eager to lure shoppers, Black Friday many times starts at midnight or even on Thanksgiving Day. Be aware of this because if the retailer actually begins their sale on Thanksgiving and you show up on Friday you may be out of luck.

Very Inexpensive Laptops

Perhaps this holiday season you are in the market for another laptop for yourself or a family member but you don’t want to break the bank. There are several good options here from the high to low end. There are many choices but here are two of my recommendations.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3– If you are looking for an high end laptop/tablet hybrid this is a great deal at $799.

For about half the price of the Surface Pro you can grab the HP Pavilion 15.6″ Touch Screen at $399.

Use Your Smartphones, Tablets and Social Media

Stores are now offering dedicated shopping apps, in some cases offering discounts and coupon codes. Sometimes this adds will direct you to “like” their add on Twitter or Facebook which often provides you with another discounted “code”.

iPhone Accessories Fire Sale

With the iPhone 6 out iPhone 5 accessories like cases, battery chargers and more can be found many times discounted, especially during the holidays.

Tablets for Every Budget

iPads are not discounted, but I have seen the Surface Pro 3 on sale for $799 at the Microsoft Store which is about a $100 price drop. There are also now a number of smaller, less expensive tablets available in the $200-$300 range which is amazing. These will usually be Android and Windows tablets. Of the two available today I prefer the low end Windows tablets as compared to the Android tablets.

Dell Venue 8 – A great Windows tablet for $199.

For a little more cash you can check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which runs Android at $249.

Be Aware of “Leaked” Ads

Retailers often alter their sales as they learn what competitors plan on doing or as their inventory changes. So understanding this check the retailer’s ads you are most-interested in periodically.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to pick up a gift for your favorite tech guy!

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