Bodycam shows car slam into Iowa deputy helping stranded driver

Bodycam shows car slam into Iowa deputy helping stranded driver

An Iowa deputy’s body camera caught the frightening moment he was struck by a vehicle while assisting a stranded driver on a snowy highway over the weekend.

Deputy Brandon Bjoin of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office was helping a driver that had gotten stuck on the median of Interstate 80 around 4:20 p.m. on Saturday when, unbeknownst to the deputy, another accident occurred behind him, according to the sheriff’s office.

A black suburban barreled into the median where Bjoin was standing and “sideswiped him,” hitting his right arm and forcing him to the ground, authorities said.

Video from Bjoin’s body camera shows the deputy talking to the male driver on the side of the road, offering to take him to a gas station. Suddenly, the deputy is hit with a car from his right side and knocked to the ground.

Moment Deputy Brandon Bjoin was hit by a black suburban.
Dallas County Sheriff (Iowa)

Bodycam footage of Dallas County Deputy Brandon Bjoin hit by a car on side of I-80.
Bjoin suffered bruising to his right arm, the sheriff’s office said.
Dallas County Sheriff (Iowa)

The stranded driver, who was not hit, asks if he is okay as he stands over him before the video cuts out.

Miraculously, Bjoin was not seriously injured. He was taken by Dallas County EMS to Methodist Hospital in downtown Des Moines and was later released with bruising to his arm.

“Deputy Bjoin was extremely lucky that he did not suffer a major injury or death,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

“We hope this serves as a reminder to all motorists to slow down when you see flashing lights and to use caution in winter driving situations.”

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