Brooklyn PTA parents blast DOE ban of ex-principal Nadia Lopez

Brooklyn PTA parents blast DOE ban of ex-principal Nadia Lopez

Parents at a Brownsville school where famed ex-principal Nadia Lopez was banned are blasting the move as “absurd” and “unfair” – and calling on city Department of Education Chancellor David Banks to intervene.

“That was unfair to her and unfair to the kids,” Natalia Apolayo, PTA president at Mott Hall Bridges Academy, told The Post. “She was always a good principal and a good role model”

Lopez, who founded the middle school, brought acclaim – and $1.4 million in donations – after an 8th grader on Humans of New York praised her as most influential in his life.

Last month, after Lopez stopped in with an alumnus to say hello, District 23 Superintendent Miatheresa Pate told her to leave and not return. Officials filed a complaint that Lopez came unannounced, took photos of students, and posted images on Instagram. They were also irked by an email Lopez sent to faculty criticizing the school’s “current leadership.” 

“This is absurd,” another PTA mom said. “This lady put her health at risk to be 100 percent for the students, parents and staff.”

Nadia Lopez in front of Mott Hall Bridges Academy sign
Lopez founded Mott Hall Bridges Academy.
Mott Hall Bridges Academy
Nadia Lopez was asked to leave the school she founded when she visited.
Angel Chevrestt

Parents want to tell Banks that the culture of the school has gone downhill, she said.  “Our scholars are at stake.”

Mott Hall Bridges alumni stay in touch with Lopez, turning to her for ongoing guidance and support.

“She made Mott Hall a home,” said Leanna Rodriquez, a senior at the University of North Carolina. “More than anything, she was a second mother to all of us.”

Dominique Harrell, a senior at Buffalo State, described a close bond with Lopez.

“It’s just not the work she put in, but the love and care she had for us. She fought for all the students. She believed in us.”

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