Benefits of using Google AMP during the development of your website

In this modern digital marketing world, most of the people exclaimed a new one, seems to have appeared in search results, social networks including messaging apps known to be “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. This gigantic one actually knocks into concerned open sourced technical components and gradually increases the speed for overall online content readers. Thus allowing maintaining the integrity of content where one wants to feature. At the same time, it feeds the data through an already existing page network in order to optimize speed, decrease loading time on gadgets.

A brief sketch about AMP

AMP is nothing but an open source coding standard for publishers and its major aim is to load sites in a shorter interval of time on mobile gadgets since its responsive can be a slower one. Most of the desktop resources are heavy, enormous that s the major complicated issue. In other words, it can be said that a list of elements of a desktop website is unnecessary one exclusively for a mobile site.  Still now, AMP is just user experience and it is encouraging several websites to follow suit in each and every phase.

The overall mobile web browsing can be extremely a slower process and definitely, it is a painful experience too. Typically, an AMP project aims to solve an annoying experience just by making it an easier one for publishers in order to create data that loads immediately on Smartphones. AMP uses a special syntax within source code which is specially designed for speed factor and increases cloud-based caching along with pre-rendering mechanism.

Importance of AMP and its benefits

For the users who are looking to engage visitors to your concerned site, speed is the major key. Most of them leave the site in case if it takes more than four seconds to load, this is the major reason where AMP is a factor implementation. In case if the site’s speed is increased along with engaging content, Search Engine Result page enhances due to the major reason of low bounce rate.  It can also be said that if an interesting 100% quality content is available along with great speed, then ranking in search result automatically to likely increase. In order to process an AMP work faster two things are important such as faster load time along with best quality content. Yes, no doubt AMP has a greater potential to make visitors happy and it means more to Google. If a person browses, one can get higher rankings, bring more traffic and at the same time increase revenue too. 

The major benefit from the user side is that one can have better mobile web experience. Its overall project report exclaims that Speed Index Enhancement is of between 15% and 85%. One can also explore the live example of AMP content. From the publisher’s view, AMP means about the engaged audience as they can move between content in an efficient manner.

From a positive thinking perspective, technology becomes a popular one and the users are pulled towards AMP as a standard one. The publishers can also view extra traffic of users seeking AMP content just opposed to that of traditional web content. Additionally, Amp will also benefit from performance updates without making any changes to the source code. 

The high-lightened factors are faster load speed, better user experience including lower bounce rate, it is also easier to install and accessibility of mobile-first index is a possible one without any complication. Just choose high priority pages, place tags and also a line of code. For testing purpose, always use Google’s structured data testing tool. There is no difficulty, since AMP ties site to Google.

SEO Benefits of AMP

Generally, AMP Pages adds value to the mobile user experience, it is a great benefit to both marketing and SEO. One of the major benefits is that AMP gets an SEO upgrade since these web pages show up on Google News. The AMP pages are paid more attention; more organizations sign up automatically publish content. Typically, a top SEO agency helps the entrepreneurs in all the ways in order to move the business to its next level.  Loading Time is an important factor in SERP ranking. Hence, faster your web page, higher the rank and more content get visible.

Bounce rate makes the readers stay on the web page for a long time and also helps to reduce the bounce rate. It may be not an important ranking factor in SEO; a low bounce rate helps in validation of search engines. Always target on AMP for both articles & blog content, you can view a great change in the reader retention rates. Most of the publishers can use AMP for a longer period and automatically success is yours.

What are the major steps to get started with AMP in WordPress?

One can integrate AMP in just a few minutes for a WordPress site. A series of steps are given below. Just have a view and proceed on with it accordingly;

1) Install AMP WordPress plug-in and activate it; Amp on all your web pages but there is no any chance of redirecting mobile visitors to a concerned web page.

2) With the aid of an FTP program, edit the .htaccess file.

3) Finally, edit CSS in order to make Accelerated Mobile Pages a complete one.

Difference between AMP & Non-AMP Mobile Browsing

One of the vivid differences is that AMP does not have more data for complicated user experience. Each and everything is stripped down; Initially, AMP forces allows for a full-fledged version of Cascading Style Sheet. Here, JavaScript is not allowed in any of part, off-the-shelf JavaScript library forces with reliable images. Typically when integrating AMP with responsive mobile pages, both factors of speed and readability are considered as top priority factors.

How Cloning a Mac Hard Drive Benefits the Users

Cloning a hard drive simply means creating an exact copy of hard drive; the copy consists of all contents of the drive. Now, imagine a situation when you are working on a Macintosh computer system and all of a sudden OS or hard drive crashes. In such situations, cloning the hard drive is the best solution. If you are an aware user, backing up the data must be your priority. Data backup includes cloning as an important backup plan, which also benefits when your system software, applications etc. get corrupt.


As mentioned above, the term ‘clone’ is typically referred to backing up the boot drive of a computer system, which is indeed one of the most important tasks. Below is a closer look at the advantages of cloning hard drive on a Mac based computer system:

Backup the Entire System

Cloning helps you keep a copy of your computer system that clearly implies that you are taking a functional backup of your system. The backup includes OS files, structure of partition table and the home directories. Apart from this, you can use the clone copy as boot drive because it is a replica of Hard Drive of your Mac computer. To do this, you need to plug in the Clone Drive and during boot-up, keep the ‘Options’ key pressed. Cloning differs from the conventional backup systems (for example, Time Machine) that keep more than one versions of files, whereas cloning creates a single copy of files on disk.

Test and Troubleshoot the Problems

With the help of the Clone Drive, you can perform the testing of new software, their updates and applications before their installation on your Mac system. Moreover, if there are issues with the system, you can troubleshoot them by booting off the Clone.

Stay in Touch with your Work

Not surprisingly, you could face problems with the Hard Drive that may lead to its corruption or failure. Subsequently, your work may grind to the halt for hours or days. To prevent such situation, you can boot off the Clone Drive to get back to your tasks.

As a frequent Mac user, you must know that your Mac computer offers an inbuilt utility named ‘Disk Utility’ to clone the Hard Drive. However, the method to use the utility requires a sound understanding, and you might not find it easy to perform the task.

Not to worry! In this case, you can use a commercial software program that facilitates cloning in an easy way. These software are written by Mac experts using comprehensive algorithms. Moreover, you can also image a hard drive on Mac system using such application. Imaging the Hard Drive includes creating image of any volume or the entire Hard Drive in order to restore the data if data loss occurs.

Better Photography with your iPhone

Nowadays, Apple’s iPhone is considered as one of the most popular smartphone. More than its sleek, elegant design, smartphone users choose the iPhone because of its functionality. One of the best features of the iPhone is its ability to take quality photos and videos. In this article, we will tackle 13 tips that will enhance the quality of photos taken from your iPhone.

Iphone Photography1. Clean the Lens

People would commonly put their iPhones inside their bags or pockets. So, before taking any photos make sure that the lens of your camera is clear from any traces of dusts and fingerprints. Having a lens covered with dusts and fingerprints will affect the clarity and over-all quality of your photos.

2. Adjust the Settings According to Your Preference

Always remember that your iPhone already has built-in settings and modes that can aid you in taking pictures that will turn-out to be just the way you like them to be taken. Read the manual and maximize the use of your iPhone camera’s built-in features.

Iphone stand3. Try to Find an iPhone Stand

Keep in mind that it takes a few seconds for the iPhone to process shots into photos. If your hands are having a difficult time in staying still at a certain position position for around ten seconds, it is highly advisable for you to use an iPhone stand when taking photos. This will prevent your pictures from looking blurry because of slight hand movements while waiting for your shot to be processed.

4. Learn When to Use Flash

It is not wise to always activate your camera’s flash. There are only particular situations wherein taking shots with an enabled flash is advisable. Only turn on the flash when taking photos in broad daylight and utter darkness. Don’t use flash when taking photos of people, glasses, still objects, and events.

5. Refrain from Using the Zoom Function

If you want to take a good shot of something, move as close to it as you can before taking a shot. Don’t settle with taking a shot at a far distance by utilizing the zoom function because this will greatly compromise the quality of your photo by making it look grainy.

instagram6. Take Advantage of Apps

Oftentimes, the iPhone’s built-in features have limitations; but don’t fret, because the downloadable apps can make up for their insufficiencies. For instance, the TrueHDR is a good complement to the HDR feature of the iPhone.

7. The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is one of the most basic techniques in photography. Luckily, the iPhone has a built-in function – the Grid Option – to help you take better shots. Once you have enabled the option, simply position your subject along the lines for maximum results.

8. Use HDR

Another great built-in feature of the iPhone is the HDR or High Dynamic Range. This feature allows you to take high-quality photos by putting together three photos taken in different modes into a singular picture with just one shot.

9.Position Your Subject

Every photo has a subject. As the photographer, it is up to you on how you wish to portray the subject in your photo. Experiment with different angles and position your subject properly to capture the best shot possible.

10. Find Good Lighting

Regardless of the technology that you are using for taking photos, lightning is an essential aspect of photography that must never be forgotten. Make sure that when taking photos with your iPhone, you have sufficient light to enable you to capture a visible subject. For best results, take photos with your iPhone when outdoors where sunlight is present.

iphone lens11. Buy Extra Lenses

If you are really serious with taking exceptional photos with your iPhone, it is highly encouraged that you buy magnetic wide lenses that can be attached to your iPhone. These lenses will help you take better quality shots and help you overcome the limitations of your iPhone’s built-in lenses.

12. Edit Your Photos

To enhance the pictures you have taken, you may want to edit your photos. Using available apps or any photo-editing software, you may enhance a photo by changing the color, tone, lighting, resolution, and many more.

13. It is a Camera: Treat it Like One

Your iPhone camera is not much different from the traditional camera you have always known. Therefore, treat it like one buy holding it as if you are holding a camera. Use your two hands and hold it firmly.

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The iPhone in itself already has the capacity to take great photos. Follow the aforementioned tips and you are well on your way to become a professional photographer by simply using the camera of your iPhone.

Apple Releases Second Patch for iOS 11

Apple has just released iOS 11.0.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This marks the second bug fix update since iOS 11 launched in September. The build number is 15A421.

It looks to be another round of bug fixes and performance improvements, including a fix for crackly audio during phone calls on iPhone 8, a bug that caused some photos not to show up in user’s libraries and resolves an issue relating to attachments in encrypted email.

Apple states that iOS 11.0.2 brings various ‘bug fixes and improvements for iPhone and iPad’.

The minor update is available now for all iOS 11 devices (including the sixth-generation iPod touch).

Apple released iOS 11 on September 19, followed by iOS 11.0.1 a week later. iOS 11.0.1 addressed problems relating to Microsoft email accounts not being able to connect to the server in the stock Mail app.

To update, open Settings on your iOS device and navigate to General → Software Update. You will need at least 50% battery to perform the update, or be connected to a power outlet.

Recording Your iPhone Screen

One of the new features is iOS 11 is the ability to record your screen. This is not available by default but you can easily add this ability. You can record your screen for many reasons.

Enable Screen Recording

  • The first thing you need to do is add the screen recording button to your iOS 11 Control Center:
  • Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.
  • Under More Controls, scroll down to Screen Recording and tap the green plus button to add it to the controls included in the Control Center.

Create a Recording

  • To create a recording, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to pull up the control center. You’ll now see a record button among your controls.
  • Tap the button and you’ll see a three-second countdown before your phone starts recording.
  • If you want to record audio while doing a screen recording, long press the button in your control center and you’ll see an option to record with or without audio.
  • While recording, the network/clock bar at the top of your screen will be red.
  • To stop recording, you can either tap the red bar at the top of your screen or by bringing up the control center.
  • When you tap the stop button, the screen recording will be saved to your iOS photos.

So with that in mind here is a screen recording of my iPhone setting this up.


Video Player


Saving Your Battery in iOS 11

Like many people, I noticed a decrease in battery life after I installed iOS 11 on my iPhone.

This is actually a very common problem on all iOS versions. However it does seem that each new version of iOS brings complaints about faster battery drain. Some say it’s because you’re using the phone more as you explore all the new features and updates. I have also heard the argument that the new OS is doing a bunch of rewriting or caching or something, and that battery life will even out after the first couple days.

With iOS 11, however, there may be another culprit.

Email Drag

If you’ve ever searched for tips on prolonging iPhone battery life, you’ve almost certainly encountered this one: turn off email fetch. The reasoning is that battery life suffers if your phone automatically checks for new mail every 15 or 30 minutes.

That’s why I always kept my accounts set to “manual,” as I prefer to retrieve mail when I want to retrieve mail.

However, after installing iOS 11, I noticed there were frequently new messages waiting for me each time I opened the Mail app. So I checked my email account settings (which, incidentally, are no longer found in Settings > Mail and, sure enough, all my accounts had been set to Fetch!

Needless to say, you are better off disabling Fetch. Here’s how: tap Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data and change it to Manually. You can also change this to check for email hourly, every 30 minutes or every 15 minutes. Try one of these if you iPhone battery is suffering.


New Google Earth on iOS

Google on Wednesday released its major Google Earth update for iPhone and iPad users.

The new version of Google Earth includes 64-bit processor support, a redesign, and its new Voyager feature for flyover views. Google is including 64-bit processor support just in time for iOS 11, which won’t support 32-bit apps.

Image result for google earth ios

Voyager allows users to interact with guided tours of popular tourist destinations and famous landmarks, providing more context of the location and the ability to virtually fly through it.

Google has included multi-day intineraries for 17 cities under the Travel category, including “Paris with Kids” and “Beyond the Beaches of Rio de Janeiro.” Google said there are more than 140 stories in eight languages available. Knowledge cards also provide interesting facts about a location.

The big Google Earth update was first available on Android and web browsers in April. For iOS users, the update is now available to download on the App Store.

Microsoft Kill’s It’s Windows Keyboard for iOS

Microsoft is removing Word Flow from the App Store. This means that the critically acclaimed keyboard app will no longer be available to iOS users who haven’t already downloaded it. And those that have face the prospect of Word Flow never being updated again. Because that’s how Microsoft rolls.

Having failed with their “Windows Phone” Microsoft began releasing several apps including Word Flow for iOS. Word Flow being a keyboard app designed to replicate the Windows Phone typing experience on your iPhone. Microsoft released Word Flow in April 2016, and gave it a major update adding GIF search and other features in August 2016. You can check out my April 25, 2016 review of Word Flow here.

Now, Microsoft is delisting Word Flow on the App Store. This means that while existing users will be able to carry on using Word Flow (without any future updates or support) new users are being denied the opportunity to try Word Flow out for themselves.

On the Microsoft Garage website, Microsoft describes the Windows Phone keyboard app as “an iOS app with a blazing fast keyboard that comes with search (GIFs, restaurants, and more), free customization options and includes Arc mode for comfortable one-handed typing.”

That one-handed typing is what separated Word Flow from the crowd. Once you got the hang of it Word Flow could speed up your typing, and all while leaving one hand free for other things.

Microsoft is advising Word Flow users to download SwiftKey instead because the former acquired the latter in early 2016. And this acquisition is probably why Microsoft is killing Word Flow in the first place. Let’s just hope the one-handed typing feature now makes it into SwiftKey.

Outlook Just Got Even Better on iOS

My favorite Calendar /Email app on the iPhone is Microsoft’s “Outlook”. This one app handles my email, my calendar and my cloud storage. This awesome app just got even better.


Microsoft today announced a new scheduling assistant on Outlook for iOS. This new feature works similar to the scheduling assistant which is already available in Outlook on the desktop. Before scheduling a meeting, you can now easily see your coworkers’ availability and find a time that works for everyone. Also, Outlook team has made this process so simple to use on Outlook Mobile.


After you create an event from your calendar, add your coworkers to the People field, tap the date picker. Times that work for everyone show in white, yellow indicates availability for one or more people in the group, and red indicates times with no availability. Next, tap the time picker and just drag and drop until it turns green—indicating everyone is available at that time. Once the time and date are finalized, you can complete the other fields and tap the checkmark at the top to save and send your event.

The feature is currently available on Outlook for iOS when connected to Office 365 or the latest versions of Exchange. This feature will be coming soon to Android and Windows 10 mobile as well.

Windows 10 Shines with These 11 New Features

K – I admit it. I am a Windows 10 apologist. I believe Windows 10 is the future of the modern operating system. Although there is still much to improve Windows 10 is well on it’s way to being the first truly modern operating system. I can prove this by talking a little bit about 11 great new featured brought to us bu Windows 10.


Groove Music Player

It looks like Microsoft will compete with Apple’s Garageband home music creation software with a new Groove Music Maker app. The sizzle reel showed an app for mixing instrumental and vocal tracks, plus apply basic effects like reverb.

A Better Windows Defender

Microsoft has been focused heavily on improving the security of Windows 10, and it looks like that’s getting a further upgrade with a redesigned Windows Defender coming in the Creators Update.

In addition to virus protection, the app also includes firewall and network protection, computer performance and health, and family safety features.

Rich Tab Previews with Edge

Microsoft Edge will get a feature designed to make it easier to flip through a bunch of browser tabs. The video shows a user able to scroll through a horizontal carousel of rich tab previews that show the contents of pages before they’re opened.

Tabs in Edge

In a similar tab management vein, Edge will also get a feature that looks like a way for users to save their browser tabs to access later. It’s reminiscent of features like Apple’s Reading List in Safari, which also lets users keep a list of articles and sites they want to hold on to for later.

Collections of Maps

Microsoft’s Maps app is getting a new section called Collections, which appear to be exactly what they sound like — groupings of places. It also seems like there will be some mechanism in the app for sharing those collections between friends, but it’s not immediately clear how that will work.

New Live Tiles

The new Start menu shows a new Cortana live tile, along with an icon for a Battery Level Live tile.

The former seems like a good way for people to get contextual information from Microsoft’s virtual assistant, and the latter seems like a useful tool for people with laptops and tablets.

Customizing Accent Colors

People who want to further customize the way Windows looks will be able to pick from a full palette of accent colors, rather than the handful of swatches that Microsoft allows today. It also looks like Windows will tell users when the color they picked might be unreadable.

Windows Store

It looks like the Windows Store will get support for selling in-app purchases directly from its home screen. Microsoft is showing both Minecraft IAPs and digital items from League of Legends in this screenshot, which could mean that there’s a partnership afoot between the two firms.

That would make sense, considering that Windows and Devices Group chief Terry Myerson name-checked the League of Legends World Championship on stage at the event on Wednesday.

Gaming Limits – Yes Gaming Limits

It looks like the Windows Store will get support for selling in-app purchases directly from its home screen. Microsoft is showing both Minecraft IAPs and digital items from League of Legends in this screenshot, which could mean that there’s a partnership afoot between the two firms.

That would make sense, considering that Windows and Devices Group chief Terry Myerson name-checked the League of Legends World Championship on stage at the event on Wednesday.

Better Quick Actions

 It looks like the Action Center, which houses notifications and quick access to settings, will also start giving users the chance to get access to files they have been working with on other devices.

It seems like an attempt to better compete with Apple’s Continuity features in MacOS and iOS, which also let people pick up where they left off on their iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs.

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