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Know about Angularjs test

Today the technology has advanced and you need to also take some tests in addition to the interview so that the recruitment can be done well. There are many tests and you need to take a test as per the job profile and its needs. If the job is of a node developer then you need to take the Angularjs test. This test will be best tool for recruitment.

What is Angularjs test?

This is an open source kind of test. This will test the java script knowledge of the candidate.  From this test you can understand if the person ha full technical knowledge and if he is fit for the job or not. This will help you for the shortlisting process. A good node developer should have perfect know how of the node notions. He should also know the JS codes.

How does the test functions?

This is an accurate test and you can rely on the results obtained. The test takes one hour and the candidates have to answer the questions in time. They need to speedily give the answers. The test will have total twenty items and they will be further divided in four sections. You need to also see how much experience a candidate has. The test can help you to save your time and money as this test is online one. The test is taken online. There will also be negative marking and the candidates are needed to be careful while they are answering.

Angularjs test and its advantages

The test is designed for a particular job profile. This is taken to assist the skill level that a node developer should have indeed. The test is there for some job roles that can include the big range of targeted customers. As soon as the test is over you will get the results. Once you get the results you can make the shortlisting work easy. This is where the recruitment process is over. While shortlisting you can make a comparative study of the results of all the candidates and then you can remove those candidates from the list which are not fit for the position.

More about the Angularjs test

Angularjs test is a test in which Java script knowledge is checked. Any code that is written in this language belongs to a test set. There are various sorts of such tests and you need to pick a test that fulfils all your needs and the needs of that job. There are also unit tests that can be chosen. There will be some small one line questions and the candidates have to give the right answer. The questions may be some times out of the topic and the candidates are required to prepare well for the test. The candidates are required to generate a different unit code that can work under this test.

The main point of view of the test

In the real sense we simply cannot call a normal function a project. Generally the developers create a mixture of the concerns and then they change into a piece of the code. Then you may get some of the XHR requests. Then there will be division of the data of the responses. With the help of these angular tests we can make it easy to understand.


If you find Dom an abstract can be made out of the same. In this way a model can be tested and there will not be any difference to the Dom. then through the tests you can assess the data that is with you. You can also check the individual functions in different manner. AngularJS will also check the testing capacity of the mind of that of the applicant. You need to take the test in the perfect way. The test questions should also be right. You can ask the experts before you set the questions for the tests. The test questions have to be so accurate that you will find it easy to test the candidates.

Dependency of this test

This test has an in house injection of dependency. This will make the work of tests and the recruitment easy. You need to first set the right question and then candidate will give the exam. The test will take one hour and the candidates will require answering fast. There will also be negative marking for the wrong answers. This is the way you can find out the most suitable candidate and remove those ones which are not suitable for the job position. You can also see how fast the candidates can answer and you can test their thinking capacity. This is the best tool to test their skills.

AngularJS applications and the tests

There are some of the additional tools that can help the test to work in a better way. The tools are best to run the function and also to set up the thing at the initial stage. There are many different commands like jasmine and Karma that can help you to work better. Karma is an effective tool of this language. This is a tool for the java language and one can use it in linkage with the web server. This will create a pressure to the code of the source of the application of the test. This is where the test becomes effective and result oriented as well. Some of the suitable changes can be made to this so that the browsers can run well. In this way you can take the tests in the most professional manner.

The results of this test will be displayed at the line of command. This can be done when a browser is run. This is a node application that can be installed thought the yarn. You will also find some of the guidelines there that can be useful to you. You will also see a growth framework that is used more commonly. This is a perfect selection for the angular applications test. Just take the test and you can recruit the prefect person for you.

Popular Instagram Trends Ravishing The 2018 Market

So, with so many trends already hitting the market, you might get confused while finding the biggest one in 2018. You are just half way through this year and already IG came up with some amazing trends, which are hard to forget. Right from the latest designing crazes to the shopping posts, things have changed drastically over the couple of months. To help keep the business game up and going, there are some popular Instagram trends noted for you. Following these trends might help your IG account get the most amazing likes and followers growth of all time.

Tap to edit the notes:

As the aesthetic of IG tends to continue, Instagram users are now checking out for the favorite influencers for some new app and photo editing secrets, just to stand out in the crowd.

  • At this present moment, people are showing off “before and after” edits on IG stories.
  • Some of them are even selling Light room presets to followers, willing to copy that same look.
  • These photo based transformations are rather impressive and addicting to tap.

In case you have some photo editing tips of your own, feel free to share it with millions of other users. Even though it is mandatory for your IG feed to be consistent and curated, never be afraid to follow suite and try something new. You can work your way out the carousel post to. Your followers will definitely appreciate what they see behind those filters and can use your tips. You can further get apps like Like4Like to get some likes on your filters.

Cross promotional IG posts and stories content:

Instagram stories have quite exploded this year with more than 300 million users turning stories every day. Businesses are definitely going all-in on platform as it is the best ways to reach your following count.

  • With more users shifting attention to IG stories, users can use the same stories for cross-promoting regular posts. Instead of adding screenshot of stories to post, you can share post with new re-share feature.
  • Posts as shared on IG stories will help in displaying original username of poster, which will let users tap it for checking out original ones.
  • There are multiple ways to use new IG feature. It can be used for sharing relatable posts or for driving attention to new campaign.

Re-sharing happens to be a great way to build engagement and also for getting some more eyes on content.

Driving traffic right from posts to stories:

Even though it was all about new post slides previous years, there are some new beginnings just in the opposite manner as well. Multiple businesses are currently directing audiences to IG stories by just teasing content with IG post. You can take some examples after logging online and creating your own IG account.

For the novices out there, following some of the best tactics as mentioned online and followed by IG masters will help big time. You can easily cover up your queries and start growing fan base on your own.

Author Bio: Pete Campbell is a Business Tech Analyst. He is very responsible towards his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.

How to access the Darknet

How to access the Darknet?

Darknet is totally different from the Deepnet in many aspects. It is a recognized digital hive of villainy and scum, where users worldwide conduct their illegal business activities easily.  The Darknet websites are unnamed and you would not be able to tell who the real owner is at the time of using the Darknet website. You should understand that the normal browsers cannot access the Darknet websites due to .onion extension because they are different from the normal domain extension.

The Darknet is an Internet part which hosts unnamed websites which may or not be providing legal content. You would be using Tor browser in order to access these websites. There are many criminals who prefer using only the Darknet. This is mainly because it gives full secrecy. They would sell different type of illegal products like porn videos, weed-sellers and prostitutes at darknet markets. This is the main reason why we consider Darknet as very fatal.

Things Required for accessing the Darknet

In order to access the Darknet, you would need two things for sure. First is a browser which can handle .onion websites. Second is a deep web sites directory which contains URLs of different links or website class so that you would have a clear cut idea of what to enter into the browser’s address bar.

There are many dump sites which can be considered as Darknet directories. Some of them would not be classified properly which would frustrate you by making you to visit wrong websites once you click on the links provided. Make sure you are paying attention while clicking on the links else you would be ending up visiting porn sites and other illegal websites.

Darknet is not a safe place and it is only helpful to the criminals to manage their illegal activities. You should be very careful at the time browsing else authorities would come to know which sites you have been accessing. ISP would help the authorities to know about what you are doing on the Internet and it can easily share your all web history with higher authorities and even to police as well if necessary.

Tor Browsers

You should understand that you can be safe by using the TOR browser only. If you are using any other ordinary browser, than chances of getting caught is higher for you. It is very easy to install TOP on your laptop or computer. It is same like installing any other type of software for your computer. It is very easy to access and use. At the time of opening TOR you would find that it is just like other normal web browser which you would use the same way as you would use any other browser. It is just like Firefox so if you have used this browser than surely you would have a knowledge about it now. It is just a modified version of firefox.

Using TAILS system

If you are looking for more deep security and privacy, than you can use the operating system of TOP which is called TAILS. The TAILS stands for The Amnesiac Incogeneto Live System which can be used with the help of a USB Stick. Most of the people get enough help with the browser only. Searching for the content on the dark web would take your plenty of patience and time. You would not face problem while accessing the TOR network. Just download and install the Tor browser which is available for Lniux, Windows and macOS.

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Prepare your computer

You really do not want hacker to take advantage of the things which you have been saved on your computer. You should shut down all your ongoing functions and close all applications. It would be really good for the safety of your computer as well as safety of your personal information also. Make sure you are closing the file in which you are currently working on. Always cover up or disconnect your webcam and do the same with the settings of your mic. It can be used against you if you are doing this.

Protecting yourself

If you are really serious about the security of your web history on the dark net, then you should go for running a separate environment from your internet connection and main computer. Tails OS is a bootable OS which is designed specially to exploit privacy and that you can run from a virtual machine. This operation system has an installation wizard that would guide you everything from starting to an end so that it would not look challenging to you.

There is a higher chance of users infecting their laptop or computers with malware software which can target your computer with malicious intent. Make sure you are taking higher precautions while visiting the dark net websites.

Over to You

So, if you are planning to access the Darknet websites now, then kindly go through all of the above mentioned helpful points which would be very helpful for you.


How to Secure Your Kid’s Smart Phone

The average age a child is given their first mobile phone these days, is 10.2 years, according to Techchrunch. Mobiles make children safer and makes the operation of running a family that little bit easy by raising the chances that you can get a message to them. As such, proactively managing a new phone and its access settings is now a right of passage for kids.

Phones are complex devices. They are often worth a few hundred dollars which, in the hands of some kids represents something of a risk. Add to that the fact that the phone is a computer with an internet connection. It’s also one of the most sophisticated communication and tracking bug ever devised, it’s not hard to see why an increasing proportion of parents are turning to software which helps you manage them.


What is ‘Parental Control’ software?

I So called ‘parental control apps’ bring device management features that used to be the domain of the Sys Admin in your IT Department at work, to the home.

They are offered by reputable software house, for example, Norton and Trend Micro, who provide your antivirus software now have family management software. The Apps can be found in the Google Play store and can cost as little as $10 per month, to cover the whole family.

There are even examples of phone companies including this sort of software with phone plans for kids in to their plans, a convenient way to get the capabilities of Parental Control software for free and having a single place to call if there’s a problem either with the phone or the software loaded on it.

Typical features you’ll find in kids’ phone management software

There are some common features and functions of the major brand’s Parental Control software. Here are some of the most useful. If one feature is especially important to you, make sure you check it’s in the product you buy.

  • Filters social media: All Parental Control software has some form of internet filter which allows you to block social media. Some also scan for concerning words, flagging their presence.
  • Restrict time available for kids to use the mobile internet: Just as useful in avoiding a regular evening argument about what time the children should turn their phones, off, is another feature common to these apps. Most Parental Control software allow you to set a time in the morning for access to be available to the children and another time for it to turn off.
  • Blocks unsavoury sites: Many Parental Control apps contain the ability to set White / blacklists of what your children can or cannot see when they’re online.
  • App blocking: The ability to stop children accessing apps you don’t want them to have access to along with a recommended list.
  • Reports communication: There will be some facility to review what the child has sent out by way of messengers. That can be everything from a record of each SMS and message to a subset based on which conversations you want to monitor.

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Bringing it all together

Make no mistake, Parental Control solutions will give you absolute control over every aspect of your child’s digital interactions. Best practice says that they have to be used in coordination with family agreements, to get results. Many families insist that their kids use the interest in a room where there are other people, and insist on passwords to get in to the phone, for example. One father I know insists on his ability to check out the kid’s internet browsing history.

These features are increasingly common and more often than not, are bundled in with other products as a value add (like the phone plan we mentioned earlier. Additionally, apple are working on features for their core apps which will deliver functionality as good as if not better than these dedicated apps.  Having used this Parental Control software myself, I found it too much to sensibly manage after about a week. The number of notifications that have to be managed was just too much. But there is no denying the value of the concept and the importance of protecting children in their parent’s eyes.

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