Gartner Master Data Management Names Profisee a Challenger

Profisee is beginning to make waves in the field of master data management. Recently, Profisee was announced as a contender for Gartner master data management. Profisee has stated that they will provide sponsorship of Gartner’s Data & Analytics EMEA Summit whenever the conference is held in London in March 2019. Let’s take a look at some key notes of information that have led to Profisee stepping up to the plate and what this means for the conference.

Speaking for Everyone

Profisee’s Vice President Kenneth Squires will be giving a speech during the conference. The topic of interest is about cultivating transformative digital innovations through the power of analytics and professional insight. Squires has always believed in the power of thinking outside the box and wants to show the conference center what they can accomplish if they simply put their minds to it.

Leadership Through Innovation

Profisee has seen exponential growth recently through their efforts. However, they have been known to think innovatively whenever it comes to delivering ideas that are worthwhile. The almost 100-year-old company is constantly evolving and finding new ways to face the challenges that the market presents them. Their goal of utilizing strategic investments to their advantage in the world of master data management has paid off tenfold.

Providing The Demands of The Market

There are few that are able to step up to the plate whenever it comes to delivering a solid MDM strategy. There are dozens of companies out there that require the very best in MDM expertise to deliver the right services. Profisee has helped dozens of companies of various sizes with their MDM needs.

Speaking at The Gartner Data & Analytics Conference

Gartner provides professionals in the IT industry with a place to cultivate new ideas and experiences. These new experiences will allow dozens of others to enhance the way that their companies do business. Fortunately, Profisee will be one of the key speakers at the event and provide valuable information for other companies who wish to improve their businesses. Our data-driven society needs new leaders to help lead the way when it comes to innovation. Fortunately, Profisee’s Kenneth Squires has some insight that everyone can look forward to at the conference.

Learning More About Profisee

Our company works with companies of all levels to ensure that they have the data solutions they need to become successful. Profisee utilizes a specialized Track Data Management approach that provides them the tools necessary to leverage MDM capability without compromise. Customers have the potential to utilize cloud computing or a combination of hardware. Profisee puts the customer first in everything they do and is here to help you whenever you need them the most.

Gartner Master Data Management and Beyond

The future of the tech industry is constantly changing. All companies who operate in this industry must also find ways to innovate themselves constantly to remain relevant. Fortunately, The Gartner conference will provide dozens of companies with the opportunity to learn from each other. Profisee will lead the way at the conference and provide crucial information that can lead to the success of dozens of companies I who operate in the industry.

Monetization Models For Mobile App Owners

Anyone can dream of an idea but an idea is nothing unless it gets executed. Technology and its innovations have proved the statement very well. Updating technology was just an idea for some of them but there were some bright and sharp minds that executed the same concept. Origin of smartphones from traditional mobile phones with keypad was the leading idea that got benefitted after its execution. In today’s time, it is impossible to imagine life without smartphones. The journey of a smartphone is very interesting as it becomes smaller and thinner with new features added when every new model gets developed. The field is always going to be in the state of innovation along with the mobile app development field that accompanies the development of smartphones.

After the origin of smartphones, the mobile app development industry grew immensely and has no end in sight. There were few developers who had that imagination and knew that the following industry has a huge future. But now the scenario has changed, there are a lot of developers that came to know the potential opportunity that this industry offers and its future. With the growth of mobile device or smartphones market, app development industry will also gain a sharp rise in the future because not a single person is seen without a smartphone today. Using a smartphone means using one or the other apps in it that makes the life of a person easier.

The following demand for mobile devices and applications increased the competition in the mobile app development industry and it has become a perfectly competitive market. Therefore the companies need to find different ways through which it can earn profits and sustain in the market. The monetization models through which companies find their way of earning profits are explained below.

Direct Sales

Traditional sales is always a marketing strategy common in every industry that companies follow because that helps the companies the most to earn profits. In the mobile app development industry, the case is different in some scenarios. The following strategy would only work if the application is extraordinary and it has the worth to buy. If a paid app on the store is not yet purchased then the users would only be able to see the application features and the preview of it, the screenshots that the admin has inserted and the description of the application. The following details are provided to persuade users to buy the application. However, if the application is not worth then the following details makes it difficult for the users to make up their mind for purchasing the app.


Freemium is a one step ahead model from direct sales. In direct sales, the users will not get any features for free but in freemium, they will get a benefit of basic features. Freemium means a combination of free and premium. The model provides the basic features at no cost but the advanced features are provided by the applications at some subscription or a fee. Although people paying for the applications are found less still the model worked.


This model goes a step backward than freemium. In freemium users paid the fees to access only the advanced information but in subscription, users have to pay to access all the information. The following model proves to be profitable for every owner because it gives long-term revenue to the owner if the owner keeps customer loyalty high. Most of the apps ask for the subscription because every business needs to earn to sustain in the market.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchase is a common strategy used by owners to earn. Apps that support games, online ordering or various product catalogs, monetization through in-app is very easy from these kinds of apps. For the following kinds of apps, a fee or payment is asked for every item that gets sold. The application is designed that way that it compels the user to purchase from it and make the payment. Therefore, along with the subscription strategy, this model also proves beneficial for owners of the applications.


Crowdfunding is the strategy where owners do not earn from the users. Then the question arises from where does the owner earn? The owners earn from the donations in that case. Crowdfunding is the practice where developers get the funding of a project by raising small or trivial amounts of funds from a large number of people, mainly via the internet. Some of the interesting projects by the owners attract a higher amount of funding than expected or requested for whereas some of the projects having a mediocre idea do not even attract the desired amount of money.   

The above list can surely be a profitable one to the owners but it is not exhaustive. There are lot many other strategies that people are not aware of and is being used by many mobile app development companies for earning. Moreover, mentioning two operating systems namely Android and iOS, the company needing an Android app will have to hire android developer and same works with the iOS platform. Coming back to the above strategies, direct sales is a traditional strategy which is used since ages by millions of them. Freemium, subscription and in-app purchasing are models that became popular recently and again are widely used. Crowdfunding is a practice that is still new for the companies to execute but will not take much time to be popular.

Minimum Specs Required For Gaming in a Laptop | Query Solved

When you are about to get into gaming, it’s a little hard to get the best possible gaming laptop out on the market. Yes, it’s way important to think before buying a gaming laptop. Now I am not talking about a laptop for games like Mario and metal. I am talking the high-end games like PUBG, GTA V, etc. What more important is that that laptop should perform smoothly at these games. Yes, there are gaming laptops under 500 which support these games but I am sorry to tell you that they might not have performance that might be expecting. On the other hand, these budget gaming laptops can perform better at some low-end games like the prince of Persia, PUBG mobile on the emulator and a few others. Apart from that, we also have some of top of the line laptops which is a relief in gaming. But here we’re talking about the minimum specs so we’ll stick t that.


Graphics is the main component which plays an important role in managing the frame rates. We can’t deny the fact that a faster graphics card delivers the smooth graphics on the screen. So the minimum GPU which is required for gaming should be GTX 1050 but if you want more frame rates I would strongly recommend going for a GTX 1070 Ti.


If I only mention the GPU, that’s not enough, If you want the perfect gaming, the high-end processor is must. Basically, there are many CPUs on the market these days but when you go for a laptop, I would recommend to go for a laptop with the latest gen processor. Core i5 is a nice option if you’re about t start gaming from the scratch. `Other than that you can also go to a higher level if you want your laptop to handle everything on the best way possible.


That’s the part that we can’t deny In fact even if you have the best possible hardware but if you’re having a low memory, your laptop is going to struggle in managing many tasks at the same time So i would recommend starting with the basic memory of 8GB which is enough for multi-tasking. Furthermore, you can also buy a laptop with the higher specs but 8GB would be enough I guess.


My final remarks on buying the best gaming laptop are that if you’re a beginner, i would recommend to go with the gaming laptop under the budget of 500 which is a good start. If you want to have the laptop with the blazing performance, you can go to the higher level but the main thing is that you have to leave more bucks on the table.

Microsoft Surface Book 2-in-1 – Best Portable Laptop

Getting a laptop that give you the combo function of both tablet and laptop is not so common because giving the same feature and spec in both is a tough job. Microsoft Surface Book a 2-in-1 laptop is the most powerful laptop that you will ever encounter.

Based on its design and performance, the portable laptop is the next level tech that give you the exact what you want in any laptop. From its core performance to its specs, the uniqueness follows in every step but you have to pay for in huge amount.

The article is about why Microsoft Surface Book is the best combo laptop in every aspect and giving a detailed overview about the laptop will give you an idea about why you should go for it while considering combo laptops.


Sleek, compact and tough design of Microsoft Surface Book will get you in the first look why it’s the best laptop. The dimensions of the laptop are 13.5×9.87×0.5 inches (LxWxH) and the weight is 4.2 pounds. The tough metallic body make it more protective and at the same time it’s easy to carry around.

The screen of the laptop is detachable with fulcrum hinges with just a click on detach button of the right side of keyboard. The laptop will automatically shift to tablet mode and you can also put back the screen on the keyboard.

The laptop screen can also movable into 360 degree with the gray color of the laptop is an attractive approach depending upon the choice of the person. Microsoft logo is at the back of the screen and overall the design gives a classy look.


Only the design is not appealing but what they offer in the combo laptop is what everyone dreams. The laptop has 1.9 GHz CPU with Core i-7 processor and give 4.2 GHz with turbo boost. The best feature of the laptop spec is its Graphic unit which is UHD 620, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB dedicated virtual RAM. The RAM is 16 GB which gives you the maximum performance.

The 15-inch screen display with 3240×2160 HD pixels can play any AAA games with high resolutions. Storage of the laptop is 512 GB PCIe 3.0 SSD and run the laptop feature in faster way.

The ports in the laptop are 2 USB 3.1, 1 USB 3.1 type-c, 2 Surface connect ports, SD card holder, 3.5 mm audio jack and there is not HDMI port in the laptop. Talk about connectivity then the laptop offers 802.11ac WIFI technology with Bluetooth and Xbox wireless.

The laptop has both front and rare camera which can work as tablet when you want. The front camera is 5MP with Hello face-authentication and the rare autofocus camera is 8 MP which more then enough. Both camera support 1080p HD visual system.


Despite the combo function of both tablet and laptop, Microsoft Surface Book has new features that aren’t in the previous model. Though those features will cost you enough but that would-be one-time cost.

The GTX 1060 GPU will enables you to give the maximum HD display output and playing games with the highest performance is not a problem now. Laptops have GPU system has less battery timing but that is beaten by Microsoft as their battery timing is more than the latest gaming laptops which is 7 to 8 hours.

The keyboard and trackpad of the laptop give you a look just like MacBook and is more sophisticated than any laptop. The keyboard keys have the best performance and click that you will ever see and they are also gray in the color not black like MacBook Air. The laptop can support 260ppi video resolution and 3:2 is the aspect ratio.


Overall the laptop that give you both tablet and laptop functions are rare but Microsoft Surface Book is at the top of those category. Based on its specs, design, new feature and the hard material, there is no one that can beat Microsoft Surface Book.

Filmora Meme Maker – The Best Meme Maker Ever Made

These days, every one of us is aware of the daily happenings. Be it political or business news, life hacks, what’s new in the market, etc. The current generation is very much addicted to online memes, videos, etc. Whatever news it may be, everyone starts making memes on it and starts sharing it on various Social Media. And the best way to start off making memes is through this excellent and simple to use online software called Filmora by Wondershare.

The application Filmora is a tool that is used for editing videos online as well as offline. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, but it is downloaded only for the higher versions of the operating system. With the option of also incorporating clear quality audio and a clear display resolution. It also used for making memes out of images and gifs of any kind depending on the user preference.

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Features of Filmora FREE Online Meme Maker

This software has certain characteristics that make it stand out from the other editing software there is, such as

  • Trial: This software allows a person to have a free trial, installing the software in the system and allowing them to use it.
  • Cost: You can create any type of meme or gif that the user wants, online for free. But if you do want to make videos without any watermark, then a certain amount of money needs to be paid.
  • Tutorial: There are a variety of tutorials that can be followed step by step in the making the desired meme, video or gif.
  • Split Screen: For making videos they have the option of a split screen where they can work on multiple aspects at the same time.
  • Editing Fonts: They have a wide range of fonts as well styles that are unique as well as eye-catching.

How it Works?

Using this application is as simple as it seems.

  • If a user needs to make memes, then all he needs to do is drag and drop the image that they want to make a meme out of, or copy paste the URL of the image that they want to use. After doing that, a screen will appear with a list of editing options and catering to the need they can choose the one that is best for them and use it.
  • If a user wants to make videos memes or any kind of videos in general, they have a video editing option which they can use to cut, merge, and edit with the stylish fonts and filters that they have. They also have a good resolution and an audio mixer that can be used in the video.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro: This software is perfect for those who are new to video editing of any kind, and it also allows you to make instant memes.
  • Con: If a user is looking for a lot of advanced options, then this software does not offer any of that.

Pricing Plans

With this tool, you can create memes for free, that too in a short span of time. However, if you do want to make videos of high quality with different types of filter and fancy designs, then a certain amount needs to be paid. Totally there are three different plans available from which you can choose the best one which suits your requirement. If the user makes use of a Windows operating system, the choices that they have are three. One being paying annually of 39$, the second being a lifetime subscription where you need to pay only once at a cost of 59$, and the third being a premium offer, where an amount of 179$ needs to be paid for added features, it can also be used in multiple PCs. The same applies to Mac but the prices vary for the annual subscription where the user has to pay 49$.

Final Verdict

All in all, Filmora is very good online meme maker software that can be used for making good videos and image memes. It is suitable for beginners or novice users to get a hang of editing, but for veterans or experienced people, this software does not have that many options that they require but still, the software has almost every basic feature needed for a meme. Article contributed by Hari babu from HackzHub!

How Digital Parenting Help Your Kids Spend Less Time on Their Phone

How Digital Parenting Help Your Kids Spend Less Time on Their Phone

How has technology impacted parenting?

Presence of technology has made life comfortable but also given more options to work from home. As a result, parents are occupied answering office emails and messages even after office hours including weekends.

Guess what, when you were busy answering the mail from your client, your kid downloaded a new social networking app. Hurray!

The corporate situation has given kids the freedom to use mobile phones and gadgets for their entertainment. More the parents stop spending time with their children; more the kids start getting busy with their devices. Who would have thought?

The situation has reached a crisis point where parents are relying on parenting applications like Best parental control software for android for disciplining kids. It is only through these apps’ parents can get back the lost attention of kids.

Impact of technology on Family time

The growing involvement of technology is impacting parent and child relationship to a large extent.

Initially, parents start indulging in the habit of checking their notifications the entire day, seeing their parents’ kids start learning the same practice and take the level of smartphone addiction to a new threshold. The result of this increasing addiction is that parents and kids are drifting apart from each other- there is barely any time called as family time.

Without a doubt, technology is also responsible for a lot of good things in the family but equally accountable for reducing family conversations. Let us see the benefits and drawbacks of technology in today’s families:

Benefits of Smartphones

1.Goes without saying – smartphones help families stay in touch. It is comparatively easier to reach each other’s since smartphones arrived. Communication has improved and become more comfortable, especially for kids, whose parents work hard on fields or in defense forces, smartphones have been a blessing.

2 When you have smartphones, you can troubleshoot in time. You can do this by reaching your family members in hours of crisis.

3.Now, planning is easier as smartphones help in coordinating together from anywhere in the world.

4.Parents have more information on school activities as schools have adopted email technology for sending progress reports and assignments.

5.When it comes to friends and families staying in different directions, video calls come in very handy.

6.The scope of watching videos and movies together has increased after the TV casting feature in smartphones.

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Drawbacks of Smartphones

1.    Smartphones are the main culprit that have reduced face-to-face conversations between family members. Everyone prefers talking or texting on the phone over family conversations.

2.    A high percentage of people have experienced misunderstandings, caused by less face-to-face discussions. Texting and calling take away the real emotions behind the conversation.

3.    Mobile phones are undeniably the root cause of interruptions. Most family conversations end because of a text or call received on mobile phones. No one likes to be interrupted during an engaging discussion.

4.    Family holidays and outings are more focused on getting the right Instagram picture at that moment. Both parents and kids remain busy collecting social media photographs than spending quality time with each other.

5.    Lately, parents and kids have both given up on outdoor physical activities. All we do is stay indoors glued to our phones and tablets.

Family Time Rules

Observing the increasing separation between family members, it has become imperative to have specific hard and fast rules to make up for the missing family time. 

Here are some tips you can follow at your home and create space for “Mommy, Daddy and Kids time”:

1.    Set time limits

Everyone in the family including parents should follow screen time restrictions. Media exposure is not needed for more than two hours a day. For any other small task like calling or searching, set aside a public device.

2.    Have a play time and family time

This may sound ridiculous to the adults but playtime and family time are as much necessary for adults as they are for kids. More the involvement of parents in kids play time better the relationship.

Setting aside family and play time will gradually become a habit for kids. Parents can also add bedtime to this category as many exciting conversations happen right before your kid falls asleep. Never compromise on the bedtime story time!

3.    Set “NO PHONE ZONES”

There are certain activities in the day which require NO GADGETS NO INTERRUPTION. No doubt, the study table is part of the “no phone zone” but dinner table, vacation spot and family movie time should be marked as the primary NO PHONE ZONE areas.

4.    Be a significant role model

Always remember, your kid will learn what they see. A parent’s habits and behavior will always reflect on the child.

If children see you fighting, they will materialize fights as the only method to get everything in life. If your kids see you reading, they will bank upon books for information and for leisure time.

5.    Talk about smelling the roses instead of capturing them in cameras

Moments are remembered better when not captured in the camera. Kids need to be educated about living in the moment rather than being the enthusiastic shutterbugs they are. Photographs will always be available to relive the memories, but the actual essence of the memory lies in cherishing it when it happens.

Enjoy the funny and lazy moments with your family while your kids click the picture in their minds.   

Parenting in the age of digital technology

The technology was introduced to solve problems, but it seems times have changed. Technology has become a more significant challenge to tackle.

Parents feel frustrated and tired with the endless “tick-tock” kids do on their phone screens. Kids end up delaying their meals, sleep and any other routine chore at home. Procrastination is also influenced by mobile phones. The better the videos, the more glued children get to screens.

There are a variety of ways to get your kids attention but when things go out of your control, snatch the remote control! And to do that, parental control apps are the best solution.

Parental control apps offer a comprehensive combination of controls that allows monitoring, blocking, tracking and locking your kids’ device. What more could one ask for?

Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a straightforward app with the right digital parenting kit. Your kid is secure not only in the virtual world but also in the real world. Change the way your family currently bonds, reduce the screen time by Bit Guardian’s help and experience a new family connection.

So, before your kids tell you to turn off the smartphone! Take the first step and save the wonderful family time you all once cherished. 

Tips To Help You Purchase The Perfect IPhone 7 Armor Case


There are so many mobile cases coming up in the market with every passing day. Right when the iPhone 7 hit the market, new armored cases are already popping their heads up. The best thing about these cases is that the manufacturing units are always coming up with some of the new design and styles. So, there are hard chances of you mixing your case with someone else. So, before you head out in the market to purchase that perfect armored case for iPhone 7, there are some tips you might want to know.

  • Type of the case:

The market has so many types of cases available for iPhone. You need to decide on the purpose of buying iPhone case first. Depending on that, the variations in iphone 7 armor case will matter. Do you want to buy a case for protecting your screen or want to cover the back of the iPhone from any scratches? If screen is not the matter of concern over here, you can consider going for the ultra-thin cases with minimalistic look.

  • Raised lip for protecting screen:

If you are always paranoid of breaking iPhone’s screen then you might have to look out for iPhone case with raised lip. It helps in protecting devices if that falls face down. The downside of such an iPhone case is that it makes edges swiping to go back to previous screen a little bit inconvenient.

  • Going for the clear cases:

Sometimes, the amazing jet black back of the iPhone 7 is just awesome to look at and buying a case means you have to cover that up. Now the whole beauty of the phone lies in that back color. But that does not mean you will leave your phone unprotected, do you? Hat can be done during such instances? Well, you have to head towards the clear case market for that. But, there is one issue associated with clear cases too. These cases are primarily made out of plastic, which might get scratches too easily and will end up with a yellowish tinge with passing time.

  • Material of the case:

You have to be very sure of the material of the mobile phone case before you invest money in any one. The reliable manufacturing units will offer great protection for screen with raised lip. As these cases are made out of shock absorbing TPU, the suction based stand will not work. You have to use it with a separate form of car holder mainly because of the case style.

  • Opening for headphone and lightning port or jack:

Another mandatory point to note while purchasing iPhone 7 cover is whether the bottom part of the device is open for the charging units. Each model has its separate style and the individual cases will be made accordingly. So, don’t forget to check that before purchasing.

Once you have gone through these options, there is no looking back from there. Following these points will help you select the best armored or other types of iPhone 7 cases.

Author Bio: Pete Campbell is a Business Tech Analyst. He is very responsible towards hid job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.

New Website? 4 Reasons to Ignore Analytics for a Few Months

For Website administrators, having and using a Web analytics application is an absolute necessity. That’s how the thinking goes, anyway. Most wouldn’t dream of starting a Website, producing content, and making strategic decisions about the direction of the site without referring to data from their analytics app. To do so would be anathema.

But isn’t it healthy to question common assumptions? Shouldn’t we be loathe to blindly accept the “analytics make the Web go ’round’ dogma?
For the critical thinking Web administrators among us, here are four reasons new Websites may not need to collect any data about visitors– at least for the first few months.

  1. You don’t have any traffic.
    Our first reason is the most obvious. If your Website is new, it won’t have any traffic anyway. And if you don’t have any traffic, there’s really nothing to monitor.

For the first few months of your site’s existence, you should focus on activities that create traffic where before there was none. Producing great content, engaging an audience on social media, and demonstrating thought leadership are things that will bring visitors to your site over time.

On the other hand, scrutinizing the modicum of data collected by an analytics application during your Website’s infancy will be a waste of time. There simply isn’t enough data from which to learn much of anything.

  1. It’s a distraction.
    So it’s your site’s second week of life, and you’re already fiddling with Google Analytics. Know what that means? It means you’re not engaging in more productive activities that would give you a reason to use the analytics application in the first place.

Remember: Learning from data can be time-consuming, and most analytics applications monitor a lot of stuff.  When you don’t have any traffic, the time you spend “analyzing” those metrics is little more than a distraction.
And when you’re distracted, you’re not doing things that help your site.

  1. It slows your site down.
    This will be true whether your site is new with no traffic or mature with ample traffic, but there’s just no denying it: Google Analytics slows your site down, even if only a little bit.
    When your site has lots of visitors, however, it’s ok that the analytics app slows it down. Knowing where your traffic comes from and how well it’s converting are worth the trade-off of having your site run a bit more slowly.

But when your site is new, why slow it down for the few visitors who do somehow end up there? There’s not enough traffic from which to glean helpful data, and you’re putting a damper on the overall experience for those first new visitors and, hopefully, those who will become your first subscribers.
It’s just not worth it.

  1. A lot of it is hype.
    Question: How do you know your site is successful?
    If you’re selling a product, you should have some buyers. If you’re selling a service, you should be getting some clients. If you’re blogging, you should have a growing subscriber list. And so it goes.
    If those things are happening, you know your site is successful. You don’t need an analytics application to tell you that. It’s just… obvious.

That’s why analytics is, to an extent, a lot of hype. Sure, most companies should develop an analytics strategy that includes tracking particular metrics, measuring conversion rates, and using data to make decisions. Many small businesses and single-owner operations should, too – especially when they’re getting a lot of traffic.

But if you’re getting the business, the inquiries, or the subscriber numbers you’re after without fiddling with analytics, then you’re doing a good job. Analytics can tell you things that help you improve those numbers over time. However, in the beginning, the push to make decisions based on data could leave you more confused than enlightened.

The solution? Take a measured approach to analytics. Use metrics when you need them, and ignore them when you don’t. In the end, you’ll enjoy less stress – and more success – than if you went along with the hype.

USB 3.1 Arrives

There is a new USB standard about to arrive and it’s called USB 3.1. This new standard is set to reach desktops as hardware companies release motherboards with ports that can transfer data twice as fast as the previous 2.0 USB technology.

USB 3.1 is special because it can shuffle data between a host device and peripheral at 10Gbps, which is two times faster than USB 3.0. USB 3.1 is also generating excitement for the reversible Type-C cable, which is the same on both ends so users don’t have to worry about plug orientation.

Motherboards with USB 3.1 technology are being targeted at high-end desktops. Some enthusiasts like gamers seek the latest and greatest technologies and build desktops with motherboards sold by MSI, Asus and Gigabyte. Many of the new desktop motherboards announced have the Type-C port interface, which is also in recently announced laptops from Apple and Google.

PC makers are expected to start putting USB 3.1 ports in more laptops and desktops starting later this year.

The need for faster access to external storage could make the motherboards with USB 3.1 are very attractive to gamers especially.

Some storage peripherals with Type-C connectors are becoming available, but can not reach full USB 3.1 speeds yet. However, the data transfer speeds will continue to improve as controllers are refined.

USB 3.1 will surely be standard on all computers within the year. Faster is without better in this case.

Axcient Publishes West Chester Case Study

Axcient recently published a case study on how the Borough of West Chester uses a hybrid onsite/cloud backup service. Two years ago we migrated away from “old school” tape drives to high end NAS appliances for local backup at both the municipal building and Public Works. In addition to this NAS solution a parallel cloud backup of our data was also implemented. Axcient had contacted my office a couple of months ago and requested to write and publish a case study in respect to our backup model.


We also partnered with Fraser Advanced Information Services as part of this project and Fraser AIS continues to provide support for this service.

You can read the “Axcient Case Study – Borough of West Chester” here.

This and 4 other published articles about our technology services can be found on right panel of this fine blog under “Published Articles”.

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