China aims for ‘Zero COVID’ Winter Olympics, bans cheering

China aims for 'Zero COVID' Winter Olympics, bans cheering

Maybe they’ll hand out Olympic medals for boredom: Chinese officials are banning spectators from cheering during the upcoming games in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The elaborate precautions are even tighter than the ones enforced during the summer’s Tokyo Games, as Beijing has maintained a “Zero COVID” policy since early in the pandemic.

Everyone — including the athletes — is asked to clap instead of shouting, cheering, or singing. Athletes must be vaccinated — or face a 21-day quarantine — take tests daily and wear masks when not competing or training.

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is sent into isolation and cannot compete until cleared for discharge. Spectators from overseas won’t be allowed, though some area residents may be permitted to attend.

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Overseas spectators are not allowed to attend the games. Athletes who test positive for COVID will be put into isolation and can not participate until they are cleared.
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Six cities with more than 20 million people are in lockdown in China due to recent COVID outbreaks.

With nearly three weeks to go before the start of the Games, which run Feb. 4-20, more than 20 million people in six cities are under lockdown after recent outbreaks.

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