Chinese spy balloon spotted over North Carolina

Chinese spy balloon spotted over North Carolina

A Chinese spy balloon which has captivated national attention for two days has made its way to North Carolina.

The foreign probe was seen over the state’s western mountains heading toward Charlotte, according to WSOC, an ABC affiliate.

Local police in the area have urged residents to refrain from using their own personal firearms to take down the balloon.

“Please don’t take pot shots at it with your handguns in an attempt to bring it down on your own,” said police in Gastonia, a nearby city, WSHIOTV7 reported.

The balloon’s current location shows its rapid pace southeast across the continental United States. It could leave the U.S. east coast sometime Saturday morning, CNN reported.

Though the Biden administration had been aware of its existence since Jan 28, the spy-craft only became public knowledge on Thursday when it was spotted over Billings, Mont.

Sources told ABC News the balloon could be shot down once it reaches the Atlantic.

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