Choosing Great Keywords Need Not give You a Headache!

Choosing Great KEYWORDS Need NOT give YOU a Headache!
Choosing Great KEYWORDS Need NOT give YOU a Headache!

Sean, thanks again for following along and for giving me some credit in helping you overcome the block. Even the absolute best writers suffer this, so why not us SEO‘ers? JK Rowling’s wont to live only a couple of miles from where I did in Edinburgh, Scotland – I bet she suffered block sometimes too! I feel it’s just how of your mind telling you to hamper in order that it can recuperate its creative juices.

1. Keyword a GO or an enormous N-O?

A massive obstacle for many of us! As I discussed way back at the start I throw out all the things that the majority SEO‘ers learn at or near the start of their online pursuit of glory.

I will check my Micro Niche Finder keyword tool then countercheck with the free Goog Keyword Tool to retrieve the essential info – search volumes (exact) and in MNF I can check if the precise name is out there.

Of course, if i would like to travel for sales I gotta be creative enough to return up with some sort of buyer (ish) sort of keyword. Post thereon later. during this case I put myself within the place of a possible buyer or someone who is trying to find a service.

Then, its a case of finding out my comp in Google (I don’t bother with Yahoo or Bing for reasons already given). i discussed all this above too but its simply about the backlinks of these sites in top 10, the domain age, the PR in fact , Alexa ranking… But albeit the sites are all PR3 and over I still could choose it. i’m not intimidated an excessive amount of by that alone. Obviously if I’m monetizing with AdSense on my site and that they are offering 20 cents a click… you recognize what I mean Sean…

There is a formula that Courtney Tuttle and Mark Butler (2 of the very top SEO‘ers around!) came up thereupon I exploit loosely for the determination of a profitable keyword. I feel the Market Samurai does an identical job – a cool little bit of kit that’s, although I don’t personally use it.

Let me see if I can remember cos its been a short time since I actually used the precise method…

search vol (exact) x 0.4 (approx. 40% of the search traffic will choose the highest ranked site) x adsense cost per click given within the Google keyword tool x 0.25 (this is approx. what proportion Google actually pay you of the shown click value provided by the GK tool) x 0.05 (this is that the click through rate on the typical adsense site)

Now consistent with Mark and Court, they might target a keyword phrase which will offer them $50 US and above per month, once they need assessed the highest 10 ranking sites in Google to ascertain it the keyword is do-able.

2. Yes using UAW or similar software for building backlinks.

To web 2’s and solid articles may be a really healthy technique to use. I take your point Sean regards the very fact you are doing not get as many submissions as you were “promised”. What I do if I even have only around 300 approximately submissions is that I will be able to return to UAW and twiddle my keyword choice a touch, then I will be able to twiddle the categories a touch, where possible, and sometimes it’s possible.

I then re-submit and viola! Often times I’ll get an extra pile of submissions, thus perhaps 500 – 700 over the 2 submissions. doesn’t always compute this manner but you want to attempt to get the simplest out of this or it’s leaving your money on the proverbial table, it really is!

3. Spinning –

I write one version of one article then spin it to supply me 250 uniques – generally within the range of around 50%, which can often be sufficient for even unless I sniped a piece of writing from their database. If that’s the case then I might need to up that unique level to 60% and maybe just over.

I’m lazy! I don’t mix this and blend that. I simply undergo a top-quality article that I even have located on, on – anywhere as long as it’s good quality. I will be able to re-write with synonyms up to around 50% uniqueness, taking time as I do that to make sure it’s gonna be almost perfect. I might then undergo each article again just before any submissions to any directory, site, blog whatever, to make sure it reads perfectly.

Once I even have of these articles I even have content sitting waiting to use. It takes a teeny little bit of my disk drive , its specialized quality, its unique and its thoroughly useable for nearly anything I can consider regards the attainment of backlinks. Well okay, almost anything, but you get my point I’m sure.

4. what percentage times have I said that – but it’s so true.

If I can’t see an honest reason for doing something then I can’t motivate myself to try to do it. And if I do manage to motivate myself it’ll not last long. iSnare demand 500+ word articles and that’s just too much on my behalf of me unless I’m writing for my clients that’s. I even have much more motivation in writing for clients than I do for myself, which is basically very odd because I’m such a free spirit!

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