CNN faces calls to fire Brian Stelter for not exposing Zucker affair

CNN faces calls to fire Brian Stelter for not exposing Zucker affair

CNN is now facing calls to fire its chief media correspondent Brian Stelter for not exposing the ongoing romantic relationship between Jeff Zucker and senior executive Allison Gollust.

Stelter, 36, the network’s top media reporter and host of its “Reliable Sources” Sunday show, either dropped the ball by not exposing Zucker and Gollust or showed a stunning lack of awareness by being not privy to their romance, a CNN insider fumed to the Daily Mail.

“The network needs to step up and fire Brian Stelter,” the unidentified source said. “He is allegedly our top media reporter – yet he failed to report on the scoop that everyone in the office knew. And if he wants to say he didn’t know, he is truly terrible at his job.”

Zucker resigned in disgrace Wednesday after failing to disclose the relationship with Gollust, the network’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. The “consensual relationship” with his closest colleague at CNN came up during a probe into Chris Cuomo.

Gollust, meanwhile, released a statement later Wednesday saying the pair had been professional colleagues for more than two decades before their relationship “changed” during the pandemic.

Female employees at CNN told The Post they’re furious that Gollust is allowed to keep her job despite “lying” about her affair with Zucker that went on “for years.”

 Brian Stelter Jeff Zucker
One industry vet said that Stelter had been Zucker’s “waterboy” for years.

“Why is she allowed to keep her job?” a CNN insider told The Post.

“CNN is supposed to be a transparent news network. How does she get away with lying about their affair for so long?”

The cable news vet who spoke to the Daily Mail insisted the same fate should await Stelter.

“Brian Stelter should be calling his agent to start looking for another job,” the source said. “He’s been Jeff Zucker’s water boy for years and no one believes he didn’t know about all of this.”

CNN’s Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust
Gollust said in a statement that her and Zucker’s relationship “changed” during the pandemic.
Jack Elbaum

A message seeking comment from Stelter was not immediately returned early Thursday. He tweeted a CNN story just before 1 a.m. about the network’s reporters “grilling” WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar over Zucker’s “sudden” departure.

“In the words of one anchor, I just don’t want to be rudderless,” Stelter wrote.

The CNN insider, meanwhile, accused Stelter– a former New York Times media reporter — of being hypocritical for not exposing Zucker and Gollust’ relationship while often criticizing other competing networks.

“He’s been sitting on his moral high horse doing Jeff’s bidding and ripping Fox and every other media outlet that Jeff tells him to while his ratings crash and burn,” the source told the Daily Mail. “Where was he on the biggest story at his own network after chastising everyone else?’

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