Couple charged with murder after girl,3, thrown into wall: cops

Couple charged with murder after girl,3, thrown into wall: cops

A Florida couple is facing murder charges after a 3-year-old girl was thrown against a wall last week and died from her injuries on Friday, according to police.

The tragic tot, Brandy Crews, showed signs of horrific longstanding abuse and had “hundreds of small scars” covering her body, according to arrest documents from the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Her caregivers, Monica Williams, 33, and Daquan Lindsey, 24, are now facing homicide and child abuse charges in connection with the case.

Documents allege that the couple tied the girl’s ankles and hands with shoelaces during some beatings, according to Fox 13.

Crews was found without a pulse after first responders were called to the couple’s home Tuesday.

She was rushed to a hospital where doctors managed to revive the unconscious child, who had suffered several fractures.

But physicians found that she had no brain activity and Crews succumbed to her injuries three days later.

Investigators said her battered body exhibited burns, cuts and other injuries.

Williams told police that Lindsey had thrown the girl against a wall before she became unconscious last week.

Phone records, cops said, suggested that the couple didn’t call police for half an hour after the girl lost consciousness.

Another boy in the home was also found with non-life threatening injuries and was removed along with two other minors.

Williams said Lindsey had beaten Crews “countless times in the past,” according to the station.

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