Couple slammed over ‘revolting’ 9/11-themed wedding

Couple slammed over 'revolting' 9/11-themed wedding

A couple is being slammed for hosting an “obscene and revolting” 9/11 themed wedding after a tasteless image emerged online of a personalized koozie featuring the twin towers.

The fallen towers appear to have been used in place of the number 11, according to an image of the koozie posted on Reddit on Sunday.

“Never forget. 9 11 21,” the text printed on the drink holder reads.

The names of the couple have been blurred out.

The couple have not been identified and it is unclear where the wedding took place. It also wasn’t immediately clear if the koozies were handed out to guests as wedding favors.

Nonetheless, the couple were immediately slammed as “revolting” by Reddit users.

“This is, without a doubt, the most trashy, tasteless, self-aggrandizing, obscene, revolting thing I’ve seen on the internet,” one user wrote.

“I don’t think getting married on 9/11 is inherently insensitive, but making your wedding 9/11 themed definitely is,” another said.

The 9/11- themed koozie was immediately slammed by reddit users as “revolting."
The 9/11- themed koozie was immediately slammed by reddit users as “revolting.”

“I’m disgusted more at the print shop who agreed to make 100 of these,” one wrote.

Another user struggled to make sense of the decision.

“MAYBE if they met on 09/11/2001 and they helped each other get to safety and they waited 20 years to get married I could POSSIBLY understand I think. Just trying to wrap my head around this one,” the user wrote.

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